Battlefield V: How to Call in the V-1 / JB-2 Flying Bomb

Thunderous V-1 and JB-2 flying bombs can stop an enemy offensive cold in Battlefield V. They’re one of many reinforcement options in a Squad Leader’s arsenal. If you’re not a squad leader, there are a couple of ways to take command in Battlefield 5. First, open your commo rose and request an order. Unless an order is active or is issued quickly, you’ll soon find yourself as squad leader. Alternatively, you can create your own squad in-game, but you’ll gain Requisition Points much quicker in a full squad. Requisition Points are earned by playing the objective and supporting your team They’re also what allow you to call in reinforcements. Mark objectives to attack or defend with the spot button or via the commo rose. You’ll earn requisition points as a reward if these orders are carried out by squadmates. You can also earn requisition points by tossing out medical pouches to wounded teammates as a medic, or resupplying players as a support. Reviving players and building fortifications also piles on the Requisition Points, and even spawning on squadmates nets you a few. The total number of requisition points you have shows up next to your name in the squad. To spend your hard-earned requisition points, open the reinforcement menu by holding the B key on PC or holding the grenade and spot buttons simultaneously on console. To select the V-1 or JB-2 flying bombs, you need 41,500 Requisition Points. Once selected, you’ll find yourself equipped with a set of binoculars to mark the target location. Try to pick a location like a chokepoint or where enemy players tend to cluster. Remember that flying bombs do take a few seconds to arrive, so consider where players are likely to be in the near future. If in doubt, contested flags are always a good bet. For more Battlefield V videos, visit, thanks for watching.

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