Battlefield V: How to Shoot SMGs

Battlefield V has several distinct weapon classes, ranging from short-range shotguns, to long-range bolt-action rifles. Submachine guns are the bread and butter of the medic class and fill a unique niche on the Battlefield. Here’s how to get the most out of them. SMGs often have a high rate of fire but have significant damage fall off at range. This makes them the go-to weapons for close-quarters combat on maps like Devastation or Rotterdam. It’s often tempting to engage enemies at longer ranges with an SMG, but keep in mind that unless you’re engaging another medic, you’re likely picking a fight you’ll lose. Try to close the distance to enemies first by using cover and smoke to turn the tides in your favor. For longer shots with SMGs, aim down the sight to squeeze off rounds and don’t forget to lead your target. At close range, hipfiring keeps your field of vision open to other threats. Submachine guns typically have significant recoil, so counteract this by moving your mouse or control stick downward when firing. Burst-firing is another way to keep the gun’s recoil manageable. Recoil can even be used to your advantage. If you aim center mass, the gun naturally walks up towards the enemy’s head. There are a few interesting submachine guns in Battlefield V’s medic class. My favorite is the iconic Thompson. The more you use a submachine gun, the more you’ll level up that weapon, unlocking specializations that can be selected with company coin. These let you tweak the gun to best suit your playstyle. With the Thompson, I chose quick aim to reduce my time to aim down sights, enhanced grips to improve hipfire accuracy, light bolt to bump my rate of fire to 900 rounds per minute, and polished action to further increase hipfire control. The result is a bullet-hose with impressive hipfire statistics. You can always reset your selections from the from the specialization menu. Remember to select your class and weapon based on the unique situations that occur in-game. But in Battlefield V, few weapons challenge SMGs in close quarters. For more Battlefield V videos, visit, thanks for watching.

70 thoughts on “Battlefield V: How to Shoot SMGs

  1. So is there an Extended magazine? Or its just an upgared? Because as i know you can put an extended magazine on some guns.

  2. I'm kinda gutted that there's no customisable options for the side arms or even perks was kinda hoping they added that when I played the beta

  3. I wish I had this level of control of my hands, but no; I have hand- and finger-tremors and therefore really poor control, so I just make even Stormtroopers look good in comparison! 🙁 I have to use the talents that reduce the amount of horizontal and vertical recoil on all weapons :/

  4. 1:25 During ww2 Finnish soldiers were told to fire low as their rifles would often jerk upwards when fired. So their battle cry was chanced Tulta munille! Translated Fire at their balls!

  5. I'd like to see DICE make the M1 Thompson for the game, and also make it different (lower rate of fire and large 30 round mag).

  6. All classes have ( long range_ medium range )
    Or (close range – medium range)
    Medic have only close range and medic is important class after assault in open map

  7. y cant you put a foregrip on the thompson? Would look way better and they had it in BF1, so why not implement it in BFV aswell?

  8. The 50 round magazine option for the Thompson is much better than the the faster firing one, because you can take on hordes of enemies, and the fire rate of the Thompson is already pretty fast.

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