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The Berserk Class Assault Carrier represents
one of the most successful and long-serving warships in the Colonial Fleet, functioning
as an effective force multiplier and rapid reaction vessel on the front lines.
The Berserk Spaceframe is 842 meters in length and 215 meters across, the structure follows
many of the design principles applied to colonial Battlestars, featuring a distinctive alligator-head
bow and large sublight engine block. But where the majority of Battlestars feature a wide
and heavily armoured mid-section, the Berserk’s spinal frame is narrow and poorly protected,
presenting much of the ship’s internal systems to enemy fire. The result is what many might
call a Glass Cannon, a ship capable of greatly increasing the lethality of a battlegroup
through strike craft and fire support, but unable to endure heavy damage itself.
The weapons complement of the Berserk Class is arranged for broadside attacks, sporting
a number of turret batteries laid into the port and starboard exteriors of the flight
deck. The ship also carries 150 marines for shipboard security and boarding actions, but
these troops are rarely called to serious action, as the Berserk is best deployed away
from the vanguard of a given battle. The defining and most valuable feature of
the Berserk Class is the ship’s large underslung flight deck, arranged lengthways across the
vessel’s ventral hull. The deck is open at both ends and large enough to house both
civilian transports and utility vessels in addition to military strike wings and shuttlecraft.
The carrier’s magnetic launch tubes allow for the rapid deployment of alert fighter
groups, and extensive maintenance facilities on deck allow strike craft to be repaired
and rearmed with incredible efficiency. The Berserk Class is large enough to rival
a Battlestar in size, but the ships are almost never deployed in a command role, their limited
durability makes them poorly suited to heavy combat, but their extensive carrier capabilities
and powerful DRADIS systems make them exceptional support craft. The addition of even a single
Berserk Class Carrier to a Colonial flotilla offers a powerful advantage to the larger
force, often forcing hostile vessels to circumnavigate colonial formations in the hopes of striking
the carrier and mitigating the threat of its fighter squadrons.
Throughout the First Cylon War, the Berserk Class served as a powerful asset to the forces
of the Colonial Fleet, partaking in numerous crucial engagements against the Cylons across
the Cyrannus system. The ship was so successful that it remained in service even 40 years
after the war came to a close, with some examples of the class surviving long enough to fall
victim to the brutal invasion that marked the outbreak of the Second Cylon War.

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  1. This video was commissioned as promotional material for Battlestar Galactica Deadlock's upcoming 'Reinforcement Pack' DLC. Find more info on the pack here:

  2. i know this game looks fun and is coming out on Xbox but i am worried because i've seen the gameplay and i don't think it would be adapted well.

  3. I'm going to have to give this Deadlock game a go, I haven't played a good BSG game since BSG Online and I stopped playing that years ago.

  4. I never knew how big some Sci Fi universes were. But now I want to read all Sources and watch all Episodes again to get the whole story. I love that technical Sci Fi.

  5. Been waiting a long time to see this in-game. A bit bummed it doesn't have more of a direct frontline combat role; I always expected it to be at least moderately armored, despite having a bit of an exposed frame. Must be the name, I suppose.

  6. "The Cylon have incredible ships that outclass ours!!!! One of them capable of short range jumps to outmaneuver our fleet!!! Let's build a battlestar with less armor and more expensive fancy stuff. Put it in the back of the fleet." — Average Colonial Strategist.

  7. I've been trying to build a Battlestar type ship in Space Engineers… Only I haven't got good reference images, so I'm pretty sure my ship is half Cylon, Half Colonial. I don't get why I can't find model's and images other than those that appear on SpaceDock… Keep up the good work!

  8. Just imagine if two Berserks had been able to survive the Fall of the Colonies & traveled with the Galactica….the fleet could have been far better protected with the Galactica & 2 Berserks defending it…..

  9. How come when the cyborg attack and literally wiped out the entire fleet the shipyard tactical world's how come none of the ships that survived didn't jump into cyborgs Homeworld space and deliver a detonating strike of

  10. Not sure how I feel about this one. It's awesome to see her again but that means that the colonial fleet by the time of the exdous of the colonies, 3/4 battlestars are outdated including the valkyrie which was in B&C

  11. Not sure how I feel about this one. The fleet already has three carrier gunships, not counting the battlestars. I feel like id view the Adamants addition of a missile battery as vastly superior in every way.

