Battlefield V – New Marita Map Introduction

The Battle of Greece continues! On the Marita map,
Allied forces are making a last stand to halt the Axis army
sweeping through the region. You’ll deploy on
a sloping mountain ridge and within the tight streets of
a rural town. The Allies control the town, but Axis troops are already
on its fringes. The road down into the village is crucial, and you must fight to hold here
or risk losing control of the region. You’ll always have tactical choices nearby, with a close proximity
to other key locations, so keep an eye out for them. Marita is an infantry-focused map, where all four soldier classes
will be able to shine. Tanks and aircraft will stand aside
for intense infantry gunfights and sneaky flanks
in the cobbled streets. Hills and multi-story homes
means unique, vertical gameplay. Stay alert in this steep environment as the Battle of Greece rages on.

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