Battlefield V(5) (PS4/Xbox One) Unboxing!!

hey guys welcome back for another
unboxing with popngames, in this video we will be unboxing battlefield
5 for the ps4 and the Xbox one and on the front cover right here you can see
this lady with a gun I believe it’s a lady right yep and we can see that the
game is rated M for Mature and it’s developed and/or published by dice and
EA. moving on to the spines actually I should mention it says here requires
Xbox Live Gold membership and these three things which we will see again on
the back about 4k Ultra HD HDR and Xbox 1x enhanced on the Xbox one and anyway
onto the spines we see a continuation of the front cover art on the ps4 copy a
grey spine on the Xbox one and the EA logo on both of them. from the tops we
can tell the both of these are y-fold copies and onto the backs, it says enter
mankind’s greatest conflict world war 2 as you’ve never seen it before. on the
ps4 copy we have this accolade it says winner best online multiplayer and that
is Game Critics award best of e3 2018 64 player multiplayer across the tides
of war battlefields biggest battles yet grand operations untold war stories down
to the play modes on the Xbox one this game is Xbox 1x enhanced 4k Ultra HD
high dynamic range and Xbox single-player Xbox Live multiplayer 8 to
64 players Xbox Live co-op multiplayer 2 to 4 players
50 gigabytes storage minimum on the ps4 and single-player 50 gigabyte minimum as
well 2 to 64 players DualShock 4 compatible online play is optional and
ps4 pro enhanced and the game is rated M due to blood strong violence excuse me
strong language and violence it also says in-game purchases and users
interact. let’s go ahead and open these up all right one second okay so starting
with the ps4 copy we have the game disc there on the right with the same image
as the front cover and here on the left it says conquer the entire Great War
battlefield one revolution and there’s the rating and on the back of this an
advertisement for battlefield 4 modern military all-out war and there’s
the rating for that as well now for the Xbox one copy we see the game disk on
the left hand side and we actually have something different here it says EA
access play the best of EA on Xbox one with EA access and here are three titles
battlefield 1 battlefield 1943 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 and let’s see
what we have on the back of this we just have the same battlefield 4
advertisement alright guys and that will do it for this unboxing a battlefield 5
for the ps4 and the Xbox one, as always thank you guys for staying tuned to
popngames for these unboxings and if you enjoyed this one you can let us know
by liking commenting and subscribing thanks for watching bye bye

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