  12. It seems like an all around bad design. Fill the ship out through the "gapped spaces" for a more complete ship and thus strengthen it's frame protecting it's center-line.
    The ship looks cool but,,
    There are so many impractical design flaws in so many of our beloved Sci-Fi series ships just to follow certain visibly recognizable, and often laughable, form of aesthetics. It's like we love to see impractical things like the long "necks" of Klingon ships or any of the thin connection points that supposedly structurally support areas of much larger mass.
    Don't get me wrong, I love sci-fi and all the amazing ships out there but at the same time it can be quite "annoying" if you "think" about them to much, lol.

  13. Can't wait for console release!! Always been a fan of the Berzerk class. I hope they add the Loki, Watersled, and Catamaran, And Orion Colonial escort ships from blood and Chrome. And an alternative design to the Valkyrie (The Berzerk served over 40 years, it's not that unbelievable for the Valkyrie to be brand new by the end of the Cylon War). Maybe even the Defender Battlestar (contemporary of Artemis class) I'd like a DLC campaign that goes further into the war.

  14. Is it possible for you t9 do the two remaining ships from the reinforcements DLC I would love to learn more about them before the DLC comes out this week

    Did you do a video on this ship type already ?

  16. Manticore Class Corvette crew = 700
    Berserk Class Assault Carrier crew = 800
    You would think the Berserk would have a lot more crew than a Manticore due to the size and functionality difference, especially with having hangers.

  17. Before Deadlock, I always thought this was more of a frontline heavy cruiser meant to slug it out with the enemy. Basically a small battlestar with a bunch of weapons for its size but no carrier capability, but then again there really wasn't much canon material to go on before Deadlock came out.

  18. Odd, the one or two times we see them in the show, there very small. Yet here there being compared to the size of a Battlestar.

  19. This thing needs a buff, badly. Only one squadron for a hangar that goes along the entire length of the ship… I mean, you get heavy guns and that's useful early on, but I expected more squadrons, given how important Vipers and Viper IIs are.

    Still, really cool design.

  20. These things are awesome in game. They're very cost efficient and their raw DPS is fantastic. Even as support craft they can gun down larger ships incredibly quickly, whereas other ships around their cost mark will be more ponderous in their kills, taking multiple turns.

    These things straight up delete the nemesis corvettes and in pairs they can destroy most of the mid sized cylon warships within two turns. They struggle against guided missiles, though, so it's best to keep them close to a battlestar.

  21. I'm immensely pleased with the Berserk class. while the Adamant can take more damage, and is more versatile in armament, it's no longer an early-game heavy hitter. the Berserk is a good early-game complement to both the Adamant and Manticore, and remains viable even after unlocking the Minotaur. my current Daidalos fleet will finish the game with two of them

  22. They are a good addition for battlegroups that doesn't have a battlestar. Paired up with Adamant Frigates they have a nice wall of fire.

  23. Eh, I preferred the version from the Sins of the Thirteenth Tribe and Fall of Kobol mods for Sins of a Solar Empire: a heavy hitting, but also heavily armored frontline cruiser able to tank damage and act as a line ship.

  24. might like this, made this ship for Empyrion 😀

  25. Interesting ship for the purpose of fleshing out the lore, but it's a shame the sodding thing is basically useless in game. The adamant basically renders it obsolete straight away.

  26. Where do you get the images like the one of the cylon fleet at the end of this video, or the minotaur in the beginning?? They look awesome for wallpapers!

  27. Like these ships, if you have 2, turn them side on and focus both on a single target and they can do a lot of damage….

  28. I'd be completely fine with the Berserk if they just gave it two squadrons instead of just one. Or at least a raptor slot, like they did with all other carriers.

  29. For dedicated carrier ships, it sure is a shame they only get one squadron in game. Makes them kind of inferior to the very first Frigate you get since they carry a Squadron, and a munitions slot AND are combat capable. What a strange decision…

  30. Wish some of these ships showed up in the show. Like with skeleton crews which they slowly refit and recruit crew from the civilian fleet

  31. If the Berserk carried two squadrons I might actually use it. Given that the Adamant class frigate carries the same number of squadrons and can launch missiles, there is no real reason to use the Berserk

  32. I mass produced a few hundred Berserk Carriers in the early Deadlock campaign. For a while a fleet of 6 could hold off any Cylon Attack group short of a Basestar Group in Auto-Resolves. And they could be rapidly built in large numbers and were far superior to most Cylon Vessels (Up until the Revenant and Arachne showed up…..)

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