Battlefield V — Official Firestorm Gameplay Trailer (Battle Royale)

This is Firestorm. Battlefield V’s new
Battle Royale experience. Fight for survival across land, air and sea. Firestorm brings the biggest map ever to the Battlefield franchise. An immense Sandbox, 10 times bigger than in Hamada from Battlefield V. All of Battlefield’s signature gunplay visuals, combat vehicles and destructible environments. This is a world
dominated by the Firestorm. A deadly ring of fire that destroys everything in its path. Fleeing on foot isn’t your only option. With 17 vehicles available
when Firestorm launches you will have a range of choices
to navigate the battlefield. Whether you’re rolling in heavy armor cruising in the Schwimmwagen patroling the skies
with a prototype helicopter. There are a range of vehicles to help you travel faster
and fight off enemies. Gear up as you travel. Common, rare and epic weapons. Gadgets and armor
scattered across the map. If you’re down in a fire fight you can be revived by team mates. And new to Firestorm, squeeze off some rounds
in the last act of defense. Although not all loot
is just lying around. Strongboxes and safes have some of the best items. If you’re willing to take the risk. Vehicle lockups house
the rarest land vehicles in Firestorm. Working together will open them faster. Break out a combat vehicle
and you might have an advantage. But remember that they could be countered
by anti-vehicle weaponry and gadgets. Complete a resupply point objective and you’ll be rewarded with
rare or epic loot for the squad. These won’t be easy to obtain. Sniper! Watch for the barrage balloons and
you could snag a supply drop artillery strike V1 rocket and even a tank. This world is a sandbox. Every victory is unique. As the Firestorm shrinks your squad will have to adapt
to each new situation to become the last one standing.

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  1. 4百多买的预购豪华版。后续赠送的人物皮肤呢?红魔枪支皮肤打发要饭的呢?英军跟德军前线部队有女兵?搞群娘们儿在地图里窜来窜去好玩么?局局遇到外持横着走。傻逼DICE你们有管过?吃相真你妈的难看。说要出的DLC却八字没一撇,忙着搞圈钱的时装活动吧?祝你们全体亲妈爆炸螺旋升天!
    English translation of the above content: Fxxking EA and DICE !

  2. I dont understand why they keep putting their battlefield trailers on age restricted mode, can anyone give me any context on why they are doing this because in my opinion there is literally no point in doing that…

  3. Every once in a while a *tank gets dropped from the sky attached to a parachute*. I really love the good amount of logic that has been put into this game, i really do guys…

  4. Just everything in this game is bullshit. For real.. so deleted that bullshit 30 bucks for the trashcan

  5. Can't wait for cheaters to ruin the gameplay for everybody…. honestly battle royale now mostly have cheaters

  6. When ea want to kill battlefield with competitive mods and no maps.
    One thing:

    I'm waiting for BF3 Remastered with all the maps ( I hope I do not have to pay for have a gun)

  7. Queremos mapas, armas y vehículos, ya nos aburrimos de lo mismo, tardan mucho, por favor, nos están decepcionando.

  8. Please make new War story or single mission with small story.Pls pacific Iwo-jima,or D-Day,battle of bulge,stalingrad or czehoslovakia 1938.? PLS make more singleplayer.Thanks 🙂

