Best Assault Truck variant? – Battlefield 1

What’s up guys, Rogue-9 here! The video series analysing the vehicles in
BF1 continues, I have heard your requests and surprisingly it’s not the FT-17 Light Tank next, although it came a close second in the voting. No, today I get to discuss the three variants
of the Putilov-Garford Assault Truck instead. So let’s get to it! Plagued by a bug on launch that made the vehicle
basically unusable for a significant part of the PC community; this little truck has
not received a lot of love. Its thin armour and awkward handling make
it a challenge to use effectively and for many players, these additional barriers to
entry just make the vehicle not worth picking when you have so many other
great options to choose from. An arguable advantage that the Assault Truck
has over its closest competitor, the Armoured Artillery Truck, is that can seat up to 3
players, 2 controlling side mounted HMGs with one driver that can either sit in the front
seat for easy control of the vehicle or in the back, where he is able to control the
HMG and 76mm canon. Sitting in the driver’s seat switches on
the truck’s headlamps which have different levels of blinding effect, depending on the
type of truck you are driving. The Armoured Assault Truck has 5 headlights
that create a significant glare for the enemy attacking from the front, the Armoured Anti-Tank
Truck only has two lamps with a significantly lower effect and the even though the Armoured
Reconnaissance Truck also has 5 lamps, the blinding effect is not as strong
as that of the assault variant. What do I think of these lamps? All in all, I would say that most of the time, you are better off driving from the rear position if possible. The blinding effect doesn’t do much to stop
enemies from shooting at you, it doesn’t spot enemies like that lamp of the St. Chamond
does and most importantly, it will make you stand out on the battlefield and will signal
to your enemies, that you are currently unable to use your main weapons. No significant advantages with
a number of disadvantages mean that this feature gets the thumbs down from me. In terms of speed and manoeuvrability,
the Putilov-Garford is quite good. It is better than all of the tanks in the
game (no surprise there) and while it’s acceleration is the same as that of the
Armoured Artillery Truck, it’s top speed is a little lower, so we’ll give it a “good but not great” rating here. And finally, before we move on to the armament
and gadgets available to each variant of the truck, there is one last issue to mention and that is
its capability of breaking through solid obstacles. Most vehicles in the game, including motorbikes, can easily breakthrough walls, gates, sandbags and other soft-ish obstacles but not the Putilov-Garford. At least, it can’t do it while driving forward… If you want to break through an obstacle with
this vehicle, you and only do so while driving backwards and only of you hit at a
bit on an angle, instead of straight on… To me, this is just bizarre and it honestly
feels like a bug rather than intended behaviour. Whatever the case, it definitely makes getting
around the map unnecessarily difficult and just gives players another reason not to pick
this vehicle. So things are not looking great right off
the bat for this truck but maybe its weapons, gadgets and abilities can make up for
these shortcomings? (he says hopefully…) Let’s take a look! I’ve already named the three
variants: Assault, Anti-Tank and Recon. And while each one of these comes with a rear
mounted main gun and HMG for the driver, they they all fire unique types of 76mm shells. Let’s examine their capabilities against
enemy vehicles first and here, the stats of the assault variant’s HE shells will be
familiar to you if you have seen my videos on the A7V and St. Chamond tanks. So as before, that means 6 shots to kill
against heavy vehicles, 3 against light armour, 4 against the FT-17’s turret and 5
shots if you hit the plate at the back. Unsurprisingly, the anti-tank variant’s
capability against enemy vehicles is somewhat better. The shells are different compared to all
other tank weapons that we have explored so far, in that they have a damage drop off that
starts at 50m and bottoms out at 200. Does that mean that you should always
get as close as possible to your targets? I would definitely say no, since thedifference in shots to kill vs a full health vehicle is only one extra shot max. Against heavy armour you will almost always
need 4 shots but it could be 5 at absolutely max range. Against light armour, it’s 2 shots
up to 125m and 3 shots beyond that, the FT-17 turret can take 3 hits at any
range and the back plate will be 3-4 shots. All of this, of course, assuming that you are
landing at a decent angle and not bouncing any shots. And last (and in this case also least), we
have the shrapnel shell of the recon truck. This variant will require up to 7 shots on
full health heavy armour and 5 shots against light armour, although it does have the same advantage as the delayed fuse shells of the St.Chamond, of always causing the same damage, independent
of the angle or part of armour you are shooting at. Against infantry, the HE shells of the
assault variant behave exactly as with other tanks, direct hits will kill anyone, including
sentries, while close misses will cause enough splash damage to usually
take out infantry in a single hit. The damage stats you are seeing at the
top of the screen are for infantry without perks, with Flak, with Juggernaut and with Flak + Juggernaut. Again similar to the AT shells of other tanks,
the AT truck is devastating when landing direct hits, but splash damage is pretty poor, with
a small area of effect and low damage numbers, meaning that you will need at
least two or more close misses for a kill. The shrapnel shells of the
