Best of Bixente in 2016 – One Year of Oh Kurwa

Look now On this Master of Evolution. You know what i will get? I will get a Chillmaw. Why did i want to play Doom if i have only 9 mana? Oh, because I have destroyed my mana crystal, well okay Of course Of course… This is what happened Now what dude, you think you will get a knife hit on this? Guys, he will the his face 4 times, but his face not mine! One TWO! THREE! FOUR! Outskilled guys! Who else was having a great time then yes Okay, he will proc it with coin, but Why, why why – why do you want to lose a coin? Why do you even want to lose a coin dude? Why so? If you can do it without coin WTF dude He will hit the Deathwing with his face, pay attention Oh nooo… Oh! Hit Deathwing! Missplay. Missplay! He should attack with this one first, hit Deathwing! Or hit mine guy What a missplay, he should attack with this one first to be safe from misdirection Oddshot this! Oddshot this guys Triple Brann + C’Thun! Oh? This doesn’t work? But why it didin’t work? Okay, he conceded or what? Servant of Yogg-Saron next tur- Ohhhhh I don’t want much, please give me a Fireball here Fireball will be fine here Ohhh, no! no! NO! NO! No! What is this bullshit! NO! Nooo-ho-ho-hooo How unlucky can you be in this game Jesus Christ That guy topdecked it one by one, one by one Second Flamestrike would be- TWITCH CHAT – Can you show the decklist of that arena after that game? Yeah sure, if i don’t forget my friend Fuck you! And topdeck North Sea Kraken Karma has came back guys! Karma is a bitch! I will be dead before turn 8 if i don’t find a way t- Jesus! Finally that card, finally! TWITCH CHAT – What was the score of “Blindfolded arena challenge”? 3-3 It was 3-3 Okay, so we got this unless it drops Doomsayer Okay, we got lethal again, 50% chance No… Of course not! Of course i am alive! Impossible! Oh, there will be one more evolution! This has to die of course… This has to die This also has to die You dick! I don’t play this deck anymore, not anymore! Not anymore guys I can’t, i just can’t play this deck I will go for that Wow Here… Here Here And here What a greedy guy, he didin’t attack with Atiesh Entomb… Shadow word: death… WHAT?! What were the chances of that happening, holy shit! I could move the curtains a bit Oh nooo! NOOO! Impossible! Yo, I will try it this way Oh! Oh nononono! No! I forgot! Jesus Jesus Jesus This, this and this So what? Moment of truth! Am i going to topdeck 3 damage? Do we get that guy? Spell damage, please don’t tell me it’s Lava Shock 5, 6… Look at that I think I will do it this way What?! TWITCH CHAT – What is that song? It’s here, above me Did you see what happened there guys? Do you feel that? How he changes into a squirell? Do you feel that? Look at that then He will change into a squirrel So, Ancestral Spirit on Tirion, now look at that, look at that play This is top 100 guys Top 100 EU maybe even to- oh f*uck But why like this?! It was… His first Oh nooo, because i played Tirion before it… f*ck He will get a Fireball from his deck for example, from Cabalist’s Tome Cabalist’s Tome #2, No NOOO! Oh not that! Not that! oh f*ck I missclicked… And now! Ragnaros! You have one job there You will win my game Or you will screw it up! Either this or that! Either this or that! Of course not I will be able to play C’Thun next turn so… If he will not be now… What can go wrong here? It’s 9 and he’s got 10th turn If he will get his C’Thun now, which stats are… I don’t know My minion has to win, 33% chance. Praise the lord! Praise the lord Easy game, easy life f……… No, I must I must to do this first You dick! I will tap first I think i will win this I think i will win this Brawl, because i am good at this game It’s easy i am good 5.01$ From “Jake”. Thank you very much for the 5.01 my friend thank you for supporting me He got all the spells for free now, all the bananas But already i haven’t, i have last card in the deck Now full YOLO now It must be a good legendary, It must be a Deathwing I lost Thank you “Rimel” for the 5$. Freddie Mercury Yeah, game finished And that’s a Deathwing! No fucking way! What a game! What a gaaaame! Together we can do everything Mad Bomber No… Noo! But-NO!

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