  9. Good to all, the truth is I'm a user who has been playing the saga for a long time, and I think that the talks I have with friends who are also fans of this franchise, there are things that DICE or EA should change, because they are sending this saga to failure. Beyond the fact that I do not have the numbers, nor the sales data and maybe that will take away relevance in my opinion, I feel that Battlefield is gradually becoming a game that is losing weight in the scene. The problems are multiple for me, but some that can be solved, are things that should not take, in principle a lot of work. Simple things that can improve the experience of the game and the community: I know that many people complained about Battlelog, but the truth was something that gave life to the community, to publish videos that we did, or publish things, such as contests, Raffles or whatever the big clans did, like in the clan that I was, CAHOS GAMING. I should return that platform. Another important thing is the issue of the plugin, before there was an almost total domain of private servers, you could do many things which, for the PC community, gave us that we have servers with their own characteristics, which gave personality to which we got, with different rules that the admin put and changed the game experience. Example: That you could not use fragmentation grains in Metro. If we go to something very impose is the issue of servers, maybe it is my filter problem, but at the most I see 6 servers, few, and they are not full at times. Also the rotations of them, could not separate them? This is a matter of taste but Hamada or Panzerstorm, giant maps, but even the first, with too many tickets, they become boring and people leave. Following with the servers the way to look for them is totally un-comfortable and not very intuitive, it would seem that the game is designed for something casual, to put looking for game and ready, as if it was oriented to a game of consoles, and that is not done. PC players do not have to fall into this, they do not have to treat us like this, because if even after so many years is still fairly alive the Battlefield 3 or 4 is for the PC players. Voice communication, I would like to be able to talk to other players of the team, the truth is that only talking with the patrol is not very funny, there should be a system where patrol leaders speak with others, this is so simple and could give another gameplay to the title that for me summarizes a lot. The problem of the Bugs or some things badly thought: – It costs a lot to build patrols outside the game to get to play with friends, they should correct this. – That you can not go from team to team, I find this limitation horrifying. – There is no autobalance. – Modifying weapons and personalization is uncomfortable. – The visibility of the game is bad, they need to clarify it, it has too much contrast and darkness, on the map Fjell 652 it looks better when there is a snow storm than how much is the sun – That the stats of the weapons and the classes favor the people who she is crouching championing her (the famous carpet mode). – Problem of vision – – The areas of collisions, is very bad, the bullets remain in mountains or surfaces that make me remember the BF 3. – The boring amount of missions to unlock things. – How long it takes to revive or how it is bugea sometimes, as if it were lageado. – The problem of the arms of the doctor, please, all weapons with the same statistics? just kidding? It does not make sense, they have to stop nerfing the doctor and put different weapons. This, I think, are some very simple things to change that could improve the title experience too much. Things that make the game I do not like: This is already a critique of the total game, the truth from the BF 4 I feel that it is getting worse and worse. It all started when the speed of the character's movement increased, it seems as if the infantry had been reduced in severity, vehicles, everything, the physics of the BF 3 were perfect, the player felt as heavy as the vehicles, I do not know why they left towards a faster game trend. Error. The level design is horrible, it's chaotic, meaningless, with few structures, too many open-air areas, the BF 1 suffered a lot from this, here there is a change in design, but it does not work with the style of play that is . It's an Arcade with realistic maps, and that does not work for me. These scenarios would serve for mechanics such as those of PUBG, that style of games, slow, with more damage in weapons, etc. Now you run super fast, you do things as if you were flash but when it comes to getting into a vehicle late, when it comes to reviving late, when it comes to late weapons charges, then? I say what it is like? So they make a map with "realistic" dyes and then put slow game mechanics as if it were a simulator? or are arcade in everything and try to look like a weapon, decide. The number of players, we are in 2019, how long have you been playing with 64 slot players? Is not it time for an evolution? to put more players? before it was a surprise factor the number of players in a game of BF, now is something that already seems outdated. As he throws the grenades, very fast, he feels ugly and as if it were an Indie game. The speed of how the soldier is thrown to the ground, super fanciful. As they run, it seems to me that there are many movements and animations like deaths that are great, but how the avatars move or run is rare, it seems generic, I do not know, as I said above, it gives me an impression of Indie game. The feeling of shooting, in the BF 3 or earlier was much better, now you feel that you shoot with equal weapons, that they do not have the weight or the rumble they should have. In itself there are many criticizable things, and many that do well but I do not want to make this post very long, I just want to say, of a more personal opinion, that they are loading into the saga and the truth has taken a path that does not like much people, not only me, it would be nice to go back to take things from BF 2, BF 3 or even the BF 4. I, and I think many, we wish that once and for all a saga so important for the FPS becomes competitive, for that they have to think about many things, and today, as long ago, the mechanics, the ways of playing these last battlfield seem designed to play 1, 2 or 3 games and nothing else, it is very casual, and we do not want that, we want tournaments, we want competitive classes to be generated and for that they have to give a screw-up to many things they have been doing wrong. Not only would the community win, but you would do it yourself (EA) if you would manage to position a Battlefield as an eSport. Greetings.

  10. El juego esta injugable lo habeis convertido en una puta badura diseñado para camperos y los nuevos jugadore no aprenden a jugar

  11. oh firestorm…is DEAD as the game i am not cod fan boy but i been playing since BF3 and BFV is dead can you guys do at least a FREAKING skin for a german soldier? does any skin of the starting looks like one?
    medal? whats that !? oh yeah they dont do anything firestorm in america YOU DONT FIND MATCH so please EA/DICE do a your job OR THIS GAME IS DEAD WITH ALL YOUR PLAYERS GONE!!!

  12. The game unrealistically fast … when I play military shooter I wanna feel like a soldier with a helmet cam and not Flash Gordon with a gold or pink shotgun…lol it’s clear the gamers they made this for

  13. Bekommt ihr das Spiel wieder in die Spur?

    Seit Tagen unspielbar.

    Massive Lags.

    Zu teilen unfassbare Wartezeiten.

    Bin nicht der einzige, spiele in einem internationalen (Sp, GB, Fr, De) Squad.

    Keine wirklich gute Werbung zur Zeit.

  14. To me it sounds just like PUBG a bit souped up, the real battlefield to me was the capture the flags and new hardline hot wire mode those two were awsome before they got diluted into all those less appealing modes

  15. Please here’s something that will help make the game so much better Add the pacific meaning Americans and japenese also add the Eastern front meaning Russian and German by Memorial Day

  16. I don't understand why creators do not Include war battles between Germany and Soviet Union, USA and JAPAN. I mean WWII was major conflict? Add historical battles for f-sake. Stay away from farms and rural setting.

  17. Just saw the leaks for your future Elite Skins… Please do not add them to the game, you’d be breaking your promise to the community and they look ridiculous

  18. Not sure what kind of retardation you guys have but why would you remove duos? Cause the game modes dead so you remove duos from it? Makes no sense at all

  19. and taking second, if not, thee first place to the shittiest campaign of the last decade. Placing itself in two ranks for either, or. Battlefield wtV and battlefield/?

  20. Pashandale from Bf1 is the real fire storm. Surrounded by Fire that encloses the map with no escape. Encircled by a tank and a whole team as your squad tries to fall back.

  21. man they need to take out the animation when you repair your armor, it's waist valuable time in healing your armor when the characters flip or look at there armor plates… can't tell you how many times that got me killed..

  22. نزل هاد الطور ولامانزل وازا نزل بجي اول ماتشتري العبة ولا بدك تشتري اكستا اتمنا جواب

  23. This is actually boring and has nothing special as a battle Royale. Apex, fornite and pubg are the best options.

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