recon variant are completely unique when it comes to their effectiveness against infantry. The game’s code lists a direct hit damage
of 100 points but there is no way that you will ever land a direct hit on enemy
infantry, since the shells are fitted with state of the art early 20th century
proximity fuses that will detonate the shells, once they come close to enemy infantry. On the one hand, this means that you will
never be able to land a direct hit and will always need at least two shots to take out
an opponent. In fact, if you aim directly at the
enemy, you will tend to do around 60 damage but if you aim off to one side or
over the top, you can do up to 70 damage, so being less precise is actually
a benefit with this type of ammo. But the benefit of this is not only, that you
can get away with less well aimed shots but also that you can aim over the top of
infantry sheltering in a trench of behind cover and you can still do full damage to them. Add to that the benefit of a large area of
effect and you will be able to harass enemies that would normally be safe from you. All of this comes at one significant
cost though and that is that these shells will do zero blast damage to buildings and other
structures, meaning that you will need to put your shots straight in through a window
or door if you want to get at your targets The HMGs available to the driver aswell as the 2 side gunners are excactly as those we’ve seen on other vehicles. 3 Shots to kill the head and 4 to 6 to the
body depending on the distance to your enemy. So what do I think of the main guns
of the three Assault Truck variants? Well, the HE is exactly what we’ve seen on other
tanks, decent against vehicles as well as infantry. The AP rounds are pretty powerful but at
the end of the day, it’s still at least 4 shots to kill against heavy armour which is the same as the AT guns on other tanks, such as the Heavy Assault Tank and Tankhunter Landship. So to me, this tiny bit of extra power is
not enough to offset how awkward the AT Truck is to drive and how weak its armour is. The recon truck’s ammo is interesting and
can be very effective but on most maps and in most game modes, the issues in dealing
with enemy vehicles can be a significant problem. And now, before I give my final verdict on
Putilov-Garford, let’s quickly go over the gadgets and abilities and here there
are actually some interesting features. For the assault variant, the driver can
chuck out a smoke grenade or drop infantry supplies while the side gunners can throw out frag grenades. The AT variant has AT grenades
and an emergency repair for the driver, with incendiary grenades for the gunners. And the recon variant has spotting flares and AT mines for the driver and impact grenades for the gunners. I think tossing infantry gadgets out
of the top of the vehicle is a nice touch and while the smoke and flares can be quite
useful, I think the ability to throw out AT grenades is not all that helpful. If you are that close to an enemy vehicle
then sure, it could be great in combination with the super powerful AP shells but if
you really end up that close to the enemy with a relatively thin skinned vehicle,
something has already gone horribly wrong. Also, giving the gunners the ability to
toss out grenades is great, but in all my time of playing the assault trucks, I have never
had teammates patient enough to man the guns consistently and if there is no one there
to use the ability, it is basically worthless. Conclusion time and in theory, the assault
variant is a well-balanced vehicle that can offer close ranged support to friendly
infantry against enemy vehicles and foot soldiers. The AT variant has one of the most
powerful anti-tank canons in the game and can still defend itself against
infantry with its three machine guns. And the recon truck is great for marking
enemies and taking them out at all ranges. For me personally, the assault variant is
probably the weakest option since its supply drop gadget only makes sense if you
push up close in support of your infantry. But because of the truck’s awkward handling
and weak armour, if you come up against an enemy vehicle or a group of enemy assault
players at this range, there is a good chance that you will not make it out alive. The other two variants have more of a
standoff support role which makes it easier to survive in them and therefore makes
them more viable in my eyes. The AT truck can devastate enemy armour
at long ranges while taking on infantry with the HMG but probably my
favourite variant is the recon truck. Even months after the addition of this vehicle
to the game, many players do not seem to be aware of the fact that it fires proximity
fused shrapnel shells and most of my kills with the main gun come from infantry taking
cover around a corner thinking that they are safe. If only the shells had the ability to destroy
buildings, like those of the Gas Assault Tank, they would be perfect. But I’ll still happily take this truck out
for a spin on infantry heavy maps, as long as my team is managing
to keep enemy vehicles at bay. But as always, those are just my opinions! Do let me know what you think of the assault
truck in the comments section. What do you think of it in general and which
variant (if any) is you favourite? Also, go ahead and vote for which vehicle
you want me to cover next! By the way, i’ve started live streaming and since i don’t have a fixed schedule yet if you want to ever catch me live, you can click the bell icon below to be notified of my streams or follow me on twitter for notifications there. And with that, thank you so much for watching,
I hope you enjoyed the video and I will see you in the next episode! [OUTTAKES] But not the Putilow-Garfield… No wait.. …to discuss the three variants of the Putilov-Garford Assault Tank instead, of the Putilov-Garford eh… of the Putilov-Garford is… Fuck me! *chuckles* of the Putilov-Garford Assault Tunk…

