Battlefield V – This is Battlefield 5 | PS4

Welcome to Battlefield 5. This is World War 2 like you’ve
never seen or played before. Multiplayer,
Single-player, Battle Royale, and our new post-launch journey
for all players, Tides of War, that will keep you
and your squad playing well into the future. Multiplayer will deliver all-out
warfare with unrivaled intensity and scale across
eight multiplayer modes. Fan favorites like Frontline and
Conquest return loaded with new options to
increase tactical gameplay. Then there’s Ground Operations,
inspired by historical battles, spanning multiple maps and modes
across up to four in-game days. Parachute into the middle
of a conflict in Airborne. Then establish a ford
front with Breakthrough. And make one last push
through to the final stand. But that’s not all. Welcome to Firestorm. We’ve reimagined battle royale
for Battlefield where 16 teams of 4 fight it out to become
the last squad standing on the largest Battlefield map ever, a sandbox filled with
destructible buildings, weaponry and vehicles. This is royale done
the Battlefield way. All of this multiplayer mayhem
takes place in the era where it all began for us at
Dice, World War II. At launch you will fight in
eight unexplored settings of mankind’s greatest conflict. Take part in one of the biggest
tank battles in human history in North Africa. Airdrop into the
freezing landscapes of Norway. Engage in brutal close-quarter
combat along the bridges and canals of Rotterdam. And join the struggle in the
fields and marshlands of the French countryside, opening up all-new
only-in-Battlefield modes. It’s not only about what
and where you’ll play, but how. We’ve added all-new core
gameplay changes to the classic Battlefield formula. Deeper squad play. Fluid player movement. Better gun mechanics. More ways for you
to not only destroy but also build your
surroundings. Your squad is more
important than ever. Stay close. Communicate and coordinate
to take down your enemies and play the objective. Call in various reinforcements
to turn the tide of the battle. From a V1 rocket
to supply drops, the mighty Crocodile, a
devastating flame-throwing tank. Movement has been revamped to
give you unprecedented ability. Back peddle while firing whether
your upright or on your back so you always stay in the fight. Jump and smash through windows. Send grenades back
from where they came or shoot them out of midair. Sprint while crouching
to avoid sniper fire, moving faster cover to cover. Seek out new terrain or slide sideways into
a room to surprise the enemy. In Battlefield 5 gun play has
been reengineered to provide greater control and precision. Master weapons with
more predictable recoil and spray patterns. Destruction is now
more dynamic than ever. Blowing up a house from the
inside cracks walls and sends debris flying outwards. Can’t flush the enemy out? Keep firing and rip through
walls with high-caliber rounds or take a tank right through
the building and destroy it. Just as important as
destruction, will be building. Shape and reshape the
battlefield with a new fortification system. Every soldier is equipped
with a toolbox and can build fortifications
in specific areas. Dig fox holes,
lay down sandbags, build bridges, barbed
wire, tanks and more. Reinforce buildings
that have been destroyed. Create choke points
to gain the advantage. Even open up new
routes to flank opponents. In Single-player,
the anthology format, War Stories, makes a
triumphant return. Experience untold
stories of World War II. In Nordlys, set during the
German occupation of Norway, a young Resistance member fights
not only for her country’s liberation, but for
her family’s survival. And within Under No Flag, a
young British criminal has the chance to use his unique sets
of skills behind enemy lines in North Africa. These are just a few examples
of the unheard stories that Battlefield 5 has to offer. And launch will
only be the beginning. With the Tides of War, we’re
taking you on a free journey through World War II, open to
all Battlefield 5 players. No more premium pass. And it all starts right after
launch with our first theme chapter, The Fall of Europe. Drop into the European
fronts of France, spanning several months, filled with events and new
content daily and weekly. With new ways to play, you’ll
constantly adapt your company with new weapons,
gadgets, fortifications, and combat roles. Then in early 2019, Chapter 2
will see the Resistance rise up to take on the Axis threat and the debut of a
new location in Greece. In future chapters, you’ll venture further
into World War II, heading into new theaters of war
and an evolving Battlefield 5. And most importantly, this is
a journey that everyone will embark on together that
keeps getting bigger and bigger. And join us when Battlefield 5
launches in a few short months on November 20th. This is Battlefield 5.

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  1. There's too much negativity about this game. I don't know about you guys but I'm getting it. I don't care and it doesn't matter what youtubers say about this game. It looks awesome and cool to play.

  2. If you are gonna include women, why not include Russian women? You know? The ones that actually fought in the war?

  3. 0:08 “BFV a WWII you’ve never seen before”
    Yeah especially after seeing a semi transgender with 15 different sexual options

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  5. no recomiendo el ps4 ni en esta vida ni en la otra ……. amigos gamers comprensen una pc!!! el play station network es una porqueria!!!! hubiera sabido todo esto no hubiese adquirido esa chatarra!!!

  6. Lovely game i have it and so far is great no matter what other people say negative about it. Gold job guys! Thanks! 👍

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