Battlefield V Trailer (2018) PS4, Xbox One, PC Game

[XBOX SOUND] [MUFFLED VOICES] Find cover! [EXPLOSION] Bloody move! [GUN SHOTS] Get out of here! [EXPLOSION] [GUN SHOTS] Go! Now! [GUN SHOTS] Give me first aid! Oh, sorry! [TANK ENGINE] [BROKEN GLASS] ‘ello old friend! You’re fucked! On your feet! Here we go! [BATTLEFIELD MUSIC PLAYS ON THE RADIO] [GUN SHOTS] [PLANE ENGINE] [EXPLOSION] [PLANE CRASH] Oh Gott! [GUN COCKING] There’s some ammo! Right there! [GUN SHOTS] Watch it, grenade! I got your back! [GUN SHOTS AND EXPLOSIONS] That’s a rocket! [EXPLOSION] [MUFFLED PAIN SOUND] Shhh! Fuck it! ‘ello old friend! [BATTLEFIELD THEME] [XBOX SOUND] Games play best on Xbox One

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