We finally know the reveal date for Battlefield
2018 – It’s going to be on May 23rd, and you can expect it to happen on the Battlefield
twitch channel, – just as it did for Battlefield 1 over two years
ago. With that said, we’ll finally know the name
for Battlefield 2018, but there are a few other things we can expect from the Battlefield
reveal – Here are 6 of them. First up, we’ll finally get a trailer. It’s likely we’ll see a teaser May 22nd
that might reveal some info about the game, but all eyes will be on the reveal trailer. Battlefield 1’s reveal trailer has racked
up over 57 million views to date, so those are some big shoes to fill. As for what to expect in the trailer, I think
we’ll see a lot of in-engine footage, mostly comprising cutscenes and prepared cinematics
– that’s what we saw for Battlefield 1. I’ll be picking apart whatever we see in
the trailer with a thorough frame-by-frame analysis, so make sure to subscribe and tap
the bell. DICE will likely save the gameplay trailer
and reveal for EA Play or E3 – as they’ve done in the past. Either way we’ll finally have a taste of
what Battlefield is bringing in October. Second, we’ll see a lot of concept art. In some ways concept art is just as important
as the trailer, since it provides more information on what weapons and settings we might see
in Battlefield 2018. It also showcases the tone and flavor developers
are targeting for the game. Battlefield 1’s reveal stream featured a
ton of concept art, which provided a lot of background information and speculation fuel. Similarly, a third thing to expect are concrete
details on the game’s setting. For Battlefield 1’s reveal, we didn’t
hear specifics in terms of singleplayer or multiplayer map locations, but we at least
knew it was World War I, and would feature tanks, airplanes, and cavalry. Expect DICE to reveal more in the coming weeks,
particularly at EA PLAY and E3. Don’t expect a ton of detail, since devs
are keen to keep up the hype and discussion. Fourth is tease on changes to the Battlefield
franchise. DICE is already promising Battlefield “will
never be the same.” Battlefield 1’s reveal showcased Behemoths,
mentioned bayonet charges, and gave us our first look at what we now know as elite kits. DICE will undoubtedly want to shake a few
things up for Battlefield 2018, so be on the lookout for hints on changes to major gameplay
mechanics. Fifth, I would expect developers to reveal
some information on a Battlefield 2018 Alpha or Beta. Battlefield 1’s Alpha and Beta were runaways
successes, so it’s likely DICE will follow the same route this year. Hopefully the reveal event will at least give
us a window for when we can all get our hands on Battlefield 2018. It’s already been confirmed the game will
be playable a few weeks later at EA PLAY, so an Alpha or Beta can’t be far off. Sixth – expect a concrete reveal date. Battlefield 1’s reveal ended with an official
announcement for the game’s release date. We know Battlefield 2018 will arrive sometime
in October, but by the end of the stream, we’ll know which day to call in sick. And finally, I’ll toss in a bonus thing
you can expect from the Battlefield 2018 reveal – corny jokes. It just wouldn’t be a video game reveal
without some slightly cringe-worthy moments. It’s important to remember that the reveal
on May 23rd is likely to be just that – a reveal. DICE probably isn’t going to go into great
detail, saving any big news for events like EA PLAY and E3 – as they did for Battlefield
1. We’ll see a steady stream of Battlefield
2018 information over the course of the next few months and leading up to the game’s
release in October. If you’re stoked for the Battlefield 2018
reveal, leave a like and let me know what you want to see on the 23rd? Tell me in the comments. If you want to support the channel, subscribe
and share this video with your friends. You can also find me on Twitter @FlakfireGaming
and on Twitch at As always, thanks for watching.


  1. I wanna see a Middle East battlefield sometime in the near future with a game modes and map sizes like rainbow six sieges

  2. Knowing DICE the game will be unbalanced, buggy and filled to the brim with ridiculous level designs that will be patched a year later.

  3. I found YOURE channel around BF1 reveal time and you haven’t changed since and I love it 😍😍 you’re amazing bro keep it up!!

  4. Idc what the setting is im hyped for this but im still hoping for a bf 2143
    God the bf4 dlc is killing me with those references

  5. I only hope for this game to have a great MULTIPLAYER and leave single player for cod.. and I am praying cod will have a good campaign that I will care about ..

  6. I rather it be WW2. Because given the advancements in the frostbite engine since the last ww2 battlefield in 2009. And how the ww1 setting blew up the game. Imagine it in ww2. I'm against the modern era and Vietnam era because BF4 and Hardline is more alive than BF1 right now and is as just as fun but more recent compared to 1943 and 1942. And Vietnam would be much suited for a cod title because most of the maps would be set in the jungle unless the made fictional battles in China or the soviet union which would make it boring.

