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What do you mean, bro? Is this family facing
such a grave danger? You don’t intend
telling them? How can I tell? Just take a look at them They are so happy
and hassle free Do you want me
to spoil that? They are just now recovering
from losing their eldest son No need Let them have
their peace and serenity I wondered why
God brought us to… …such an amiable
affectionate family Now I know why We should raise our weapons for the sake
of the same family we disowned violence Adalarasu will be
hanged in 4 days We don’t know who’ll raise their hands
to kill them and from which direction It doesn’t matter
what danger we face Not even the shadow of these
killers should touch the family Son, come here please Sorry Is everybody here? Where is Kayal? She was on the merry-go-round Kayal…? – I can’t find her anywhere
– Where is she? Call her mobile Hello big friend You always wanted to play
running and catching with me, no? – Yes, big friend
– Shall we play now? Hahn…jolly! Those men who’ve come to play
that game with you are my friends Run as fast as you can
without letting them catch you Okay, big friend I didn’t get out, big friend Shall we play a different game? What game? I spy You count up to 8
All the uncles will hide One Two Kayal…? Three Four Don’t open your eyes Five Six Seven Kayal…? Kayal, where are you? Eight Kayal What are you
doing here, Kayal? All the 8 uncles
are hiding now, huh? Who are the 8 people? Not anyone we know
Out-of-towners They wanted to know
the way to the graveyard I was sending them there Must be for a function in the cemetery
Did you show them the right way? They must have reached
their destination by now Grandpa…? Do you know how much I searched
for you all over the place, dear? Look how worried they all are Where did you go? Son, your hand is bleeding – Kopu, get water
– Look, he is bleeding I don’t know what
happened, Sathya. They threw Vicky in front of the
house after hitting him so bad. I don’t know where Ayesha is and
what’s happened. Vicky is unable to talk. Sathya, look at him. Look at him. I don’t know who
did this to him. Ayesha. I won’t let anything
happen to Ayesha. Ayesha will come to you. You seem keeping up to us. You should be dead already. Your friend spoiled the plan. Did he love you so much? I don’t need Ayesha. There will be a black car
at Guindy race course. She’s in it.
Go collect her pieces. -Brother.
-Yes, Sathya. He told Ayesha’s location. My last incoming call. Please track that number. Ayesha. Ayesha, don’t be scared. Ayesha. Vicky is doing good. He’s been hospitalized. Brother. Sandhya! The number you
received the call from, it’s from the same
place as you were. Any problem, Sathya? Ask to round up the
police hospital. Dad. Sir. Sir. I saw him here, sir. The kidnapper is in here, sir. Ayesha should be with him. Please save her, sir. He saw me too.
He’ll definitely kill me, sir. Sir, please save us. Okay. Don’t cry.
Explain to us clearly. -He’s here, right?
-Yes, sir. I saw him. How does he look like? I couldn’t see the kidnappers
well, brother. But his image. I do remember it. How did he look like? He should be 6 ft tall. He was 5 and a half feet tall. He was dark. He was fair. He had a big mustache. He was young, brother. He should be in his 40s to 50s. He should be in his 20s. Where did you see him last? There, sir. He resembled like my tuition teacher’s son Vicky. I didn’t plan to start this entire business. You know him very well. Buy your meds. You’ll be fine. Hey. I told you not to
involve aged people. It’s expensive. But you guys don’t understand. How long are you gonna
work for cheap money? This has already been a good
business in South Korea. The complete plan is
available in the internet. We just need to follow
it exactly as it is. You’re a kid. Why should I listen to you? Money matters, brother. In billions. Hey. Kidnapping the girls
is not a big deal. But to whom would
you sell them to? Every men’s first need is women. Let me create a fake profile.
Take a look. Do these people expect
sisterly love from girls? All are perverts. Brother. Money has been received.
Give me your account number. Not bad. I thought you’re a kid. You’re very smart. Superb. Hey,
how come you have a new phone? I’ve a job now. My earnings. Enough with your part time job. You’re gonna complete
your college. Send your resume to my office and better join there soon. Your office? You carry on. I’ve big plannings for my life. I’ve big plannings for my life. What is it?
Are you gonna do robbery? Hey. Is the girl safe? The stuff is totally
safe, brother. You don’t worry. Is the engine running? Everything is perfect
here, brother. Search exactly for
17 year old kid. He should suit
well for the plan. If they refuse, Shut them up with money. Only they can come out of
the prison within a year. There’s been a new turning
point in the murder case of Kodambakam school
student Sandhya. Her killer boyfriend has
surrendered to the police. Cops are seriously
enquiring him. We both are good friends. sir. We usually go back
home together. Yesterday, she left from
the tuition class early. Think whatever you want to. But I don’t trust any others
than you with the girl. You too have a sister, idiot. Would you sit idle,
if it was Ayesha? They did buddy. That’s how they threatened
me to do these things. Why did you do this Vicky? -I loved you truly.
