Biannual Bibliothon Wrap Up | Final Round

hi i’m Tati and this is what i read
during the final biannual bibliothon so for the final round of the biannual
bibliothon i actually had five books on my TBR and I only ended up reading three
of them first up was every heart a doorway by Seanan McGuire um I liked
this book there were certain elements of it that I really liked like the
descriptive writing and the mystery elements of the plot and most of the
characters however there were some things about it I just didn’t really
like I’m not sure what it is about it I kind of threw me off
maybe it’s the length of the story because it’s kind of a complex world and
story to tell in such a short amount of pages is great for a read-a-thon which
is why I picked it up for the read-a-thon really but I feel like I
would have enjoyed the story more if it had been longer or more fleshed out
maybe so I ended up giving it two and a half out of five stars this completed
the challenges of reading a hosts five star read and an author I had never read
before and it was a hundred and seventy pages long next up I read murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie this is such a great and classic mystery I’m so
glad I finally read it I actually listened to it as an audiobook which is
the only reason I had time to finish it during the read-a-thon but I think I
would enjoy it more reading it as a physical or ebook I ended up giving it
five out of five stars regardless because it’s so good
it’s 347 pages according to Goodreads and this completed the challenges of an
adult book and a predicted five-star read next I picked up wires a nerve by
Marissa Meyer I really enjoyed this book I loved being
back in the lunar Chronicles world with all our favorite characters and the fact
that this book stars Iko which made it all that much better this completed the
challenges of a book I was really excited to read but never picked up and
a graphic novel it’s 238 pages and I gave it 4 out of 5 stars and I’m really
excited to read the next one I did finish one more book and that was the
Vanishing Stair by Maureen Johnson this was not on my
TBR so it doesn’t complete any of the reading challenges for the biannual
bibliothon plus I was already halfway through it when I started the
read-a-thon so I’m not really counting it for that but I did read half of it so
I’m gonna count the pages I read which was 197 pages and I loved this book so
much I gave it 5 out of 5 stars I’m really excited for the next one and I
also started reading defy the stars by Claudia gray I barely got into this book
I started reading it because it was the only book I had as an e-book and I
wasn’t at home so it was easy to read it but I only got to page 48 in this book
so 48 pages of this book read that leaves me with a total of 3 completed
books read plus 1/2 a book plus a very tiny sliver of a book and a total of
1,000 pages if I did my math correctly because that sounds insane and I’m
pretty happy with that amount of reading considering I spent most of my free time
during the read-a-thon editing my challenge videos let me know if you
participated in the biannual bibliothon and what you read if you did in the
comments you can also let me know what you thought of any of the books I talked
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thanks for watching bye why I picked the tiniest book to do the thumbnail (book snap 🤦‍♀️) with
for reasons I do not know

5 thoughts on “Biannual Bibliothon Wrap Up | Final Round

  1. Hahahah LOVE that thumbnail snap of the book 😂😂
    I wanted to read 6 books, I think, for the Bibliothon, but I fell sick on the 6th day and it all went downhill 💃

  2. I definitely want to get to Wire Nerves. I've heard great things about Defy the Stars. Even though you didnt get to all your books, it sounds like you did a ton of reading! Awesome job!

  3. Murder on the Orient Express is amazing! I love how many of your books were library books. Thanks for checking out my channel and subscribing. I always check out new subscribers channels and I really like yours!

  4. Seanan Macguire is a wonderful storyteller. If you continue with the series, it does become more complex. I adore Orient Express. I read it after seeing the latest movie adaptation. Iko is the best! . Love your wrap-up!

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