Behind the scenes of Terracotta Warriors: exhibition director

My name is Fiona Philpott and I work at
National Museums Liverpool where I am Director of Exhibitions. This means that
I’m responsible for a program of exhibitions across all our venues so
across both the museums and the galleries. My role in the Terracotta
Warriors exhibition is responsibility for the the display, the exhibition
itself so I’m responsible for the content and for the design of the
exhibition and I’m supported by a fantastic team of highly skilled
designers and project managers and what I’m excited about is is giving our
visitors a fantastic experience giving them something which is thrilling,
something which it is exciting an exhibition which offers all sorts of new
experiences and there will be things in the exhibition that perhaps you won’t
expect to find as well as the wonderful collections themselves. What I hope we’re
going to be able to do is transport people back to China so to a place
in time that’s very different from our modern world and to immerse you in
Chinese culture I hope visitors are going to be really
thrilled and excited by what they see. For me it’s a bit of a dream come true
really, when I was young in the 1970s I went to the British
Museum where I saw the Tutankhamun exhibition and for me that was one of
the most memorable experiences of my life and it stayed with me it’s remained
with me for always and I hope that we give our visitors a similar experience
and that what they see in Liverpool next year remains with them for a long time

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