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  1. we should have bombed hanoi and been more aggressive by pushing further into nv. cant kill a weed by cutting the leaves

  2. @DarkEagle99
    I figure the real reason we lost was the
    unpopularity of the war with our people;
    Our soldiers fought well but couldn't get
    the needed backup from Washington.
    Nixon said he wanted Peace with honor.
    Thanks to punks like SDS,we got peace
    with disgrace !!!!!!!

  3. One reason was the draft resisters who far outnumbered the anti war people, but saw the cause as a way to voice their disaspproval of being drafted. That caused a huge growth in the antiwar movement. Note very little anti war movements since the draft was ended. 2nd was the gross mismanagement of the war from its begining from Johnson and McNamera. By the time Nixon was elected it was too late. The military was blamed and the soldiers were shafted by the US public and even the government.

  4. Not enough soldiers to do that. Even if they could it would be easy for the NVA to attack each ridge or hilltop individually until they were all eliminated. Search and destory was not a bad tactic and it relied heavily on recon and other sources of intel in determining where to search. The real problem was in the strategy used by Johnson and McNamera in placing so many restrictions on how the war could be fought. It doomed the soldiers from winning from the very beginning.

  5. @Gerry301
    My take on it is we didn't have the hearts of the South Vietnamese: it's like what do we care who conquers us as long as they have slanty eyes like us

  6. viet nam never needed to have happened,before ho chi mihn went to the russians and chinese for aid he went to the americans who turned him down

  7. You are absolutely right. Ho Chi Minh at first wanted the US to support and was keen on US.If by that time, US supported Ho Chi Minh, the VW would have not happened.May call that is the mistake of US in Indochina. A meaningless war for the American people. As you see today, Vietnam is pro US , Vietnamese people likes US values. From Rock to Movies, from Education to Science. We , Vietnamese do not like Chinese at all. We need independence and good relation with the West.

  8. Americans don't like leaders with intelligence, they prefer puppets that sell out their own people for their gain

  9. Vietnam is what happens when America tries to go to war without British support. Total failure. That's why when the British told them to go stuff themselves over their Syria adventure, Obama's balls suddenly shrank, and he crawled away with his tail between his legs.

  10. Uh, wrong. That is your anti-Americanism at work. Obama asked congress for authorization to use force instead of what his predecessor, Bush, by starting two ground wars in the Middle East. Can't blame Obama, considering the American people are tired from wars after starting two in the previous administration.

    Pretty sure your autism and ego can't handle that.

  11. In my mind the Americans did not diversify their tactics enough. They became predictable. Also the VC adapted very fast.

    The Americans were also very predictable in the second world war. The tactics of the US have always leaned on superior firepower. This tactic does not guarantee succes

  12. ap than  toi  I was three days old  .my war would come in the middle east. . but I saw the war on tv. just made my hatred for aisians all the more. got more fried rice???????

  13. thanks for uploading,these documentaries are some of the best I have ever seen on the Vietnam war. I mean war sucks and the ones who fight have more in common with the ones they fight then the ones who sent them to fight. Maybe there is a lesson in there somewhere.

  14. Tongkin incident was stage-managed for seemingly having a legitimation for military combat, as we know thanks to the revelations of Daniel Ellsberg – he was the Snowden of his time, but differently to Snowden, not he had to flee to the russians but Nixon had to step down.

  15. Besides nearly 60K US troops killed in VN, more than 300K US troops were wounded in the war. The main reason for their being alive after the war is the fast and perfect medical cure of US army, which Vietnamese did not have. Most of Vietnamese troops were died of diseases rather than in combat.
    However, Vietnamese did not care how many US troops they had killed, they cared mainly about how many US men were eliminated in the war no matter were they wounded or killed.
    US made a very big mistake that they underestimated Vietnamese patriotism, which had been clearly proven in their war againts colonal French.

  16. Helicopter deployment was fast. Should have deployed first twenty guys with chainsaws and tractor and widen each LZ and land with big force. Also politically should have gone into Laos and Cambodia.

  17. Good to see an in depth documentary on a part of history that has had way too much of the ''Hollywood treatment'', thanks for uploading Sao!!!

  18. If the US government had listened to our people in China and Vietnam during the Second World War, we would have supported Mao instead of Chiang, who was more concerned with his own power than fighting the Japanese, the Korean War may not have happened, a friendly China may not have supported N Korea. Without Chinese bases, the Soviets couldn't have given the North air support. If the North still attached without Chinese support MacArthur would have over run North Korea.
    Same with Vietnam. Neither country is very friendly with the other and had armed conflict with each other more than once. Had we done right, we should have supported Ho in his claim of independence from French colonial rule which we supported. Maybe if Vietnam hadn't been partioned and a friendly relationship between the US and Vietnam everything that followed would be different. Instead the government went with the anti communist and look what that got us. I born in 65 and had 5 family members who are Vietnam vets. They kicked ass. They should be honored just like any other war veterans. Vietnamese are pretty damn tough too. You have to respect an enemy who will fight jets with whatever was available. I'm just sayin.

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