Battlefield V Second Alpha and Big Changes Announced! Are they Enough? Battlefield V Updates!

Hi Youtube, Darth Here: Yesterday DICE announced the second round
of the Battlefield V alpha, and it’s sooner that you might think. Even though Gamescom is still two weeks away,
the second Battlefield V alpha is set to start next Tuesday, August 14th. Preloading starts on the 13th — so if you’re
on PC and in the Alpha, make sure to set yourself up for the download. If you’re not on PC, unfortunately you’re
going to be out of luck as once again the alpha is just on PC. Now if you’ve not yet received an alpha
invite, supposedly the next wave of invites are going out to veteran players of Battlefield
1 and Battlefield 4. No word on if that extends to anybody else
or Hardline players. So if you’re a veteran of those games, keep
your eyes peeled on your email inbox — and also make sure that you’re signed up for
promotional emails from EA. You might just get into the next wave. Once again, sorry console players. It looks like you’re out of luck until the
Open Beta in September. With that out of the way, let’s talk about
those changes. First up, there’s going to be no new content
or features in the second Battlefield V Alpha. This is purely meant to be a stress test and
an evaluation of new time-to-kill and balance changes, which I will go over a little bit
later in this video. I do have to say that I’m pretty disappointed
that we’re not going to be seeing anything new in this second round. I had a lot of hopes that some of the customization
DICE had talked about would be making it into the build — but alas no, this alpha is built
from the same one as the previous. So no new toys, maps, or customization to
play around with here. What I am hoping for is that DICE will make
up for that in the following week at Gamescom by giving us a face-meltingly good gameplay
trailer and a big update on the game. Because so far we’ve gotten nothing beyond
what’s in the alpha, and that’s a far cry from what was talked up at EA Play. Looking at DICE’s track record over their
last three titles, I really have to wonder just how much of what was talked about is
going to make it into the final game. Hopefully in two weeks I’m eating crow for
being skeptical, but I can’t say I’m filled with optimism right now. Which is a weird thing to say about a game
that I’m otherwise excited about. I genuinely enjoyed my time in the first alpha. I pre-ordered the game a long time ago, though
not based on my time in the alpha — I think it was much earlier that I actually did that. I pretty much figured if I bought and played
Battlefront II that I was at least going to first-thirty-days this game too regardless
of how it turned out. So please blow the skeptical me away at Gamescom,
DICE. As for the balance changes, DICE did go into
a good bit of detail — and the short of it is that the time-to-kill in Battlefield V
is getting longer. At least for the next phase of the alpha. Keep in mind that this is all experimental
at this point — and while on paper I’m not too excited about these changes, I’m
interested in seeing how this plays before I judge it fully. Let’s go over the exact changes now — because
they touch on just about every weapon that was in the alpha. First up, the EMP Machine Pistol had its max
damage range brought in from 12 to 8 meters, its max fall of range moved from 50 to 40
meters, and its min damage increased to 14.3. So the damage on the EMP in Battlefield’s
effective ranges has taken a hit, and it’s certainly now less effective at midrange. Next, the MP40 took the exact same hit. Its range max damage range was brought into
8 meters, max fall off is 40 meters, and min damage is buffed to 14.3. These are probably one of the more gentle
time-to-kill nerfs. According to the devs, this was done to make
SMGs more effective in close range than long range. Additionally, both weapons received an extra
magazine at spawn and can still get an additional one when resupplying. So rather than starting with two, they now
have three, and can go up to four. Which seems like a big retreat from ammo scarcity
— which I don’t really think was necessary based on my experience in the alpha. I always felt like I had enough ammo if I
visited an ammo station with relative frequency. Next up is the big hit, which is the StG44. Like the other automatics, it too received
an additional magazine. But it had its maximum damage taken from 27
all the way down to 20. Meaning it’s now a five bullets to kill
minimum instead of 4. Additionally, it’s falloff range starts
at 20 meters (instead of 11) and doesn’t fall off completely until 60 meters (instead
of 50). The minimum damage has gone from 17 to 16.7. So it doesn’t fall off quite as much as
it used to between maximum and minimum, and the weapon has been brutalized in the close
range and received somewhat of a buff in the medium range. Keep in mind that like Battlefield 1, all
these damage falloffs are not linear — so it could very well be a five bullet kill out
to 35 meters or beyond — much like Battlefield 4 assault rifles. Assuming its rate of fire is still 599 rounds-per-minute,
this means that the weapon’s time to kill is closer to Battlefield 1 time-to-kill than
Battlefield 4. For example, at around 400 milliseconds minimum
it’s not unlike the slower automatics of Battlefield 1. If this is indicative of the overall intention
of the game, I’ve got some pretty big concerns. That’s basically a 33% increase in time-to-kill
versus its previous and seems to indicate that DICE is not interested in faster time-to-kill
in Battlefield V. But again, maybe this is all an experiment
to see what people want. It cannot be said that they aren’t listening
to people because they mentioned this as direct feedback from the Battlefield V first round
alpha in their follow-up a few weeks back. So if you’re in the alpha, definitely play
