Beneath the Skin: Aircraft of the Battle of Britain. RAF Museum London

In preparation for the RAF centenary programme we need to survey all of our aircraft here in the Battle of Britain Hall. So we’re inviting people to come and see beneath
the skin as we undertake that survey work. So whilst the exhibits are disrobed, you can
really get an amazing opportunity to see under the skin of these iconic aircraft. These are real Battle of Britain genuine veterans.
This Spitfire fought in the Battle of Britain. The opportunity to see beneath the skin,
to see what makes up this amazing aircraft, is for a finite time whilst we survey these aeroplanes
in preparation for our centenary activities. So we’re encouraging people to do that now
whilst they’re here. Plans just don’t exist of these aircraft.
We’re detailed modellers, scratch builders that sort of thing, and we like to create
detail in models which you don’t normally get in kits and also correct anything that
is in the kits. With this chance, with the cowlings off, this is unique. There’s only ever been, I think, one other occasion where the cowlings have been off on the 109. To super detail something on the 1:24 scale
109, it would look all the better for this. For the enthusiasts and anybody who is an
enthusiast watching, you just go weak at the knees looking underneath the skin. It’s a real opportunity that you just don’t
get to see every day. They will never fly again, these are aircraft
that are part of the national collection. We would never take these things apart because
they’re 100% genuine. If you put it into flying condition, you will
always end up taking some bits off because they would not be airworthy. As a result we can have the most genuine Battle of Britain aircraft in the world, and that’s what makes these so special. They’re not painted like Battle of Britain
aeroplanes, these are Battle of Britain aeroplanes.

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  1. m birthday is the 23rd so im going there on my b-day YAYAYAYAYAYA i luv spitfires and messerschmit bf 109s1111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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