  7. I wanna see at least a short trailer , ww2 and some planes/spitfire action and at least story telling scene

  8. 6 things to expect:

    1. Pride
    2. Accomplishment
    3. Loot Boxes
    4. False Apologies
    5. Scrap Grinding
    6. More False Apologies


  9. Flakfire look up the historical relevance of May 23 we may be able to figure out what the setting is and the significance of the horse painting. I think both have to do with Poland during WW2 but i can't be sure.

  10. im so sick of waiting ugh but i bought an xbox one x JUST to play the new battlefield 2018 in 4k cuz i also have a 55 inch 4k tv and my games look amazing battlefield 1 looks fuckin better than ps4 pro even without a patch and im not kidding i have both systems and you can see rain drops hitting the gun on xbox one x but not on ps4 pro it just shows rain drops not moving so yeah the graphics on xbox one x and frame rate is way better but the resolution of ps4 pro is better : ( if xbox one x gets a patch itel be my favorite game and ill still play it when the new ones comes out

  11. Hey guys I think I got it figured out. The picture of the white horse is a representation of the Korean 9th Infantry Division also known as the "White Horse" division. After the victory of Battle of White Horse, is an infantry division of the Republic of Korea Army. The unit is composed of the 28th, 29th and 30th Regiments. So this means that the next battlefield game will be set during the Korean War or Vietnam war since the ROK white horses had military involvement in Vietnam in 1968. What do you guys think? Leave a comment..

  12. I really want them to have a teaser trailer for the new battlefield where they talk to each other on thr radio and gun fire comes out of no where

  13. The views are not so important than likes and dislikes, look at Infinity Warfare and Justin Bieber's Baby

  14. Dice, we wait and wait, and not to our surprise, we still do not have a Battlefield Bad company 3, Bad company 2 was such a successful game, so I believe it is only right to release the sequel or a 3rd version.

  15. Battlefield Civil War, so they can ruin another turning point in history.
    Almost no one in WW1 had semi-auto rifles and SMGs were just being invented.

  16. Brain Teaser: May 23rd is also the date when the war ended in Europe (May 23rd 1945), or more specifically the Germans surrendered. Could the reveal date be a hint in itself?

  17. Has it really been more than 2 years since that BF1 reveal?? Fuuuuck time flies. The fuck am I doing with my life? …And why am I writing this in a YouTube comment section lol.

  18. My question is if it really was WWII, would they have named it Battlefield 5/V? That doesnt fit their typical naming structure.
    I have a REALLY strong feeling that it will be in the past but that theyve been duping us with the WWII leaks and it will really be the Korean War. Basically the same small arms (so the Thompson hint in BF1 still fits) and similar era but it fits DICEs "different than anything weve done before" hints too. Plus DICEs trend toward the topical; ie BF1 on WWIs centennial. All the talk in recent years about North Korea, the recent anniversary of that conflict, etc. IDK but it just fits. Even if im totally wrong this feels like a good guess haha.

  19. With the easter eggs in bf1 most notably fort de vaux with the zombie like screams. Do you think thats a hint to the next battlefield? For awhile the door was locked but you could hear screams behind the wall.. is dice telling us something?

  20. At this point the way EA is going down hill is BF 2018 is just going to be a re-skin of Incursions game play

  21. I'm hoping it's ww2 but in the Pacific. Everyone else already does the European font and if they are innovative as with bf1 it's a possibility.

  22. Although battlefield games are my favorites of all time. I'm sick and tired of this world war 2 old school shit. Keep it modern times, one of the reasons I will ALWAYS LOVE BATTLEFIELD 4

  23. All them shoot from the hip and melee kills. Battlefield 1 really is casual, Arcady garbage. Hope 2018 goes back to BF3/BF4 game play style. BF1 is as bad as COD.

  24. I think it's going to be a Battlefield game that will be going to modern day but also back into the past

  25. “I never slept as soundly as the night following Pearl Harbor. For I knew that The American Race would now be entering the war and it would never be the same."
    -Winston Churchill

    Definitely WWII, ijs

  26. 57 million people viewed the video there might be more but Half of them players are waiting to here if it's Bad Company 3 I bet half of them or more won't buy it like, hardline that has one or two servers at times, Dice is taking a gamble I want it to be Bad Company 3 and even if it is it depends if they make the game and not change that game after they sold it and screwed half the players that left BF1 why don't they say that because they only care about is money and what game they want look at Battlefront 2 not much sold and they abandoned that game but how about the players that plays it know there screwed.

  27. The BFV was a huge flop, in dislikes I mean. That doesn't mean I disliked it, it just means many people didn't like it.

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