Battlefield V – Medic Class – SUOMi Rehber videosu – (+ english subtitles) Kill Machine –

Whats up guys, today we are continuing our BF V weapon review/commentary series with the Medic weapon Suomi Recently this is my most favorite medic weapon, so I wanted to talk about it Since the last patch a lot of medic rifles got buffed, the Suomi got a higher rate of fire and more bullets per magazine. It is also really important to pick Combat Medic as your role of choice, because of the increase in sprinting speed when being low on health Doesn’t matter what happens, you will be able to make use of that effect. so all in all the reason to pick combat medic is just the added mobility After choosing our role, we focus on the specializations for the suomi After trying out different sets, I found this one to be the most effective one As I always do, I start this path with “quick aim” again, its up to your playstyle, but after playing a bit I found out, that the left option was better, because often the revolver will deal the final blow in the cases where your magazine is empty. The next option is the ported barrel, we dont really care about this one, but the next specialization is essential to the suomi-kit I’m using You could also pick the light bolts for a higher rate of fire, but thats not gonna be useful with only 20 bullets in the mag. Now that we got our huge 50-round mag, lets continue with the last specialization. We could definetely go for the left option on this one for less recoil when aiming down the sight, but I found out in my testings, that in short to medium range, most of the time you don’t even need to aim down the sight. Hipfiring is just a lot more effective and balances out the overall close quarter combat. You don’t have to be afraid of long ranged combat though. Just try to shoot 2 or 3 rounds at once at far away targets to still deal damage. In that case, when you hit one out of 2 bullets, you still have plenty left in the mag. Also it is really important in longer ranges to aim at the head of enemies, because bodyshots dont deal enough damage at further ranges. As always, i will be showing some clips of me playing with the suomi and i can only recommend this weapon to all of you. You don’t have to be afraid of the recoil, you will get used to it after watching this video really fast and will enjoy it. Anyways guys, enjoy the clips, like the video if it helped you, see you soon!

25 thoughts on “Battlefield V – Medic Class – SUOMi Rehber videosu – (+ english subtitles) Kill Machine –

  1. her zaman ki gibi dost ziyaretlerimi hiçbir zaman ihmal etmiyorum efendim.. hediyemle geldim sizlerleyim efendim👍👏

  2. Başarılar arkadasım oyuna devamm az kaldı öğrenecem bende oyunu 🙈🙈👍👍😀 gunaydın mutlu sabahlar

  3. mermi çokluğu ve nişan alışı iyiymiş 🙂
    Ben o saydıklarını bilmem, getirin benim beylik tabancamı :DD
    ama silah harbşden çok şık duruyormuş oyun oynarken daha belli oluyor

  4. Abi mikrefon al kendine. Bu kulaklığında iş yok senin demedi deme.. ( ama anlatım ve mantığını çok beğendim. )

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