Battlefield V: Firestorm – “The Halvøy Map”

This video is sponsored by EA. Battlefield V’s Firestorm map is huge. More than ten times the size of the sprawling
Hamada map in multiplayer and set in Norway, Halvoy is truly massive. The map features a wide range of terrain types,
including snowy mountains, lakes, fields, forests, islands, beaches, and rolling hills
– all designed to provide a varied experience every time you drop. Although the map is gigantic, the drop zone
in Firestorm changes each match. You’ll have to pick and choose a landing
spot once you’re airborne. If you’re not sure about where to drop,
there are plenty of standout locations with excellent chances for top tier loot. My personal favorites are Halvoy Dam, Halvdeler,
and the Pluto Dig Site. Halvoy Dam is packed with loot boxes, and
you’ll often find a safe with great gear. Halvdeler has plenty of buildings that offer
cover if you’re dropping hot, plus there’s a vehicle lockup to the northwest. The Pluto Dig site is popular drop zone with
immediate access to good loot and a vehicle lockup at the bottom of the quarry. If those don’t appeal to you, Bauldr’s
Point features a lighthouse – a perfect defensive position, particularly because it’s largely
surrounded by water and difficult to approach undetected. Friggatind features large warehouses for urban
combat and the roofs of buildings offer excellent vantage points. The Hodstad Church is surrounded by plenty
of small buildings and vehicles – and be sure to check the church basement for weapons and
supplies. Wherever you end up dropping, jumping early
on Halvoy generally guarantees frenetic fighting as soon as you hit the ground. Look around for enemies as you jump so you
know what you’re up against. Personally, I prefer to wait until the final
few seconds of the flight and pick a location with some breathing room at the edge of the
ring of fire. That “circle” of flames in Firestorm might
seem intimidating, but to the calm and collected player, it’s bark is often worse than its
bite. Winding up outside the circle isn’t an instant
death sentence. You can run to safety, especially if you’ve
got medical syrettes to replenish the health that the flames chip away. However, as the round progresses, being outside
the circle drains your health quicker. Remember that the Firestorm destroys everything
in its path, including buildings, and if you’re in one when that happens – expect to take
damage from falling debris. It’s not all bad though – since the ring
of fire obscures everyone’s vision, you can use the ring tactically to flank enemies
through the flames, if you’re feeling lucky. One last thing to consider – you’ll often
find safes, vehicles, and towable weapons at many of the major points of interest on
Halvoy, however they’re spawned randomly and their exact locations vary from match
to match. Learning where they’re likely to spawn increases
your chances to be the last alive. Good luck on the Battlefield, and thanks for

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