Battlefield V – Single-Player Review

(dramatic music) – [Dan] Welcome, Battlefield fans. This year, we’ve broken up
the Battlefield V review into its single-player
and multiplayer components to give fans of each style of play a better idea of what’s up. This review covers only
the single-player mode, with our multiplayer review and overall Battlefield V
review coming separately. Refreshing, Battlefield V’s
set of two-hour campaigns are more than just short tutorials for the multiplayer systems. They take you through a
diverse set of locations, and the short war stories that
accompany them are well done. I’d just love to have
seen them make better use of Battlefield’s awesome
set of tools and toys to put us in the middle of
a full-scale war more often. This is a run-and-gun shooter, where the health is regenerating and the weapons and ammo are plentiful. As a result, whenever the action heats up, the pace is generally as fast as the explosions are spectacularly loud. (explosion) So it’s an odd design choice by DICE that after a brief intro, two
out of the three campaigns have you fighting almost
entirely on your own, emphasize the just okay stealth gameplay, and keep you on foot so much of the time. The first campaign, Under No Flag, stars a young delinquent
recruited by a gruff veteran to join Britain’s special boat service, which, as it turns out, has
very little to do with boats. Their sabotage mission to North Africa begins fairly linear and straightforward, but it finds its footing
with a wide-open map where you have the freedom
to choose your targets and even hop on a plane. It has a very Far Cry feel to it. And even if the AI and
enemy variety aren’t great, it’s loop of tagging targets,
thinning the herd with stealth and then finishing the
job with machine gun fire works for similar reasons. The second campaign, Nordlys, sends us to a Nazi-occupied Norway in the clogs of a young
female resistance fighter who, I kid you not, kills enemies
by throwing knives at them while she zooms by on skis. Those knives do make stealth
much easier to get away with, and the skis get much more fun and useful in her second to last mission,
which again opens things up and lets you choose your targets. In a boost to gameplay variety, Nordlys makes use of the weather to force you to warm yourself
at a fire every so often to keep from freezing to death. I wouldn’t have wanted
this mechanic to go on any longer than it did
though, since patience, stealth kills, and time
limits don’t mix well. I had a harder time getting
interested in this character, in part because it’s
hard to read subtitles for Norwegian voice acting
when you’re being shot at, but also because her
motivations and origins are so straightforward. The third campaign,
Tirailleur, is by far the best, for two reasons. The first is its story, which deftly handles
its commentary on racism during the liberation of France by making it the motivation
for its protagonist. But it’s more universal
statement on the human costs of bravely and ambition
takes center stage. History, it says, does
not always favor the bold. Second, Tirailleur is the only campaign that makes me feel like
I’m an important part of an army in a war, rather
than a superpowered Rambo. Right from the start, you fight
alongside your fellow troops and their presence
makes the whole scenario feel much more plausible. These battles are large-scale, and even though you never get
to drive or fly any vehicles, we do get to see the spectacular sights of a battle raging across the map. This is clearly what
Battlefield is best at. Replayability in the
campaign missions comes from scattered collectibles and
achievement-style challenges, which gives you something to do besides the path of least resistance. It should be noted that
the campaign screen has a spot held open for The Last Tiger, which at some point in the near future will let us play as a non-Nazi German conscripted into a tank crew. (gunfire) Battlefield V’s single-player campaigns have a heavy reliance on stealth that doesn’t always play
to the series’ strengths, but they do tell some poignant stories and deliver great looking
and sounding gunplay and explosive battles. A lack of enemy variety or consistent AI makes it feel a little whack-a-mole in the more linear segments until it opens up and
gives you some options for how you want to tackle its objectives. For more on Battlefield V, check out the first 15
minutes of gameplay, and stay tuned for our multiplayer review and overall review score.

100 thoughts on “Battlefield V – Single-Player Review

  1. You know what's also an odd design choice? Having a 2 hour long single player mode get a separate video review when it would easily fit inside the multiplayer review.

  2. Fine if they can't make the world war 2 games I used to love can we at least get a remaster for all the old COD ww2 games and medal of Honor. They were the best back in the day. All I want is that

  3. man i really want an openworld singleplayer(offline)war game that looks like this battlefield every war games is multiplayer game these days

  4. if you're giving it same score, why bother separate them? Oh, maybe someone point out that if you do that it wouldn't be fair to Black op?
    Where 0 is score for campaign?

  5. Anybody here can't stop themselves messing up while on towns in Red Dead 2? It starts with a bump, next thing I knew I'm having a shootout with cops.

  6. I wish battlefield series never get some offline mode like skirmish or arcade, that pissed me off…. Battlefront already have that, what a lazy developer…

  7. Lol i feel so weird because the situations of the rainbow six siege in realistic mode was more fun than the battlefield 1 campeign just saying….

  8. I'm not one to get picky about graphics but look at the graphic pop outs when the truck gets blown up around the 1:40 mark, and whenever dudes get killed their body animations jolt, it's like a nod back to the PS2 days, looks very cheap

  9. Exactly! Omaha Beach? Blitzkrieg? Invasion of Russian? Stalingrad?Japan? Pearl Harbor? Italy? Africa campaigns? They could have picked some great battles for the missions. The ones they have are not bad, but for WW2 it is a disappointment in my opinion.

