Battlefield V – Official Firestorm Trailer | PS4

[THUD] – Go, go, go, go!
– The house, move it! [GUNS LOADING] [GUNFIRE] [WINDOWS SHATTERING] [FLARE POPPING] [FIZZLING] [EXPLOSIONS] [MUSIC PLAYING] [CRASH] Take them all out! [GUNFIRE] [EXPLOSIONS] Get them! No good! Well, hop in! [BLADES WHIRRING] No, that’s one of ours! ♪ Burning down the house ♪ Over there,
that’s an enemy boat. [GUNFIRE] ♪ Burning down the house ♪ ♪ Fight fire with fire ♪ [GUNSHOT] [EXPLOSION] [RUMBLING] Don’t just stand there! Go! [CRASH] God damn it! [SCREAMING] [GUNSHOT] ♪ Burning down the house ♪♪ [ALARM BLARING] [BIRD SQUAWKS] [SPARKS ZAPPING]

100 thoughts on “Battlefield V – Official Firestorm Trailer | PS4

  1. Anyone know what the render distance is going to be like? Will we see 1000m+ Snipes again with the huge map

  2. Now this is amazing. No asian women or transgenders with hooks in their arms. Actual World war 2, gonna buy it

  3. I understand it’s a BattleRoyal 😎
    Fire=Circle but people like me who don't have money to buy pc can't play this game 😑

  4. Do not forget that you buy only the demo the incoming DLC that you also need to pay is the game it looks beautifully expensive

  5. I’ve been on countdown since this game launched, I play BF5/ APEX a lot and now it’s about to be more neglect .

  6. Yo no entiendo porque a una compañía le va bien con una idea y ahora todos quieren copiarla, acaso se entienden que no a todos les da resultado además de que así solo acaban con la idea hasta el punto de aburrír a los jugadores. Como pasó con Call of duty copiando al Halo

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  8. EA Battle Royale Games: Apex Legends and BF5 Firestorm. Next: Mass Effect Andromeda – Gravitystorm!😂😂😂 Nice Trailer! Twitch Streamer going to play this! COOL!😎 😀😀😉

  9. I like to play Battle Royale games, but I feel they are kind of childish, so I expect Firestorm is going to be way far better and more interesting to me as a Battlefield 1 fan. I thing Battlefield fans are ok with this, all the trolling comments are either from Fortnite fans or just regular youtube trolls getting excited for receiving likes and comments for posting stupid comments.

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