100 thoughts on “Best Assault Truck variant? – Battlefield 1

  1. Hey, look at it this way: use the shrapnel to clear out the building instead of just leveling it, then let your teammates move in and have a huge party – with rocket guns, Martinis, Blackjack and hookers. 😉

  2. I use the at variant as a search and destroy truck for locating outflanking and destroying enemy armor on large maps.

    Also at point blank 2 good shots and the at nade can take out a heavy tank very fast.

  3. I like the Reconnaissance variation the most. It got a good enough mobility to move around the battlefield and can devastate infantry heavily like a quickly moving Armored Truck can do but it has the added benefit of being a viable mobile spawn point. Also clearing out people behind cover is just such a huge advantage. I find it that it works best on maps which have a Tank Hunter kit and it is in posession of one of your teammates

  4. A good assault truck on galicia is all you need to win the map as an attacker at operations: smoke grenades with low cd, supplies, its fast and furious, plus your teammates will spawn on you and disembark if you stick around objectives, and that means more bodies to contest a point . But you need to be really careful about where you are going because that map is chokeful of pits and craters, and this vehicle sucks at traversing them. You may even get stuck. Also AT elite shreds this vehicle in seconds.
    Protip – if you need to quickly traverse your turret to a different side, you can quickly swap seats and have your turret reset its position. for me its faster than doing it just with mouse.
    Also rebinding the "change seats" button to something less awkward than f1

  5. top tip if you're using the putilov against an enemy tank or even infantry (but only when you're not likely to get clusterfucked with at grenades) is to use the speed to dive past the enemy and change to the rear gun to wreck havoc from behind, it works really well against most enemy tanks ive came up against and it's super useful for flanking the enemy when they're busy or camping in a house

  6. Can you switch the controls for the tanks so that it's like a standard vehicle? If not, I wish that you do that, because the Assault and Artillery Trucks handle like shit with the tank controls. Also, in case you're stupid like me, try driving it in reverse, so you can use the cannon with more efficiently.

  7. actually, you can always stay at 2nd seat while moving this truck, and if you need to look in front you can hold middle mouse button to do so , its also makes it easier to rotate your
    turret…sry for bad english.

