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  1. The US and the South Vietnam army should have gone after the commie bastards in the North and destroy them there…that is where the commies got their orders and supplies and most of the combat troops…cut off the snake's head and the snake will die…stupid politicians kept that from happening because they were cowards and afraid of the Chinese…they should have come and then be destroyed also.

  2. quân đội mỹ gửi quân vào miền nam việt nam để chiến đấu . thì trung quốc và liên xô cũng có thể gửi quân vào miền bắc việt nam . mày ngu lắm

  3. các bác đừng tin bọn này , cái này chỉ xem cho biết thui, thực tế trong chiến dịch này Việt Nam tháng lớn và đc coi là trận Điện Biên Phủ thứ 2, tiếc là ko bắt sống đc bọn này thôi, trong chiến dịch này Mỹ thiệt hại hơn 7000 quân ( theo thống kê của Mỹ) và 10000 quân ( theo thống kê của Viêt) sau trận này Mỹ đã Phải Phá hủy căn cứ, tháo chạy và bỏ lại khá nhiều khí tài hiện đại, những khí tài này đang đc trưng bày ở bảo tàng nào đấy em ko nhớ nữa. mẹ cái bọn làm Phim tài liệu mà cũng điêu

  4. du my bo roi viet nam luc cuoi nhung ho la nguoi vi dai da huy sinh that nhieu cho manh dat than yeu cua vn.deeply gratitude usa sodiers.

  5. i listened to your music on your playlist and was gona make fun of you about it, but its so bad that im not even gona consider that you listened to it once LoLHaHahHaHa

  6. there used to be a teacher at my highschool……. he apparently was a Khe sanh had a sever phobia of rats

  7. Has a war movie been made about Khe Sanh?
    I think I've seen every movie made that involved the Viet Nam war, but don't recall ever seeing anything done on this battle.
    It would be one hell of a movie to do…if it was done the right way….like on par with Apocalypse Now

  8. the hearts and minds  was a total bull shit .. if you would not rape and murder the local people . than they might have helped the usa 

  9. they put the marines in  the most dangerous place , close to the border , the navy wanted that part of the country , because navy  swabs would not die there ,, the navy hates the marines i think .

