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Greatest place in the world. I look forward to coming to work every morning. And we have grown from just a
local or small state historic site that people would maybe stop by to a national destination stop now. I’m the Historic Site Manager at the Bentonville Battlefield State Historic Site at Four Oaks, North Carolina. I’m responsible for the overall operations of the site and the overall interpretations of the site and all the property that’s owned by the site. The uniform I’m wearing is that of a Confederate
Artillery Major and since we’re shooting the
canon today that’s why I’m wearing the artillery uniform. The total number of re-enactors will be
somewhere around 3,000. It’s a great place to be, great people in the community to work with and seeing peoole
come in that really has an interest in the Civil War and being able to talk with them, meet new people. You learn something all the time from people coming in. So I grew up walking along the fields, seeing bullets lay on the ground, picking up bullets. I started collecting bullets. I just developed a deep interest in the
Civil War. I had a great-grandfather who was in the Civil War. I was the kid who likes to sit around and talked with old folks and hear their old stories. It just was a lifelong interest. I’ve got a bachelor’s degree and a
master’s degree in history. You’ve got to have knowledge at the site you’re
working at. It takes a lot of study, it takes a
lot of reading. It is a lot of work to learn the history, but that’s the fun
part of it. That’s part of what we are as Site Managers and historians is to relate the history to the public and we do get to shape that. We try to pick out the important areas where the people can see the most of what happened in the most important areas of the battlefield. I help sites develop new programs, new educational offerings for school children, new
events and things of that nature. I want them to leave
with the knowledge of what happened around here, what this war meant to the United States and our little part of it, how the whole conflict changed the nation. And developed the nation into one solidify strong nation we have today. And the freedom of the slaves and the fight against brother against brother and people fighting on both sides of what they believed in.
Mostly just that the outcome of this shaped the nation to what we have
today. I think if people take the time to go to
historic sites and museums they can learn a lot that they might not normally learn in a
book or in a classroom. And we try to bring that history to
people as much as we can. It’s sort of a life-long dream come true.

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