-Get off me. Money matters. Anything can be done. Call her brother, now. Brother. Brother. Please save me brother. Don’t let me down, brother. Now the police knows. I don’t think this
business can run anymore. She’s the last girl. How to transport her? I’ve my brother-in-law. Let’s make him do it. Put Ayesha in our car. And her in the car
at the race course. Let me render a performance
at the hospital. Why the hospital? Sister. Somebody have beaten me up. Save me sister. Sister. Sympathy is always
the best plan. Vicky, please let me go. Let’s go. My dear brother-in-law. I made you run around so bad. Did you think me as a kid? I know what you’re thinking. “How could a kid from a good middle
class family be so bold?” My father did a mistake by joining his middle class son to a school where
rich students study. That’s why I have desires on everything. My desires turned into mania. Leading normal life
is not a life at all. Life should be lived
to the fullest. Where is Ayesha? Let me get to the point. Aren’t you so affectionate
on your friend’s sister? Even the girl near you
calls you a brother. Let’s compare your affection levels. Shall we? I don’t need Ayesha. But that girl is worth of a 10 million rupees. Drop Sandhya at the place I say. I’ll leave Ayesha. I don’t love her. If you wanna act like a cop I’ll slice her up. Where should I drop this girl? What’s this? Immediate acceptance! Are you the king
of control room? If I disconnect the call now, You’d immediately track me down. Won’t I have a plan for it? If the call gets disconnected, I’ll kill Ayesha. Until you reach there, Keep talking to me. We need to talk about a
lot, brother-in-law. Start the car. Don’t handover me to
anyone, brother. Please drop me at my home
yourself, brother. (PA announcing) This is where Ravi switched on his phone Did you track it properly?
Am sure bro Palakatu junction
yes bro (women speaking in distant) Dude its Sekar!
come lets go He has come here
from the police station yes bro We should not let him get away
He is very dangerous look at him He’s trying to escape Bro!
This side 157 158 159 160 There must be a connection
between this number and murder You are the one
I was searching Why should you chase me
Are you sekar’s goon? Why did you kill Nina? Hey dont go.
give me the bag Hey… stop Hey… stop Even after this,
you didn’t change. Because of you am running
and hiding from everyone This is the reason
for everything Hey.. No!
Don’t do that That document belongs
to the boss I don’t care to whom
it belongs Why did you kill
that girl? Hey… hey….
give me the document No! don’t burn the document Answer me I willl tell you the truth
I’ll tell how I murdered the girl (Battery low) NO! What do you want?
give me your phone speak up now Boss gave me all the money b’coz of raid
and asked me to leave Madurai After getting money from boss
I got a girl through broker we left Madurai and
stayed in Cuddalore lodge. Then… Hey..
check who it is? Let it go Go fast yeah… Am coming Look who it is? What is your name? Why you want
to know? Who is this girl? She is My wife How many days you
will give same statement I, myself arrested your
wife two times in Ooty Yes, I paid her and brought
What will you do? Don’t put your
hands on me What will you do if I did? Officer search the
room thoroughly Does he think police
are useless? Ask me how much money you want
Dont create problems Are you alright? Do you know
whom you are talking with? Do you know who I am? I know! I know!
What will you do? Either you will lose your job or
you will lose your life Whose life? If we try to arrest, you will call
Minister, we should let you go I will kill you
Sir, look how much money Where did you steal? Who are you?
Naxal or Maoist? Answer me Take as much money you need
put an end here Heard what he said, take the bag
put it in our vehicle No! give it to me.
You are making mistake You did mistake and
you are saying I did. Officer look after him
I’ll go search the next room. Cease the bag NO Sir…..Sir…. What happened? Your people
raided Abirami lodge and stole Raid? Can’t you understand?
Yes, raid Sir Why making noise?
Who are you? Sir, your people came to Abirami lodge
they stole all documents and money Sir, big people involved
Political matter Tell me how much money
you need, we can settle here Are you a fool?
Who came to the raid? Its your station SI Sir I am the SI for Cuddalore
for past two years I haven’t had even single tea
since morning. Who did Raid? Nina The number you are trying
to reach is currently Unavailable NINA!! Is it safe to keep
the money here? This is the safest place. No one will doubt Railway station cloakroom We will share the money
after few days, not now. Why? Ravi will be looking for us. Ravi’s gang
will kill him thinking he ran off with money No, Its not over.
Kutty knows where I am. So am going to Chennai.
You two should go somewhere else If i call you,
then come back Okay, You keep the
locker key and receipt Okay I understood Sekar
would kill me for this With the help of my men
I tried to find her I found she’s from Pallakad &
she is in Chennai. I asked her to come to a hotel Call her. She must come
here now! I will cut her throat Please Ravi, don’t harm
my sister Is it love for your sister? There is no assurance
for my life now My own gang gave
me only one day time I have been looking for
you for three days. If Sekar finds me,
my death is confirmed Where is the money? Its… I don’t know where
the money is Stop acting. I’ll give one minute
if you refuse to say the truth I will kill you here and I will sell
your sister in Andhra or Bombay My men will be
watching your sister No No Shall I kill her? Shall I?
No… No.. I will tell you. It is in the cloak room
of Ottar paalam, Palakkad railway station Where is the document? Money, documents and
all that I took are there. Where is the key
and receipt? My men are playing with me!
See, it is Sekar on line. Where ever I go, Sekar is tracking
my phone and following me. Please, Please forgive me Hey.. All I need is my money.
It is enough if I get it. If I get caught before,
then they will kill me. I need to escape with
the money before that. If at all you mess up! Hey..Just go.
Clean up. You showed me fear of death.
I will show you death. Don’t look at me.
Drink it. I knew she will die in 3 hours
I didn’t know she will die at your home. Just because you got cheated
you ruined my life. Who the hell is that boss?
Why should I run in fear? Hey.. You are just running and hiding
if Sekar gets me, he will kill me. Give me that money
I will go elsewhere and live All you need is your money, right?
I will give your money. But you need to come
with me to Chennai Come to Chennai and clear
the body at my home. Bury the body or hand it over to police
then get the money from me. shhh….shhh.. come on.. (Door knocks) Hey… Who are you guys? We came in search of the cloak room. Cloak room is over there.
You shouldn’t come here.

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