  10. Okay so I bought this today. This game seems unpolished, unlike bf1 which felt tight and crisp since the day of release. Conquest rounds are shorter.Bf1 is sooo much more fun in my opinion.. I'm gonna keep playing bf1 probably.

  11. I appreciate that you guys take the time to give an in-depth review, but splitting them up pisses me off. Also, your app won’t play videos properly, and that makes me look elsewhere even though I don’t want to

  12. Ign deleted my original comment so ill repost yall are an awful company and need to stop splitting reviews for clicks, you corrupt website

  13. lol makes 3 videos on one game. claims it to "to give players of each an idea…." noonon. the first priority of business once it's been established for the rest of it's existance. is make more money.

  14. Campaign is garbage so far it’s annoying the recoil for almost all guns is soooo bad yet a German soldier can land perfect shots from you across the map with the same weapon

  15. This should be called campaign mode review, becsuse not all campaign modes are single player and may have Co-Op. Also, you point out that the lack of boats for the SBS character. The SBS is is essentially the naval version of the SAS, something akin to the Navy Seals of the time. You wouldn't talk about a lack of boats in a Navy Seal campaign, as missions tend to be ob land, so why point it out here.

  16. I hate it how games now take the bloodiest conflict in human history as something very fun and they don t teach a lesson. A historically accurate game respects those who fought in ww2

  17. Campaign for me is bit disappointing wish we had a full fledged campaign. I don’t like how they section of the campaign into sub campaigns not a fan

  18. To be fair there was a lot of female resistance fighters and spies during ww2. Even an American spy that was in Germany that had a prosthetic leg. She got caught and went out shooting. I really don’t understand half of the dumbass comments about it not being accurate, but I guess gamers are dumb

  19. Eveyone in EA thinks WW2 never happened and its all a fictional thing that was made into movies, tv series and vide games. So they decided to create they’re own history version of it.

  20. don't buy this game Battlefield 5 is too glitchy too much frame rate Poppins too many issues too many ghosting you won't enjoy this game objects float around in the game guns float around in the game anybody who don't talk about the frame rate issue no the stuttering and lagging this game is lying to you they got too many of that for this game to even give this game a one star this game gets a zero this game gets two thumbs down !👎👎

  21. It may not be a battlefield campaign that we want but it never ceases to amaze me how everything is literally shat on these days even for the most smallest things. I was expecting something a whole helluva lot worse than what I played the way people were going on about what they didnt like about it. I'm so glad I actually play the games instead of listening to everyone's personal gripes that profess to ruin the game. My only regret is I bought it a week ago and today its advertised in Target's across America for $30. You having nothing to gripe about!

  22. COD 2 is the best WW2 game i have played with a proper long single player mode.
    This game is so intense that u will either keep running or shooting most of the time

  23. Campaign missions were boring. It's incredibly short and has tons of cut-scenes. I'm longing for missions like from the first medal of honor or call of duty 1. Where each missions takes a while to complete without cut-scenes.

  24. Ok so soon we will be able to download chapter 4 and play as a German tank crew? hey if it's 2 hrs long like each of the other 3 chapters that would be sick!

  25. 2 hours per chapter "having 3" that's 6 hours gameplay b4 chapter 4 whitch should make it 8 hours…..thats better than battlefield 1 whitch I swear I finished in 4 hours lol

  26. I miss the days when battlefeild had a great storymode. Battlefeild 3 was the last decent one. My favorite that i wish they would bring back is the cheractors in battlefeild 2.

  27. if I get around to it I will probably think of it as a Wolfenstein deal when it comes to historical accuracy for my own health.

  28. White women were the only group of people allowed to vote without going to war or "serving" all little boys with their "toxic masculinity" had to …which is ironic white women is the one being praised

  29. played it on hard mode. the intro was great, i had great expectations…but after 1st mission i uninstalled it…it still dumb enemies, repetitive missions, low AI, low AI, low AI…no wonder battle royale games are gaining their reputations, people love the challenge. i truly think if the story is not that great, or the mechanic is unique, company wont sell any single player games after this (fps games pov)…

  30. Seems a useless game to be for single player oriented gamers. Even in bargain bin makes no sense to purchase that …. Sigh!


    In the "war histories" i was expecting something more epic and like the battle of poland playing as a Polish soldier and then as a Polish resistance member later on, or something with more action like dogfights in the battle of Britain where we take control of a british pilot shooting down HE-111s or BF-109s with German Aces.

    But no, instead we just play with unmemorable and unnecesary characters

    (except the last tiger Part which is cool, dont get me wrong i personally loved it)

    The War stories could had more missions like defending the Motherland in the U.S.S.R against the infamous german Blitzkrieg or defending a Boeing B-17 Bomber against german fighters in Bomber raids. That would have been brilliant you know?

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