Battlefield V – Official Single Player Trailer

It is in the moment of truth that we uncover who we really are What sacrifices we can endure, what choices we can live with. Pushed beyond any known breaking point, We discover what we are capable of And accept the truth of who we must become. Because survival is not a given We must fight for it. This is your fucking fault! This is war, son. Raus! Los! Feuer! Allons-y!

100 thoughts on “Battlefield V – Official Single Player Trailer

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  2. tengo el juego pero falta contenido m1 garand <<< no es posible que no este en el juego …. que paso con normandia ??? EA que te paso ….. la verdad no lo recomiendo para comprar hasta que verdaderamente tenga contenido… por que la verdad parece a medio hacer el juego

  3. Some of you need to sit down…… A simple Google search will show you all the articles and stories that took place in WW2 about heroic women who were resistance fighters. God forbid EA decided to expand and show more of WW2 then just America and D-Day.

  4. Am I the only one here who would put this trailer up, or very close to the BF1 single player trailer? The cinematography was absolutely spine chilling in this one

  5. BF 5 is so good because they know tiger 1

    Why i play Call of duty World at War and Call of Duty WW2 why always Tiger 2 WTF
    Maybe COD love always Tiger 2 to their Game

    I hope BF5 have Pacific theater like Japanese and Chinese even Russian or France,Poland,Canadians to because they fight too right?
    in WW2 I hope their will be Future DLC or New Battlefield Game with Pacific theater and Other Faction

  6. You say what you want about this game, but I fcuking enjoyed the single player war stories. Playing as a Norvegian resistance member using SKI?!?!? Thats some innovative siht, games nowadays dont have. Also its not a rambo shootout mission but more like stealth based stuff, which im totally into. Just take my money for it. Also a game lets me play as germans, is in itself fantastic, let alone driving around a fcuking TIGER?! That dumbes british guy just got me die from laughter, the singing part is really cheese but i totally enjoyed it. I am not a too competetive person though i didnt played the multiplayer so i cant say a thing about that. I know EA and siht, blah blah blah, but this one is a good one.

  7. I know this is a bit late, but for this is all y’all hating. I kinda agree with y’all on the realism, but y’all complaining about women and blacks in this game but you guys forgot battlefield itself is about the rare, amazing stories of wars. Notice every battlefield is about a special unit(Bad company) or about a spec ops unit(BF4). It’s about the weird, amazing groups behind the scenes of major wars

  8. Why not make a singleplayer mission set in Battle of Britain? In that aviation battle more than 4,000 aircraft were down, more than ANY modern aviation combat from 1946-1999

  9. I don't think that they can fit Japanese or Russian soldiers into the game because of the amounts of Mexican lesbians in wheelchairs fighting for a bridge that will collapse in 1.

  10. We all know that this game historical accuracy isn't really on point or not even that close but that Norwegian girl is the most beautiful looking female I've ever seen

  11. Könnt ihr eine Flugzeug Kampagne von den deutschen machen? Weil es noch keine mit Flugzeugen gibt und es auch nur 4 Kampagnen gibt

  12. Correct me if I’m seeing things, but did I just witness a U-Boat break through an ice sheet? Could U-Boats do that back in the day?

  13. The superior Deluxe Edition has, in the cover, the superior male of the supreme race.
    Don't complain about the price. If you want that, you can pay.

  14. Lmfao, so many people saying Apologize for USSR. Why won't they just take backseat and enjoy the beauty of the game? :))

  15. God DAMN IT!

    Get me a damn XBox!!!

    But not really, just really wanna play this game. Cuz….. Well look at it for crying out loud! LOOK!

  16. EA Bitte erstellt uns ein liebenswertes und spaßiges Battlefield 6 und lasst es BITTE nicht wieder so floppen

  17. Behind every great victory or achievements has been made for a country
    There’s someone or a group that lost there lives to make it happened
    This is what battlefield V is about

  18. Где савок талерантно фименечтический пидрилы, я за деда поиграть хочу!

  19. Two combats that I've seen that made me die lmfao

    "The real Battle is in the comments"
    Reply; "War…war never changes"

  20. “It is in the moment of truth when we uncover who we really are.”

    Ea: “were truly money grubbing scumbags”
    “Because survival is not a given”
    Players: “your company won’t survive”

  21. Hey battlefield this is a late question why did you not make the German aviator a mission, please respond

  22. Battlefield V is the epic story of an studio that "thought" that making a racist and sexist video game that insults other nationalities and their war heroes was the good moral thing to do…. Dice, you are the villain

  23. I hate you battlefield you put 2 women in the game that did everything Flawlessly to destroy a shipment of heavy water on a submarine While Norwegian commandos were surviving off of moss and reindeer and then proceeded to destroy the heavy water plant with out even firing a shot and they sacrificed themselves to destroy the last shipment of heavy water I want real history battlefield not this political correctness crap

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