Behemot visiting the Stalin Line museum.

Hello guys, I’m Behemot and today we are going to visit the Stalin Line museum in Belarus We’re in train from Molodechno to Minsk And we’re going to leave on a tiny station, called… Chmieleuka, yes? Yeah, so that’s where we are gonna leave The funny thing is… that ew have no idea where to go, like there is absolutely no way leading from the station to the Stalin’s Line and as you can see, we’re in the middle of the field like we’re actually nowhere Maybe after half of the day we will get there After about two hours of running around and trying to Find our way to the museum We’re finally here. I would like to correct myself because Chmieleuka Isn’t the right station to leave whatsoever. Like do anything but don’t leave at Chmieleuka if you want to get to the Stalin’s Line And here we can see the noisy boy, the T-80B Actually as far as I can see it’s the T-80B after the modernization from 82 year Because If You’ll get a bit closer You can see this additional plate This additional 3 centimeters of steel F**k Applied on the front of the hull As I said, in a year 82 Bur going further We can see a very, very rare variant of a T-55 AMV So modernized model A, uparmoured by ERA blocks Next we can see rather older guy the IS-3 The last machine in this place at least is the ISU-152 Oh ho Target spotted. I’m pretty much sure it is a T-72 Like the A variant, I guess Didn’t ever expect to see this guy here and Right there you’ve got another one That’s pretty awesome These two guys are obviously the T-10 Which are the last heavy tanks ever designed by the Soviet Union And here we’ve got another T-55 AMV This one is pretty devastated actually, but Because of that Could You come here? Cause I’d like to show it closer because of that We can clearly see How the ERA blocks were mounted to the hull And basically to the armor This guy is that T-72 I’ve mentioned before, I mean that one I’ve spotted from somewhere up there and… I was wrong actually. It’s not an A variant it is the first T-72 of serial production models, it is the Ural You can actually distinguish this guy from the others, by the Stereoscopic? How is it called in English? I guess you can call it a stereoscopic rangefinder Which ocular is visible right here The other models like A, B and anything after that do not have them We’ve been passing by and actually Rita Saw the Panzer III over here Oh There is PT-76 incoming so we need to push back a little bit That’s it for today I hope you enjoyed this video See You soon!

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  1. Super filmik, najlepsza była bitwa pokazowa ^^ Szkoda, że czasem pomijałeś momenty gdzie opisywałeś czołgi :<

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