  8. Okay, but on console (PS4), I have tried every button, and cannot change out of that damn turret view. I have to change seats to do it.

  9. On some of the new russian maps you can only choose between this truck and Artillery truck. I would definitely chose this, most other people chose Artillery truck because it's easyer to use, but this one can own any Artillery truck because it can move and shoot, when you get used to the awkward controls.
    I also had a lot of fun with it on Galicia operation. Smoke bombs for everyone!

  10. A shame you didn't mention its unique ability to remain incredibly mobile while being able to operate its main cannon in a 288 degree arc. Kinda surprising actually since your favorite variant heavily favors and rewards driving around enemy forces while constantly harassing them with unavoidable explosive damage.

    Also, the turret takes reduced damage similar to the Light Tank. Placing the truck correctly behind a bit of cover can essentially make it so the only target-able area of the vehicle is the turret. Between this and the ability to speed around the map while still shooting things makes this truck a lot less flimsy than you think.

  11. That last clip with pushing the objective was pretty much terrible. I didn’t see you fire your flare even once, and you kept stopping despite being a lightly armored RECON tank. You should’ve been constantly driving erratic circles around the point, using your shrapnel and MG to suppress, while using your flare to spot, but no…you crashed directly into the flag pole.

  12. I remember when this came out going on a vanilla map where the new players to the game was ha ha it dont damage us but then i switch to the Cannon and they Got reckt

  13. I use the recon variant. My strategy is actually to drive into an enemy crowd and blast away, the side gunners also get things to shoot at this way but you need to wipe everyone out quick due to the armor

  14. Assualt truck is the best vehicle if you know how to use it. Im borderline invicible when i use it. Took me a couple weeks to perfect the movement. Not noob friendly.

  15. The only reasons for me to use Putin truck are that it's a slav truck that drives best with hardbass, and that there are skulls and russian words painted on it

  16. For me, i like the at truck the best. I am able to effectively use the mg mixed in with direct hit shells. You also forgot one minor detail, at shells do not ricochet unless they hit the roof of a heavy tank, mark v, or st chamond. Ive hit killstreaks of 60+ with that variant

  17. Oh wow. I didn't even notice that this truck even had variants. I honestly thought it was one size fits all and never even thought to check.

  18. Hey rouge9, your channel is great and your vids really do help gameplay, but you should try to stop copying The Otaku in your style, other than that good work

  19. The recon truck looks fantastic for flushing out. I've been finding myself needing to do more of that when approaching capture points.

  20. unrelated question, but is riding a horse out of the play area to kill enemy snipers in hordes on suez considered cheese?
    oh yeah, and then repeating that same action as soon as another horse becomes avaible.

  21. I've destroyed entire groups of tanks with this vehicles and almost fended off against an army of assault players with this, so I think this thing is just a bit underrated by the bigger community

  22. The truck is Really good for drive-bys on tanks and armored train behemoth and the AT truck is my favorite because the Drive by tactic is Really fun to use especially agents the train because you can chuck a AT garnade while diving by with a cannon angled the way your driving past the enemy

  23. Very good video. Thanks!

    I pretty much always drive this truck backwards. Otherwise it's hard to aim. The AT version can be very useful at times. It is pretty much the most powerful cannon in the game, and it flys straight. Very useful against faraway vehicles. It can two-shot disable armored train turrets.

  24. Nice job Rogue 9 and in consoles it isn't used much in They shall not pass combined Warfare Maps and original game maps due to its speed and weak armor that's why I am seeing more assault tanks from the they shall not pass DLC for its durability which are needed in Maps like Amiens monte grappa St.Quentin's Scar Ballroom Blitz Empires Edge Sinai Desert Fao Fortress Soisons & Rupture all are combined Warfare maps. In Empires Edge and Fao Fortress this assault truck can be destroyed by two well aimed Dreadnaught shots and happened to me when the squad leader left the truck while in Soisons this truck can be used for suicide Rush in operations due to its speed leaving the tanks behind up to first sector

  25. Blinding lights are actually pretty usefull. I was playing on the Brusilov keep, and suddenly, I've noticed something bright moving towards me. I was all like: "WTF, is that an blinding flare?" I started walking towards it, while the lights started to be brighter, and all of sudden something ran me over. Finally I noticed it was an Putilov Garford that killed me.


