BATTLEFIELD V M1907 SF The BEST Assault Class Gun in Battlefield 5

Hi guys, Fog of Gaming here and welcome to
the M1907 SF in Battlefield v. Today I will show everything you need to know about this
assault class rifle so that you can dominate the battlefield with the M1907 SF. The Winchester Model 1907 is a semi-automatic
rifle that was used from 1906 to 1958. It is much like an M1 carbine but heavier. M1907 is can only be used by the assault class. Its rate of fire is 770 rounds per minute
which is the highest value among the assault weapons. M1907 has a muzzle velocity of 570 meters
per second. It is capable of doing 25.1 damage points
at zero meters. The damage will drop of course but not by
a lot. You can still deal 25 damage at 9 meters and
20 damage at 50 meters. The minimum amount of damage that the M1907
can cause is 17 damage points, this occurs at 75 meters and beyond.. This means that you will need 4 bullets to
kill at zero meters up to 9 meters, 5 bullets to kill up to 50 meters and 6 bullets for
anything beyond 50 meters. It is pretty obvious from these stats, with
that rate of fire that the M1907 can kill faster than most other assault class weapons. The Time to Kill at point-blank range is only
0.234 seconds, that is even faster than the MG34 which I showed you yesterday. At 50 meter you will need .400 seconds to
kill and if you go for long-range kills at 75 meters, you will need 0.522 seconds to
kill. These numbers are extremely good, specially
if you compare this with the other assault class weapons and even if you compare it with
most other weapons available today in battlefield V. A weapons this good must have some downsides
right? The magazine size of the m1907 is relatively
small with only 16 bullets, this is the lowest magazine size among all assault class weapons,
so this is definitely one way how they try to contain the M1907 SF. They also made sure that you would have to
spend a significant amount of time reloading this weapon, because an empty reload takes
3.5 seconds while reloading a magazine with ammo left requires 2.9 seconds and that is
still quite long to be honest. The deployment time of m1907, which is the
time it takes to switch from a handgun to the m1907, is 0.8 seconds and the bullet drop
is 12 m/s2. The great thing about the specializations
is that you can improve some of these stats so that you can make you weapon significantly
better. I will show you how I did it, but make sure
that you choose the specializations that fit your playstyle the most. For the first upgrade, I chose Quick Aim to
make aiming down sights 33% faster, I make most of my kills when I aim down sights so
it makes sense for me. It isn’t worth to choose slings and swivels
over quick aim. For me the next one is a no brainer, you have
the option to choose between enhanced grips, which improves your hip fire stats, or you
could choose for an extended magazine, this gives you 5 extra bullets so instead of 16
you will now get 21. I don’t know about you but if I have a weapon
with only 16 bullets, then the first thing that I want to do is to improve this number,
because those extra 5 bullets could mean that I can make one extra kill. A kill that I would have never been able to
make if I didn’t have this specialization. The consequences are that you now have to
choose for the custom stock, which is great, because it improves your accuracy in aimed
fire when moving. If you were stuck on the left side that you
would have gotten another hip fire upgrade with polished action. For your last specialization you could go
for the bayonet charge, but honestly I didn’t even use that in Battlefield 1 so why would
I want to do this in Battlefield v? For me this makes no sense, so I made the
obvious choice and I went for the lightened stock, this allows you to move 60% faster
while aiming your weapon. So stick to the right side of the specialization
tree if you like to ads, and stick mostly to the left side if you like to hip fire. Overall the M1907 SF is an amazing weapon
for the assault class, it kills extremely fast, it’s versatile, but the magazine size
and the reload times are a big downside so you will have to adjust when you play with
this weapon. It excels in close range firefight so it is
best used on maps like devastation and maybe even on rotterdam depending on where on the
map you spend most of your time. I’m sure that you noticed that I started
making a lot of these weapon guides, if you have a request for a certain weapon, then
let me know in the comments. Majority vote applies and if you weapon comes
out on top then I will make that video next. If you want you are more than welcome to join
me on twitch where you will see the weapon stats first, even before the youtube video
is online. A few subscribers requested me to make a platoon
so you guys are now more than welcome to join us there, just search for FOG of GAMING but
make sure to join the discord channel as well, you can find a link in the video description. What you saw here today is everything that
you need to know about the M1907 in Battlefield V. This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching
and I will see you on the battlefield.

29 thoughts on “BATTLEFIELD V M1907 SF The BEST Assault Class Gun in Battlefield 5

  1. Awesome video! You repeat M1907 a lot though – try using "it" sometimes. I think it'd be less tiring for you. Keep up the great work!

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