Battlefield V – Operation Underground Map Trailer | PS4

Incoming! [MUSIC PLAYING] Find cover! Lousy dogs! Attack!

100 thoughts on “Battlefield V – Operation Underground Map Trailer | PS4

  1. imagine if this would have been the trailer instead of that other one. you know what i am talking about. but the damage is already there and i dropped every shooter game since bf3

  2. I wanna have Apples screen calibration on my tv with the game. I just know it’s either gonna look contrasty, dark, washed out or light. I just can’t make the perfect setting on the tv for a battlefield game 😓

  3. Literally the worst BF3 map remade. Horrible game play, stagnant level. …But I'll still play it until I rage quit.

  4. Tbh I just want a modern warfare genre battlefield. The world wars are cool and all but i prefer battlefield 3 and 4 settings.

  5. Those demolition physics, HE'LL YEA. I AM not a ea fan, but those battle field close combat maps with demolition physics are killer.

  6. I can’t enjoy this game anymore,To day battlefield v is full of try hard and m&k player when I play I feel like I play against smuf delete instantly

  7. For a WW2 game this sure does look Colorfull and lively.which makes this hard to take in seriously.

    I remember Battlefield 1 and Cod WWII had a grittier looking pallete and atmosphere.

  8. I have an intel i7 4.2hz CPU
    16 GB ram
    Asus rog strix gforce rtx 2060
    144 hz monitor
    And my game cant get past the 40 frames mark
    Is that normal?

  9. These trailers are so dope they should make a mini serious to watch on Saturday mornings. Kind like xmen when I was kid.

  10. If they had made a trailer like this for the reveal this would have been a completely different game… FeelsBadMan

  11. Really? Maps get trailers now ffs. I don't get why bf players want content drip fed to em. Guess EA really wants people to come back to the dead game

  12. I will try it out, thanks for this MAP DICE. And please, bring bases back where tanks and everything else spawn naturally

  13. Well, no woman in the trailer. Maybe they realise they (or any human being) are happy to not be in a war on the front?

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