Battlefield V: Official DXR Dev Update – Up To 50% Performance Increase!

Battlefield V is the first game to come out
with real-time ray tracing, we’re targeting real time reflections and trying to increase
the fidelity in them to lead to a much more immersive gameplay experience for our players. We wanted to get ray tracing to players as
soon as possible. Since then we’ve been working together on
optimizations and bug fixes included in the Chapter 1 Overture update. All combined, it’s a big improvement on
performance. It’s not only for 2080 Ti, but also for 2080
and 2070. We haven’t changed what the quality levels
do for this update. What we’ve done is increase the amount of
rays we shoot in a scene as you go from low, to ultra and also it affects more materials. We put a lot of research into something we
call Variable Rate Ray-Tracing, this allows us to place rays where they matter. The red tiles is where we focus the most amount
of rays because the underlying material is a specular one. This actually allows us to improve performance
and improve quality level and we will make it even better in the future. There are more optimizations in the denoiser
and filter, and we will have more later for sure. For example, you can see this in frozen lakes. We are optimising on GPU and CPU performance
for BVH Refits. BVH stands for Boundary Volume Hierarchies,
it is to help ray tracing to be more efficient and to be faster in triangle intersections. One other thing we’ve been working on is a
bunch of shader optimizations. Each optimization adds more performance throughout
the game. In Battlefield V we have a lot of destructible
objects and anything that’s destructible had a very big performance impact for ray tracing
due to a bug. However, we worked with NVIDIA, both on the
driver side and the engine side to fix this bug which actually allows us to utilise the
hardware much more efficiently and ray tracing is performing much better now. Another issue we addressed is too many rays
spawning off foliage such as leaves and grass which had a very big performance impact on
the game without adding anything to the final visual fidelity. This has been improved for this update. We are just scratching the surface on optimising
ray tracing performance. Real time ray tracing has only been out for
a couple of weeks and we’re super excited to partner with NVIDIA in delivering the best
experience possible to our players. Thank you everyone and stay tuned for more

100 thoughts on “Battlefield V: Official DXR Dev Update – Up To 50% Performance Increase!

  1. It's all about optimisation. Why spend resources on something we can't see? It's kind of like audio compression, where you remove or compress details and frequencies that humans can't hear anyway. Makes total sense.

  2. My God, those explosions are LIT! WOW! I always thought light was being left aside in video games. Becuase the textures are already good, but the light was always something that bothered me. RayTracing in light is something else indeed. And this optmization shows that it can get better. Nice job guys! I love how Nvidia always use the brain to get the max out of their products and this time you guys are showing it in a very expressive way!


  3. I really want to get a graphics card i cant afford one i wish i win!!! I will appreciate it for sure as i never had a computer and i really want to do simulator games!!

  4. You all guys doing an amazing work for all of us! thank you very much and keep on like this. My gaming experience it's getting better year after year with your products and the wonderful work that you make. Thank you very very much!

  5. there are such nice Ways to solve Programming Problems like Performance. but screwing up performance is not that easy every time. I think especially when it comes to Things like Ray tracing

  6. This is great news, it gives hope for the future. Ray tracing definitely needs refinements, otherwise you risk it being a "kill GPU" feature to keep off even in high end configurations. Great, great news!

  7. I love Nvidia GeForce❤️ i have tried one of the most high-end AMD Radeon graphic card but i once tried the GeForce 1050ti and immediately shifted to GeForce and sold my Radeon card! Nvidia GeForce is so much better 🙂

  8. Looks amazing, nice to see you guys still making improvements. Always nice to know a company is aware and more than willing to quickly fix bugs & issues!

  9. A lot of people try to trash talk to RTX tech while the fact is that they just couldn't effort the tech, lol.

  10. RTX is good but too much….very much expansive and the new 1660 1660ti are just joke (how sell 1060 1070 with biggest price). Nvidia lost me for this gen', hope the green come back more serious the next time with normal price

  11. They promise that more games will have DXR in future, but when it's going to happen, current 20XX series will be irrelevant performance wise. Sorry, Nvidia, I can't play in benchmarks, and won't buy the promises

  12. Hi guys

    I have in my possession from January a brand new MSI RTX 2080TI Duke OC (price 1.350€) and I haven't received the code to play the game yet! 😞😞😞

    Although I complained to the shop (it does not reply to my messages) and MSI (sais that the shop has to give me the codes) NVIDIA who promised the promotion game codes also is trying to avoid giving me the codes and saying that she has specific partners which are giving the promotion codes but this turnes out to be the GREATEST LIE.

    There is a tone of other shops (other than those which are refered to NVIDIA's online page) that have accidentally found promotion game codes for their customers….

    Nvidia customer service sucks…..

  13. BFV is empty and there is no consistent direction or atmosphere in addition, all these bugs drive you crazy and leave this game as the worst title of the year.

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