  26. I've been using this a lot more since this video and I really like it, except on the maps with lots of trenches… This truck gets stuck waaaay too easily

  27. i found a major mistake in your vid. You said that the extra damage of AT shells is not enough to pick this truck, but you haven't mentioned reload speed.

  28. Love the recon variant, I've been using it since I discovered the shells. I love it in the operations mode on the Russian maps, it's just perfect to take out enemy snipers.

  29. Nice video. I like the concept behind the Assault Trucks, it's what the vehicles in the game should be. But they will rarely be touched so long as players can keep using the easy-to-use vanilla and TSNP one-player-juggernaut vehicles.

  30. Bruv the at grenade makes it a 3 shot kill it's help me out several times even against mark v tank hunters it save a lot of time if you get close enough than it will give an advantage over the other vehicles

  31. Love this truck. Recon variant is my fav. I notice that the turret on the PC turns really fast. On console it turns slow. I must be doing something wrong.

  32. Artillery truck – Art truck
    Light tank – Toy squeaky duck
    Heavy tank – The shopping basket
    Assault tank – The toast bread
    Assault truck – The garbage truck

  33. Thank you for this video I was finally able to use this vehicle effectively and get that codex (I'm a codex hunter)

  34. Hi there. Here are my two cents.
    The handling of this vehicle is really awkward, as you said. Running backwards helps a lot, but it feels like it is slower. I don't think the AT variant is useful, considering that even if you can damage other vehicles at range, the maneuvrability is bad. If the idea is to take long range shots at enemy vehicles, the artilery truck is easier to handle, and the standoff Saint Chamond has better armor, as well as a good spotting ability.
    IMO, the assault truck is only good on maps with few tanks, or to quickly storm an objective, by giving your teammates a spawn point that can support them with ammo and gunpower (think about Galicia or the far outside objectives on Sinai desert for example).
    The recon truck can be quite effective against entrenched enemies (again, think about galicia), but when possible, I'd rather use the gas version of the saint chamond, because it can also gas the enemies, and has better armor. I think it is the best variant of the Putilov truck, but I will only choose it if I have no other choice than the artilery truck.

  35. I find that using the anti tank truck is best against vehicles. One reason is the heavier gun and because you can toss an AT grenade at the enemy.

  36. I personally hate this vehicle when I'm stuck in a Russian operation. Sometimes the controls don't know if you want to go forward or backward on the Xbox. I'd take an A7V over an assault truck any day.

  37. "How can you look at this dumpy truck and call it anything but precious" were the first words out of my mouth upon trying it. I love it.

  38. I think that the blinding effect could actually be very useful with a well coordinated squad. You could use the truck to help your teammates advance without being sniped. It would work like a mobile smoke grenade almost, because enemies think you might be there, and even if they knew, they’d have to shoot randomly and hope to get a kill

  39. I just went 108-0 with the Putilov Garford Armored Reconnaissance variant on Galicia Operations as an attacker. Dear God, those shrapnel airburst rounds fuck up everybody in those trenches.

  40. Absolutely disagree with your opinions on AT grenade and close range anti-tank tactics.
    The Putilov is an outrageously good flanker, and if you manage to get close enough to heavy armor while using hard cover cleverly to conceal yourself, you've guaranteed yourself a win with the AP rounds and the finishing AT grenade.
    The most awful aspect about the tank is its turret elevation/depression, but it's not much of a sniping vehicle like the armored truck. It's a frontline vehicle, and dancing in circles around enemy armor is its best niche.

  41. I love that thing. If u know how to handle it it can be devastating. Mostly use the AT variant tho. One significant advantage over the artillery truck is the fact that u can use the big gun while moving.

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