Battlefield V: Official GeForce RTX Behind The Scenes Video

[Lars]: The Battlefield Franchise really
was born out of the second world war era with Battlefield 1942. Since then we’ve been taking our players
to different eras during history. The fact that the second world war brings
so much richness in stories to be told, in the hardware, in the setting, the era,
has always made us want to go back to that at some point. That’s what we’re doing
with Battlefield V. What really makes me excited with
Battlefield V is that as technology has advanced, it has allowed us
to continue to push for a more richer and more immersive experience. [Christian]: In Battlefield V,
Nvidia RTX technology allows us to draw much more
realistic reflections. I think that players will be truly
amazed to see real-time ray tracing in a big game. You will be able to see the reflections
of tanks and planes coming off any wet surface,
or any puddle on the ground. It can be the shiny
surface of your car, and it can even be the
eyeball of the soldier. That was not previously possible
with conventional PC hardware. Beyond ray tracing we also collaborated
with Nvidia on other technologies. Ansel, which allows you to take
amazing screenshots in the game. [Petri]: For Battlefield V Ansel means
that in a single frame you can capture the hard work of hundreds of artists
who have been working on this game for several years. What I like about Ansel is that
it covers all the basic functions you need to do a good screenshot. You’ve got field of view, free camera,
and depth of field. And that’s the holy trinity,
basically, to compose a gorgeous shot. [Jeff]: One of the best things
about Battlefield is the experience that it offers our players. With Nvidia highlights it’s going
to be able to automatically capture these moments where you level up,
where you earn a medal, where you earn an achievement. You don’t have to worry about it,
you can focus on the game and the Nvidia GeForce experience
via highlights will capture it for you. I think the Battlefield community
is going to really enjoy, and dive into using these highlights,
to be able to have that great content, after your match that you
can share with your friends. [Lars]: Everything we do, continuously
push the Battlefield to be more immersive, more dynamic, and to enable you as a
player to get more tools in your toolbox. [Christian]: Nvidia’s engineers
have been working side by side with engineers on my team. And we really feel like we are
this one team that’s pushing the boundaries of Battlefield V.

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  1. I want RTX 2080 ti because it is extremely expensive in India. I am currently LE in csgo and I play lots of AAA titles like Assassin's creed syndicate, origins, 2,Shadow Of war, Mordor and lots of game daily 5 6 hours a day. Hope you will select me nvidia!!!

  2. Im the only guy here who have gt730 ddr3 i cant even play gta v 😪

    Just imagine if i win a giveaway 😂 that will be a dream come true 💚

  3. Who still use commands like !fps
    !fov on the old cod4? I have a ps3 and an old hp laptop it has Intel celeron and intel hd graphics 2go ram 😔😔

  4. I'm not gone beg for it but I been building a PC started on Christmas day and I still don't have everything I need like no monitor no key board and graphics card but like I said I don't beg but I subscribe and liked


  6. I really want to get a graphics card i cant afford one i wish i win!!! I will appreciate it for sure as i never had a computer and i really want to do simulator games!!

  7. from the comments I hear this, ray tracing isn't for games where everything is happening at once. what it will work the best with are with games like metro, where everything is somber and you are thinking about everything. and then you are found and only a small portion of the map is alerted to you

  8. I love Nvidia GeForce❤️ i have tried one of the most high-end AMD Radeon graphic card but i once tried the GeForce 1050ti and immediately shifted to GeForce and sold my Radeon card! Nvidia GeForce is so much better 🙂

  9. real-time ray tracing, artificial intelligence, and programmable shading. This is a whole new way to experience games.

  10. An open lie being sold about RTX 2060, according to the announced pricing of the card, RTX 2060 should be roughly around Rs.25000 in India, but we here are being charged minimum Rs.45000 for the same, y fool us Nvidia, or is it that you aren't aware of what your subsidiaries are upto, anyways it's pathetic either way, nowadays it's just about fooling people and making money, that's all that matters, not customer happiness or satisfaction.
    It's the same story for other cards as well, priced 3 or 4 times more than the anounced market rate.

  11. Hi guys

    I have in my possession from January a brand new MSI RTX 2080TI Duke OC (price 1.350€) and I haven't received the code to play the game yet! 😞😞😞

    Although I complained to the shop (it does not reply to my messages) and MSI (sais that the shop has to give me the codes) NVIDIA who promised the promotion game codes also is trying to avoid giving me the codes and saying that she has specific partners which are giving the promotion codes but this turnes out to be the GREATEST LIE.

    There is a tone of other shops (other than those which are refered to NVIDIA's online page) that have accidentally found promotion game codes for their customers….

    Nvidia customer service sucks…..

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