In this video we will cover the best way to
find all of the ultra rare and rare items in the game.There are many ways to find rare and ultra
rare items, most of the ways are all down to RNG, for those in blissful ignorance of
what this is, it stands for Random Number Generation. This system dictates what you get from the
majority of things in the game. All mobs and containers that you loot, even
vendors, have a loot table, which is a big long list of the possible items you could
get from them. Some however are not RNG and others just have
super good loot tables with near garuntees of ultra rare and rare items. The best source of these items are hidden
caches. Hidden caches are a subset of containers that
are just dotted all over the map, hidden in places you are unlikely to look. You might be thinking i’m going to give you
a big map of every location, but luckily, i don’t have to. It’s at this point that i’m about to say a
small spoiler toward something you can do in the game that affects the main story. I consider it small, and I heard about it
long before I did it, as many game reviewers had mentioned the mechanic, but anyway, you
have been warned! One of the things you can do as you progress
through Mass Effect Andromeda and you gain AVP or Andromeda Viability Points is open
up cryogenic capsules. These capsules host a number of skilled individuals
each of which give you special buffs to aid you in your travels. Well, if you chose Reconnaissance, you will
be permanently buffed with the ability to see all hidden caches located around activated
forward stations. There’s.. eer. quite a few of them. Each of these hidden caches almost always
hold Remnant Cores which are need for crafting the best stuff in the game, as well as loads
of Remnant Polymer, and heaps of other stuff to help you progress faster and with more
ease. Now, these hidden caches are subject to RNG,
they just have super good loot tables. There is a classic way to get around this,
and while I won’t be doing it as i’m a bit of a stickler for not using glitches and exploits,
you could quite easily just save the game before you get particularly close to it and
then keep loading until you have the best possible items. This isn’t for everyone but if you want to
do it, it’s your game, do what you like. If you do intend to do it though, just remember
to save a decent distance from the cache as it’s not opening that decides what’s inside,
it’s getting within a certain distance, mostly likely when it’s in sight due to soft loading
of the container and therefore it’s loot list gets loaded. Super short video this time, more coming on
a daily basis along with my entire playthrough being livestreamed every night. If there’s something youre unsure of or want
a full guide on first about Mass Effect: Andromeda, let me know in the comments and I’ll prioritise
what I make videos on for you fine folk. Like if you liked, dislike if you didn’t,
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  1. Do you happen to remember how you got to the cache above the island (south-west from the top monolith) at 0:54? It seems to be on top of a rock, but I can't get to it at all… even with the vehicle. :-/

  2. instead of saving before getting close, go to the container and take everything you want but you must leave at least one item in the container. then save your game and load that same save and the container should be restocked with different loot. if you want the best gear, crafting is the way to go, but you could deconstruct what you don't want for materials or use them as place holders until your ready to craft your end game set

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