Battlefield V: Which Vehicle Should I Pick?

Battlefield V has a ton of different vehicle options available to players who want to experience intense mechanized warfare. In Battlefield V, you select and customize your airplanes and armored vehicles in your Company. Each side has their own unique vehicles, so make sure to explore those from both the Axis and Allied factions. As you progress in BFV, you’ll unlock new vehicles – and the more you use those vehicles, the more specializations you’ll unlock. These Specializations can be equipped by selecting your desired vehicle slot from the Company menu. There’s no “best” vehicle in Battlefield V, but all play quite differently. For armored vehicles in Battlefield V, there are three primary types, light, medium and heavy. If you favor speed over armor, try out the German Panzer 38(t). It’s great for supporting infantry, but struggles against heavier armor. As you level up the tank, you can unlock a rapid fire 20mm autocannon to make quick work of enemy soldiers. If you’re on the British side, you can always choose the reliable Valentine. This tank packs a punch and has pretty robust armor. It’s a great multirole tank for combating enemy armor or halting infantry attacks. An interesting specialization equips the snake mine-clearing charges which create an explosion in front of the tank. In the skies above the Battlefield, there are also plenty of choices for aircraft – including fighters, dive-bombers, and conventional bombers. My favorite German aircraft so far is the BF-109 G-2. Fast and maneuverable, the BF-109 is suitable as a fighter and ground attack aircraft. To get a leg-up on airborne enemies, unlock the radar package to keep a close eye on your six. For the British, the Blenheim Bomber is great for players who want to support the assault on an objective. Capable of pin-point bombing runs, the Blenheim can be turned into a capable fighter with the specialization mounting four additional light machine guns below the nose. However you want to specialize your vehicles in Battlefield V, there’s no shortage of choices. Take the time to examine each vehicle’s specialization tree before selecting a new ability to make sure it leads to the abilities you want further down the road. If you make a mistake, no worries. You can always reset your vehicle specialization choices. For more Battlefield V videos, visit, and as always, thanks for watching.

63 thoughts on “Battlefield V: Which Vehicle Should I Pick?

  1. Panzerfaust should be nerf. They are too strong. Assault know has anti-tank grenade, 3 dynamite and 3 Panzerfauls.
    One Assault can easly kill big Tiger tank. I must add that everyone wants to kill tanks. They can flak all map and have one mission. Your death. So tanks are now very difficult to play. Espacially light tanks.

  2. I'm getting Deluxe Edition for PS4 tonight! I want to fully upgrade the JU-88 and equip it with gun pods so it has 12 forward facing machine guns!!!

  3. Hey flak could you make a video about airplanes ? Everytime I spawn in a plane I don't have a clue what to do. And there really is no training 😛

  4. I can’t wait to Crew a Valentine, it’s such a iconic vehicle. What do you think overall of the Valentine Flackfire?

  5. I would like to see the T-34 tank with flamethrower as squad reinforcement when the Red Army were added into the game thru Tides of War

  6. Anyone else at least slightly triggered by the fact that instead of putting a Crusader AA in game Dice just cut corners and tossed its turret on a Valentine?

  7. For the German tanks, only use the Tiger, the panzer 38t is only useful in Hamada because it's open, but if you have two assault players with panzerfausts doing a volley fire on you, you're done for, the Panzer IV is better but this 25 ton vehicle feels weightless, you will constantly bounce around on every Fanta on the map, also I expected the short gun to have a lot of splash damage, as it was made in the mind of taking out infantry but apparently it doesn't, and I believe you may be able to survive a volley fire due to the auto quick repair but almost always they have dynamite, The Tiger is the best of them all, while it's slow and not going to be able to get into the fight in a minutes notice when it does it's an absolute terror, it has more splash damage then the rest and on Aerodrome I find myself almost always shooting at the main hangar with my cannon, because I'm at a range where Panzerfausts aren't effective and the gun is high velocity and has range, often I find myself going up against Tanks like the Valentine and the Churchill and I believe that Dice has taken a bit more to realism as I'm sure that the Churchill gun isn't as powerful as my 88, I can take them out in 4 to 5 hits while they take 6 to 7, plus I have the range on them, Valentines are easy to take out, often I see them turning sideways to escape so I just destroy the tracks and their puny little gun can do whatever it wants, It won't survive, and since its slow its much more controllable and feels a lot more heavy, and it could also have a shot at much more built up areas as it's armor and quick repair can survive, being a Tiger commander in the thick of the fighting feels amazing, haven't gone up against any Churchill TDs yet

  8. I love your videos man best Battlefield YouTuber out there! Anyways for tanks I personally love to use the medium panzer tank. It's pretty versatile and it has speed strength and firepower all in one. But I'll admit rolling around in a Tiger is a bad ass feeling but idk I always stay away from the popular choice haha. Also for the air I loved the BF 109 in the beta but I think the spitfire with the 8 fast firing machine guns I think it is and the two wing mounted bombs (idk all the names especially rn at 3am lmfao) won me over because I can tear up anything in the sky and then turn right around and drop two bombs. I haven't done well accuracy wise with them on lone soldiers or tanks but if you know there is a building with troops in it you can garuntee you'll get a kill because their destruction is amazing. Also strafing isn't bad either. Although the other spitfire variation is really good too if you get the dual 50cals because those things will eat any plane in it's path and then you can switch to the auto cannons and destroy bombers with ease as well as strafe with them effectively. Personally I like a challenge and prefer the bombs on my spitfire but if you want do dominate the skies as well as get good strafe kills the second spitfire is the one for you. Great video though keep them coming!

  9. i find that currently the tanks are underperforming, tankshells do to little damage vs infantry, its not stated anywhere but assuming the main ammotype is High Explosive which should kill infantry easily. Even hitting half a meter next to an enemy doesnt kill it. Only hitting the body will oneshot kill someone, and 3rd person aim is broken since your shells always hit lower.

  10. Flak: congrats on reaching and exceeding 100K subs! Well deserved! You're a very informative vid poster and take the time to research your topics. Keep up the great work!

  11. wait so the vehicles on each side axis and allies are unique?. no more reskins?. but would that be unbalanced?. which i am ok with though.

  12. Question, when you are at the map overview, it will show vehicles (trucks) at the base to spawn but you cannot select them. I spawn at the base and they aren't there. Can someone explain to me how it works? Are those vehicle icons just representative of how many COULD spawn there?

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