Battlefield V – Elites – Ilse Schattenwolf


48 thoughts on “Battlefield V – Elites – Ilse Schattenwolf

  1. Try porting BattleField:1943, BattleField:Heroes & BattleField 2 to Switch when you are ready to stop losing and make money.

  2. Also, lol at the people complaining about females and feminism creeping into the game as if women were ever part of any war effort ever.

  3. Yet another woman in the frontlines of ww2. History must be re written I guess…

    What next? Black medic man with his white fiance coop missions?

  4. Oh thx for making the German always look like the bad guys again when they were the liberators of the world from Capitalist and Communist oppression. Not the allies..

  5. i am sorry xbox i dont have xbox one because my parents dont buy me i wish i could have one but unfortunately i dont have

  6. Oh yes I remember reading about these units…. they worked alone and practically carried the Germans with their invincibility to gun shots….. they were only defeated because the allies used cheats

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