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  1. Mặc dù việt nam là nước lạc hậu từ xa xưa .. nhưng chính cái lạc hậu và nổ lực đó mà tất cả các nước đều phải sợ và nể bởi những kỳ tích mà họ không thể tưởng tượng dc ! Vì thế việt nam có quân đội .. dc gọi là quân đội nhân dân .. Tại sao lính mỷ và lính pháp có áo giáp và nón cối tại sao lại thua quân đội nhân dân ko có mảnh giáp nào 😀 ! Tôi yêu người việt nam !

  2. Khi mỹ rút lui khỏi VnN không chi viện nữa mới thua thôi .Xem tới phần 11 sẽ hiểu Mỹ ném bom các thành phố ngoài Bắc ,buộc bắc việt phải ngồi vào bàn đàm phán.Với lại mỹ phải chịu áp lực từ quốc tế nữa nên không đưa quân trực tiếp tấn công được

  3. Không có gì quý hỏn Độc Lập Tự Do , Việt Nam bây giò không bị chia đôi ,Cám on các lóp cha , anh , đã ngã xuống .

  4. По америчким мерилима свака интервенција има оправдање.Логока је следећа:Потукао се неки народ и треба интервенисати.Ако се ставимо на страну јачег сукоб ће кратко трајати и нећемо имати неку корист.Али ако се ставимо на страну слабијег онда ће наша помоћ имати већег ефекта.

  5. French are arrogant and severely under estimated the Vietnamese resolve. if the treated the Vietnamese as a equal enemy, then maybe they wouldnt have made so many silly avoidable mistakes.

  6. another war that should have never happened. Our government lied about the gulf of tonkin just to go to war and it cost us thousands of american lifes. 

  7. unlike all the pecker naysayers my gran dad was there…..when his country called he answered unlike the wimps that post uselessly like they would be honorable at all…liberals suck. get some peter smoochers

  8. The largest shame of this war in my opinion, of course other than human life was the loss of america! A lot of people do not fully understand history and the chain of events. Viet nam was an ally! After world war one Viet nam was demanding independence and they had every right to it. They where fighting the same imperialistic power america fought for its independence and that's why our body politic aligned with the Vietnamese people. The human spirit and thirst for freedom can not be defeated! Just as the British arrogance learned the hard way Americans learned the same lesson they taught Britain. You can not conquer the human spirit. The Vietnamese didn't fight for communism but freedom! They where forced into labor and there land was being exploited by the French for rubber. Much more to it of course but that is the jest. After world war two the major powers decided the French would get Viet nam back. Think about how arrogant that is. Kick out the Japanese the so called Jap's and then put the French in charge. Roosevelt would never have approved that! But Truman was weak and america shifted its body politic to imperialistic rule. Eisenhower could only think of communism conquering the world! We traded our beliefs for safety! When we should have continued to stand on principal and the Vietnamese communist or not would have never even been a problem for america. It was such paranoia! Now today it goes on and on, country after country! No world peace! Why? Because we don't think as one human with pursuit of liberty and justice for all! We all think racist, nationalist, only about ourselves! World peace will come when people begin to fight for what's right not what color your skin is or what religion you believe in but for freedom and liberty for everyone on earth! Fuck America! And that's satire if you don't understand it! America isn't a place its an idea and when we regain it we can be that shining star on the hill. The truth is every human being on earth just wants to free!

  9. He cai thang cho chet sao vang ,dam congsan tui may som muon cung bi lat do nhu tui pol pot thoi …SATCONG ….KILL VC …..

  10. No doubt this is the best documentary series ever produced about Vietnam War, and I am grateful to honorable Sao Vang for sharing it with all of us.

    Nevertheless, I think it is about time that these two impressive Republics which were so ferocious enemies at that time, Vietnam and USA, now should produce together some new edition of documentaries on the same issue.
    I can suppose they should be from historical, social, political and military point of view, certainly more thorough and accurate. I am convinced that the intensity and relevance of that struggle, as well as the human sacrifice involved, deserve worldwide remembrance and a new approach.

    Forever respect and admiration towards the Republic of Vietnam!

  11. Just like the Americans that came after them, the French were underestimated the will power of the Vietnamese, had no understanding of their thousand years of history of fighting and defeating the invaders, their love of independence and liberty, and their never surrender/hard headed mentality. I'm very proud to carry that Viet blood through my veins.

    Cung nhu nhung nguoi My den sau ho, nguoi Phap da danh gia thap suc manh y chi cua nguoi Viet Nam, khong co su hieu biet ve ngan nam lich su chien dau chong ngoai xam cua ho, tinh yeu doc lap tu do nong nan cua ho, va cai tam ly khong khuat phuc va cung dau cua ho. Toi rat hanh dien mang giong mau Viet trong tinh mach cua toi.

  12. I agree this is a great series but my favorite UTune doc. about Vietnam is, Vietnam, A Television history. I like this series for weapons and tactics. Proud to have served but sad we were on the wrong side of history. C 4/3 11th LIB Americal div. 1968.

  13. Did you also know that the war with USA was a lie, the the attack at the bay of tonkin never happened, just USA reason to go to war… god i hate my government. its all lies.

  14. So dad Vince, but so true.  The American Government sos full of lies and corruption. and controlled by War Criminal and SuperNational  Warmonngering corporations. Cia and us government , never a bit of truth coming out of them and sending patriotic and gullible young soldiers to die for their greedy power grabs. SO DISGUSTING.

  15. Oh man! This documentary series is great! This is exactly what I look for when it comes to documentaries and they are pretty much the only kind of film I watch which says a lot. Thanks for uploading this excellent material!

  16. Communist propaganda….NEVER FORGET FREEDOM IS NOT FREE,IT IS PAID FOR WITH THE BLOOD OF THOSE THAT FOUGHT YOUR BATTLES FOR YOU. The ultimate lesson from this war is that also freedom is never guaranteed,sometimes it takes everything you got and a few good generals.

  17. Well we baled on HoCeMen and let the French come back .They war just as bad as the Japanese troops which used to help fight the vetmin troops. What a mess

  18. French imperialism was epic fail. Unlike pre WWII era, an indigenous military actually manage to kick European imperialists asses

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