Battlefield V Update – Chapter 1: Overture | PS4


100 thoughts on “Battlefield V Update – Chapter 1: Overture | PS4

  1. When everyone was asking for WW2 so they gave us BF1 with WW1. Now everyone wants either Bad company 3 or some modern BF game like 3 and 4, but instead we get WW2 social justice edition

  2. boohoo female soldiers in a game. I'm going to play a REAL man's game, a cartoonish and colorful game where WHACKY skins are way overpriced and also have WHACKY overpriced pickaxes.
    Edit: It also has furries too!

  3. Women didnt fight in ww2 so the game feels fake and broken and not immersive at all.. just lame and useless

  4. From what I see this game is going to update frequently n I’m cool with that I bought it 2 days ago I like it but there’s just something missing… besides the sweet spot being gone the sound of the headshot is what I really miss.

  5. "RDR2 is better." Could potentially be said about every other release this year, but one's a Western Outlaw Sim and the other is a Massive Team FPS. They're not even comparable.
    "2 years free of playing EA games." … and 0 days since no longer watching/following current Battlefield content. If you're so "clean," you wouldn't bother listening to anything Battlefield posts.
    "Not historically accurate." Every Battlefield game ever has been fictional conflicts based on historical battles or current events with the exception of Hardline which was Cops and Robbers. They're not selling history textbooks or your alternative to Social Studies 101; it's a freaking video game. "Oh look at me, I'm hopping out of my plane, sniping another pilot mid-air, then hopping back into HIS plane and continuing to fly off. JUST LIKE REEL LYFE!"

    You wonder why DICE and EA don't listen to or ignore your complaints because you think your arguments have no counter-argument. The fundamentals of your arguments have more flaws than the game itself.

  6. The best Battlefield since Bad Company imo. Really love the emphasis on squads, really helps balance the game overall.

  7. In my opinion…battlefield v's Battle Royal mode when released will make waves in the gaming community/Industry….Change is coming.

  8. The game is holding up well in terms of game play, I had at least about four "Battlefield" moments already. One consisting of a double headshot, was a thing of beauty I swear.

  9. Ну спасибо, что хоть за перебежчиков играть. Ну всё равно не буду покупать, даже если и советскую армию добавят.

  10. Everyone's Battlefield…am I right Battlefield Fans?…
    *Battlefield Vagina's sales drops 60%*

  11. Значит у этого фашиста, допустим в 1941 году, было всё нормально. А как в 1944-м начали огребать по полной, так сразу: "Майн гот!". Хитрый фриц, ничего не скажешь.

  12. As the battle ends, the bodies pile, the stench of blood and gunpowder fills the air and the battlefield falls quiet. . .
    An old voice can be heard echoing, repeating, louder and louder:


  13. lol so they cut this out of the game and put it 2 weeks after to claim "free dlc"? They seriously keep finding ways to make me hate them…

  14. Dont care about drama. Still going to enjoy my games. Including this one. Its pretty intense. Keep swapping between this. BO4, FORTNITE, GT, SPIDERMAN

  15. You have to play as a straight white male huh? That's pretty racist and sexist, he better be transgender or I'm pepper spraying the employees of the nearest Starbucks.

  16. I've tried this "Last Tiger" mission 3 times and it's completely froze my ps4 pro 3 times!!!!
    Surely I can't be the only one experiencing this problem?!?!

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