  10. Please allow me to share the truth to the worldwide and mark all of my words into the world's history for the next generations.
    Nobody deserves more respect and honor than The U.S. Soldiers who've sacrificed their lives to save millions of non-communists VN and the longest history of protecting freedom for millions worldwide…. Communism is evil and actually by communists VN themselves have filled everyday entire nation life with fear, violence, murder, executions, sickness, horrible suffering and the stench of starvation or death…. Communists VN stated repeatedly that The US invaded their country and therefore they had the right to fight back, but actually North VN had invaded South VN and with the support of the peasants in South VN, communists had the places to hide and take shelter… Communists come in and simply kill everyone that doesn't agree with them (hundreds of thousands of Catholics) so the government of South VN must ask The U.S for help and when The U.S. Troops enter South VN, there the millions Vietnamese were welcome The U.S. Troops and they put a circle of flowers around on the neck of each U.S Soldier ((as Vietnamese singer Mai Lệ Huyền has sung: Put around on your neck a circle of flowers = khoác lên ngực áo anh một vòng hoa))… Unfortunately when The U.S. Soldiers were trying to protect kids and send them to the safety place like bomb shelters is while the communists VN were using kids as the armors and sandbags to shield communists themselves from the bombs or bullets and when communists VN were trying to kill anyone who tries to escape from communism, is while The U.S. Soldiers were trying to save them ((as you have already seen in the music video of Kelly Clarkson – My Life Would Suck Without You, when Kelly is trying to kill the goldfish, is while that guy saves the goldfish))… and communists continued to kill us after The U.S. Troops have already pulled out of South VN for good in March 1973. Since 1975 communists VN have ruled over South VN, they have killed hundreds of thousands of young men of Former Republic of South VN in education improve camps, communists VN have also used their power to confiscate property, homes and even the heritage of Republic of South VN, discarding its people into the jungle and Cambodia to reclaiming wasteland, but they were killed in seemingly sly ways from the revenge of the local Cambodian, because communists VN had invaded, occupied and ruled over Cambodia in 1979… And after the war, communists VN have used kids to collect money from the US and Western Europe as "VN hunger children fund" but meanwhile communists VN have exported hundreds tons of rice to Iran and Iraq, they also exported seafoods, dry fruits and many kind of foods to the US and Canada, so I wonder why don't they keep those foods for the VN hungry children… There were thousands women of South VN having children with American Soldiers, they were mistreated and abused as animal from communists VN and other kids always bully hybrid children. But in the 80 when The U.S have an program for hybrid children (children who have blood of U.S. Soldiers) The U.S would like to take them into the U.S. Therefore communists VN are hurry go to find hybrid children and take them away from their mothers, then use them to come into U.S.A so they can receive the U.S government benefits for a few decades, sometime they give the mother of hybrid child one ounce of gold as buy the hybrid child and those hybrid children have not knew how to write English or Vietnamese, so when those children go to the office of the United Nations for interview, they didn't tell it to the members of the United Nations. The U.S should make the mother and hybrid child get blood test and if they are not relate, the mother (whole family) must pay back all of money they have been receiving for many years and be in jail or back to VN, then find the real mother for that hybrid child…… In the late 70 and early 80, communists VN have sent the tens of thousands young men of South VN from 18 to 25 years old ((who doesn't want to be a communist)) to Russia to work as labor to pay the debts that communists VN have borrowed from Russia during the wartime. But after few years, a lots of them have escaped to West Germany, French, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Norway and also a lots were died in labor camps…. Furthermore, communists VN have slaughtered the millions of South Vietnamese at sea who have attempted to escape from their communism regime. But from 1980 to 1995 communists VN have built many big boats to transfers their own citizens from VN to Thailand and Hong Kong to collected 10 ounces of gold for each person, some people paid less, many people went free (communists who spied during wartime and the peasants who killed The U.S. Soldiers in seemingly sly ways, plus the people in countryside). By the way I'm so shocked that there are plenty Vietnamese who working in Whitehouse and Television NEWS, but no one has been talking about this.
    Especially this is a song clearly proved that South VN government asked the U.S for help. It called Takedown White = Kill White (Hạ Trắng – lyrics)
    Call the sun… on em's thin shoulder… road is far shirt fly
    The sun pass through sad eyes… hearts of flower and butterfly are high passion
    The way em back (battlefield)… skies will have no clouds
    The way throughout the season… light up full of sunny .
    Call the sun… for nightmare of afternoon many white flowers fly
    Give em's arms long… but more thinner sunny day
    Em's footsteps back (battlefield)… Didn't anh (communists) know it ?
    Call em… for sunny die on the long river.
    No need beg world's favour, in this nightmare calls the collect season coming
    I lead em back (home)… em's legs step lightly, skies is sad, wind is high
    Life please have each other… long lasting forever… the sunny won't call sorrow
    Even if the old shirt is crumpled… but please keep calling our names forever till our hair are white-silver .
    Call the sun… for em's hair wears sunflower species fall down
    The sun escorts em to high place wind blows
    Em's shirt is now dim far from the way of clouds
    Call em's name forever throughout this nightmare. (ended)

  11. This is a decent compilation of a more complex time then is being given credit by many of the commenters.
    It must nice to know everything because you can sit in front of your computer and spout anti everything/USA/Democratic process/West/Europe/…….etc, and think you sound like you have a brain.
    Thank the USA after WW2 for preventing the same level of conflict(s) that existed prior to that war.
    There are still stupid people wanting power who will destroy the planet because they want power.
    Are you hearing this Putin/Islam Radicals/(China)……..

  12. Wonder how things would have turned out if U.S. would have been given the go ahead to pursue them beyond the DMZ, Loas and Cambodia.

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