BATTLEFIELD V | Proximity And Squad Leader Voice Channels

Hey there every single one of you It’s
your buddy binner here And today I’ve got another LIFE CHANGING video for you, And this time it’s about nothing other than Battlefield V And now I think the
voice chat capabilities can be improved as to improve gameplay, immersion and
teamwork in the game. Currently in the Battlefield franchise there is only one
voice chat channel, which is the squad communication channel. In my eyes this is
a bad thing and it really puts a hurdle that hampers any real team play to be
had, as well as any cooperation between squads. sure you can cooperate *within* a
squad but you’re really completely shut out from communicating with your
teammates. Battlefield has always been about the teamwork – the squad play and to
utilize the different classes. vehicles and weapons at your disposal to win
whatever battles may find yourself in. The strengths of one class is the
weakness of the other, and the franchise has been continually streamlined, refined,
and focused as time has gone on. So in a way squad play is stronger than ever,
compared to titles like battlefield 1942 and 2, which of course is to be expected
as any competent developer learn from its mistakes. Team play, however, is weaker
than ever. But now that Battlefield is inching towards the more team play and
cooperation based FPS it used to be, I still feel like something is sorely
lacking, that we haven’t seen in a Battlefield yet. Extensive abilities for
communication. How do you get people to work towards a single goal? You
communicate to them – “this is what you’re going to do”. In battlefield this has
mostly been through the good old UI. This objective isn’t owned by your team —
capture it to win! The problem is people don’t know *how* they’ll capture it. Now
people can talk *in* squads, but in a battle versus 32 players, how is a squad
of four going to do it all by themselves? They simply can’t. They need to be able
to talk to another squad, come up with a plan, and execute that plan. There are a
few different things I would like to add to the game in order to greatly enhance
these opportunities. First off the banger, the legend – proximity-based voice-chat.
This is probably the most straightforward one. Imagine the
following scenario. You’re in the house and an objective that is currently under
attack by an enemy squad. Your squadmates are all writhing about on the
ground outside the house with no way for you to help them, and waiting for them to
spawn again will take too long. However, you’re not alone. YOU RARELY ARE ON THE BATTLEFIELD! There are two other team members in the house with you, who seem
to be completely unaware of where the enemy is coming from. Now usually in this
situation you wouldn’t be able to tell them using voice chat, and by the time
they realize what is actually happening it will be too late.
The objective is lost and you may lose the entire battle. This would easily
be solved with a proximity-based voice chat, which is kind of like yelling in
real life. (AAAH) You talk and only the people around you will hear. Your voice fades
out the further way someone is relative to your position, which stops at maybe 10
metres, You would be able to tell your teammates where the enemies are, and be
able to more effectively fight off the enemy combatants. This would be audible
to all players, and maybe even the enemy team. Maybe. DICE plz. With
the sound engine – the real-time reverb and muffling capabilities of the
frostbite engine, this isn’t only something that would increase teamwork.
This could be a really *immersive* addition to the battlefield. DICE please.
That is an addition that would enhance team play at a smaller level.
Around buildings, singular objectives and taking down vehicles for example. This
would also help tank and vehicle gunners to effectively fight and communicate
within vehicles, even if the gunner and driver are in separate squads (which they
usually are in the beginning of a game). Secondly I would like to see a squad
leader channel. This is to increase coordination *between* squads making them
effectively be able to communicate across the map. Say two squads are
pushing an objective – one head-on, and one on the flank. Instead of them being
unaware of what the other squads plan is, squad leader of Alpha could tell squad
leader of Beta that they would be covering the West,
while Beta focus on the north, increasing their odds of effectively fighting off
any enemy squads that may try to defend the now contested objective from there
the squads can work internally with the squad communication channel to call out
enemies and effectively take the objective these two channels lay a very
important foundation for increased teamwork as communication is no longer
exclusively a feature within squads and helps the team work as an actual team
instead of a fragmented bunch of individuals or squads doing their own
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2 thoughts on “BATTLEFIELD V | Proximity And Squad Leader Voice Channels

  1. Really hit the nail on the head with this one. It's absolutely inconceivable as to how this game made it through so many iterations without this idea ever being included, especially since so many other games have both these features. Whenever I suggest this on a forum, people will say "just go play Squad". Squad is a great game that does a very good job with the teamwork, but I want to play Battlefield! Just in an actually coordinated fashion instead of running around aimlessly, trying to figure out what to do on my own.

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