Battlefield V: OPEN BETA Window ANNOUNCED! + Player Feedback Changes

Battlefield V’s Closed Alpha has come and
gone – if you missed out, you’ll be pleased to know the Beta for Battlefield V is officially
slated for early September. DICE made the announcement in a blog post,
while describing everything they learned from the Closed Alpha. There’s no concrete date for the Beta, but
more details are expected in the near future. You don’t need to worry about getting a
code, either. It will be an Open Beta, but you can get early
access by preordering Battlefield V. In the meantime, developers say they’ve
learned a lot from the data gathered in the Alpha and will be tweaking some aspects of
gameplay based on player feedback. Specifically, DICE says they plan to adjust
both the medic and squad revives to feel less clunky. The squad revive time will be reduced 2.5
seconds, and delays in revives are being addressed. When it comes to ammunition, developers say
there was positive feedback on the “war of attrition” model and having limited ammunition
when deploying. DICE says they will tweak these numbers slightly
for some weapons to get an optimal balance, and will better balance the amount of ammunition
picked up from dead players. In addition, devs will be tweaking squad reinforcements
like the V-1 Rocket. They say it was way too easy to be reinforced
with the V-1 Rocket in Conquest, and the frequency of the call-in will be toned down. Personally I didn’t find the number outrageous,
and it escalated the intensity of the match as it wore on. DICE also says they are investigating changes
to the weapon’s blast radius, warning, and ways to counter the V-1. Changes to Time to Kill are also on the table. DICE reports polarizing feedback where some
players felt the TTK was very fast, while others felt it was perfect. Devs say they will tweak the amount of camera
shake that occurs when hit in-game, and will make further changes if necessary. As for maps, developers released telemetry
of the Narvik map in Conquest, showcasing the “hot spots” for combat. Unsurprisingly, the majority of fighting took
place on the ore loading dock. DICE says such data is helpful in making changes
to maps to better balance them. We also got a look at telemetry for Battlefield
V’s new Grand Operations mode. This image shows the Airborne mode, the first
phase of Grand Operations. DICE says the data gleaned from this telemetry
will be used to adjust flight paths and the control and characteristics of the parachutes. Lastly, developers say they had positive feedback
on the new recoil system for weapons in Battlefield V. In contrast to previous games, bullet spread
is now converted to recoil, which means you’ll need to learn every gun’s personality. Bullets go exactly where the gun is aimed. DICE says in Battlefield V, the gunplay will
be tighter, you will have more control, and it should feel more physical. The more time you spend with a certain gun,
the more you will learn how it behaves. This rewards player skill, so every time you
miss, you shouldn’t blame the gun. Devs are also tweaking the balance of single-fire
modes to particular Battlefield V weapons. We might get a glimpse at some new maps, weapons,
and reinforcements sooner than you think – DICE reports a new build of Battlefield V will
be playable at Gamescom in Germany, August 21st to the 25th. What are your thoughts on potential changes
from the Battlefield V Alpha Build? Tell me in the comments!

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