it and give feedback. If it feels worse, be sure to let them know. I definitely at least intend to try it out
and see how it feels. My initial slant is negative because I thought
it was fine before, and actually fun. So this is a strange development to me. The list goes on, as the Bren LMG was next
on the hit list. It had its max damage pushed out from 11 meters
to 20, and its falloff range from 50 to 60 meters. Its minimum damage was also slightly decreased
from 17 to 16.7 damage. So really only a tiny tweak, and it was made
better in the midrange. The MG34 had similar changes to its optimal
ranges, moving out from 11 meters to 20 for the start of falloff and a move of its max
falloff from 50 to 60 meters. On the flip side, it received a buff of its
minimum damage from a minimum of 17 to a new minimum of 20. So six bullets to kill down to just five. I think given that the MG34 is really only
any good when it’s set up, this move is okay. If we had hipfire LMGs like earlier Battlefield
titles, this would likely be a problem but in this case it simply means that this weapon
is going to be the bipod hero’s weapon of choice in the next alpha stage. Now on to the rifles, which were not spared
from this experiment. Overall, the Gewehr 43 has been stretched
out in its effective ranges. Its fall off now starts at 15 meters instead
of 26.5 — so that’s a pretty big shift to take this weapon’s effective range in,
and its maximum range has been extended from 51.5 meters to 60 meters. Combined with a minimum damage nerf from 36
to 34, the Gewehr 43 still has a three-bullet max kill, though its performance against limbs
may now be a bit more obvious at range. I’m not exactly sure of the limb damage
multipliers in Battlefield V yet. So we’ll have to see. Next up is the KAR 98, which was similarly
stretched. The falloff start is now just 8 meters, down
from 20. The falloff end has been pushed out from 80
meters to 90 meters. To compensate for this, its max damage is
now 90, up from 80, but its min damage has decreased from 60 to 55. Now the interesting switch here is that it’s
also had its bullet velocity reduced from 700 meters-per-second to just 600 which will
also increases its bullet drop. So snipers will now have to compensate even
more for targets on the move and at range. I’m okay with this, though I did enjoy the
previous model in the first alpha. I’ll have to give this a shot and see if
I’m back to hating all-day every day on Battlefield bolts. I hope not as I was getting enjoyment out
of the original alpha. Finally, the only pistol in the Alpha, the
Walther P-38 got a bit of a boost. Its spare magazines double from 4 to 8, with
a maximum of 10 when resupplying. Seriously… who’s using their pistol that
much? That seems nuts. The falloff for the weapon’s damage now
starts at 15 meters, as opposed to 10, but its max range has decreased from 70 meters
to 30. So the band has narrowed somewhat and the
falloff is likely steeper once the weapon enters midrange. The minimum damage has climbed from 15 to
16.7, and the maximum damage has — I think — decreased from 30 to 25. I’m not exactly sure as DICE has a pretty
obvious typo here in their forum post. So those are the changes that have been shared
from the upcoming alpha. At face value I’m not happy about the increased
ammo and alterations specifically to the StG44’s time-to-kill. But if I think about this as a big experiment
— it makes sense. In game design, you don’t want to make tiny
changes because if you do, you might not see any results from your changes. A lot of people complained specifically about
the StG44 in the previous alpha. So they made a change to it — a big change. If people complain harshly about their change,
well obviously there was an effect. If people say it’s great — mission accomplished
then, I guess. It’s important to remember that nothing
is final. This is an alpha for a reason and it’s important
to test and give feedback. A lot of the wilder changes in the Battlefield
CTE never made it onto the live product because the developers had a good feedback chain with
the players there. I’m going to look at this the same way — even
if I’m not super excited about some of these changes. We try them out, we give feedback, and we
move along. I think though, if I had to be surprised by
any of the balance changes, it’s that the vehicles were completely left out of this. Maybe that’s an accidental omission, but
we’ll certainly find out day one if vehicles were touched or not. It certainly won’t take long to figure out
if airplanes were changed, as if they are still hot garbage then we’ll know pretty
fast. As for tanks, that will be a bit harder to
discover. Though, again, I’m kind of surprised that
no changes were made to the volume of rockets that players get — as that seems to be the
tank’s number one problem right now. But, this does seem like an infantry focused
test, so not touching those things and leaving them relatively lackluster might be a smart
move. Remember how I talked about last week how
Battlefield players really mark infantry combat as of prime importance? Well it seems that DICE is of the same mindset
— so they’re looking to get that tuned and good first. Like I mentioned in that video, I certainly
hope that they don’t forget that vehicle combat is also very important. But we shall see when the second stage alpha
arrives next Tuesday. That’s it for this video on the Battlefield
V alpha update. If there’s anything you want me to look
at particularly closely next week for the Alpha, let me know in the comments below. My time with the alpha is going to have to
be cut a little short as I’m out of town next weekend for a friend’s wedding. But I will try to get as much as I can in
the time that DICE allows. If you liked this video, please be sure to
force choke that like button. And as always, thanks for watching and I’ll
see you next time, YouTube.

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