Hi everyone, it’s Farah. Today, I’m
going to be sharing a very large October book haul. I bought a lot of books this
month. First of all I bought some at the beginning of October. There was
just a handful, really. I got sent one book and the rest I bought from the Big
Bad Wolf Book Sale that took place in Dubai, and it was fantastic, and I bought
a lot of books. I think this is the first time while filming this that I’m taking a
better look, and a closer look at the books that I’ve bought. So let’s find out
what I actually got there. But first of all, I wanted to start out with the books
that I bought outside of the book sale. The first one being, Lady Chatterley’s
Lover by D H Lawrence. This is the
classic Penguin classic clothbound edition. This was a bit of an erotic tale
for its time, at least D H Lawrence’s time, so I’m curious to see how this
turns out. And there is an adaptation that I’m eager to watch. I’m very eager
to watch it. But like, not in a weird way. It’s one of those things where I want to
read the book first, so I got this one. The next book I got is actually a
graphic novel and it is Algeria is Beautiful Like America by Mehdi Grand
and Olivia Burton. I’m not really certain what this book is about, but I saw the
title and I flipped through the drawings in here, the illustration. I hope I’m not
showing you a spoiler. And I thought it was really interesting and I love books
that have a sort of Arabic theme or Arabic cultural theme to it, so I’m
curious to see how this is going to be balanced here. I believe it’s about a
woman who lives in America and hasn’t really connected with her roots in Algeria and so she decides to visit one day and discover for herself where she really comes from. The next book I bought is Jenny Finn
by Mike Mignola Tori Nixie Troy Dixie Farrell Daryl imple and Dave
Stewart. A lot of people contributed to this graphic novel. And it’s a graphic
novel ,so it’s got this style of drawing if you guys are interested, and it seems
like a nice spooky read that I thought would be great for this month. So I’m
hoping to get around to reading this one sometime soon. So one book that I received this month is Sadie by Courtney Summers. This is a
story about the mystery of a girl who goes on this chase after the
murderer of her sister and then inadvertently becomes the heroine of a
podcast series. I received this in my Scribbler Box for September, but I
received it in October. So check out my video down below if you want to see what
else I got on that box. It was pretty cool actually. It’s a writer’s box. Check
it out. And finally another book that I received this month from the author
herself is Big Little Steps by Mathilde Loujayne and this is a woman’s guide to
finding a balanced lifestyle and a glowing heart in Islam. This is
actually pretty cool, I was looking through the pages and it’s got some
illustrations. It’s got this really cool sort of how-to guide on, not
necessarily being a Muslim, but understanding Islam if you are curious. I
believe it just emulates the values of Islam and not necessarily shoves
anything down anyone’s throat. Just talking about this– it’s really hard to see
in the camera– but just talking about what it means to be Muslim I feel. And maybe also answering some of the preconceptions about Islam or some of
the glaring questions that people just don’t know. Like, What is halal food? And
what are Muslim woman’s rights? That’s a very good question, because I feel like
most people don’t think they have any. What do modesty, humbleness, and fashion have in common? So these are just some of the questions that this book I believe
addresses. So if you guys are curious about Islam I feel like this is a really
nice sort of how-to guide into the thoughts and values of
Islam. So yeah. Oh my god, I got a letter! So those were the books that I got
outside of the book sale. I am going to just jump right into the books that I
got from the book sale. So the first book I got is How Does it Feel to Be A
Problem? by Mustafa Bayoumi, being young and Arab in America. I’m usually
attracted to books like these. the Arabic says: “…” Says the same thing. Means the same thing. It’s a book that
talks about seven 20-somethings living in Brooklyn, home to the largest
Arab American population of the United States, and it talks about moving
beyond stereotypes and cliches and struggles of being Arab and Muslim
in America. The next book I got is Adios Happy Homeland by Ana Menéndez and it’s
this really cute cover. I think it was probably a cover buy. So. And
it also got really good reviews. It’s a group of interlinked tales that
challenges our preconceptions of storytelling. It’s one of those things
where you want to read more about other cultures and other places. Latin America
is definitely one of that I’m really curious about. So yeah. It’s one of
those like cool diverse reads that I’d like to get into. Another book
that I got is When We Were Romans by Matthew Neal. It looks like this is
about a nine year old who is essentially the man of the family. They seem to be
having problems with their father so they moved to Rome, and it is a haunting
psychological novel and another masterful work from the author of the
prize-winning English Passengers. Sounds like a coming– well not necessarily
coming of age– but a struggling-to -survive-and-make-ends-meet-type story
which I find really interesting to read about. The next book I got is
Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty and she’s the author of Big Little Lies
and I haven’t read Big Little Lies. I made a conscious decision to watch the
show instead of reading the book. But I do want to pick up some Liane
Moriarty and this was the first book that I came across. It is about thirty
three-year-old triplets that attract attention everywhere they go. Each one of
them is going through her own thing. This deals with sibling rivalry, and secrets,
and revelations, and relationships, and unfaithful husbands, and an unthinkable
decision, and the fabulous frustrating life of forever being part of a trio.
Interesting take on a triplet story and I’m curious to find out more. Seems like
a family drama kind of epic type thing. The next book I got is the Heart
and it is by Maylis de Kerangal a novel translated by Sam Taylor, and I saw this
and it immediately attracted my attention. I love the format of the book,
the size, the cover, the idea of it and it talks about, if I remember
correctly, about this man who gets into an accident and requires a heart transplant and he gets this woman’s heart transplanted into his body. Next
book I got is Sarah Winman’s A Year of Marvelous Ways. The sticker here. I tried to
peel it off and it didn’t work but I feel like there are ways where you can
do it effectively without ruining the book. This is a story about two people:
one older person, I believe, 80-something and a soldier who has just left World
War…which one? World War II. The Second World War, and it’s just about how they
bond and battle their demons together. Next book I got is Manhattan Beach by
Jennifer Egan. She is the Pulitzer Prize winner of A Visit From The Goon Squad
and I’ve heard a lot of great things about Manhattan Beach and I think it was
nominated for something. I just can’t remember. And this is a story about
a 12 year old who accompanies her father to visit Dexter Styles a man who she gleans is crucial to the survival of her family.
She is mesmerized by the sea beyond the house and by some charged mystery between the two men. When her father goes missing, she
collaborates with Styles and they go on this journey and they go across places
and there’s a map and there are pirates I believe. Was there a pirate at some
point? Soldiers, pirates, the whole thing, and it just seems like a really
cool fictional tale and adventure and a mystery at the same time. The next book I
got is Arab Jazz by Karim Miske and it is the winner of the English Pen
Award. It is set in Paris and it revolves around a protagonist called Ahmed who
gets involved in a murder that takes place in the apartment right above his
and it just goes from there really. Sounds like it’s interesting and it’s
just… Arab jazz sounds really cool! The next book I got is The End of The Day by
Claire North and this one sounds really interesting. She is the author of
The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August and while I didn’t love the book because I
was mostly confused, I did enjoy the concept of that story. But this one is
actually really cool because I love stories that have that sort of vibe about
death visiting, and that sort of thing. Charlie meets everyone, but only once. You
meet him in the hospital, in a war zone, or at the scene of a traffic accident,
then again you might meet him in the North Pole. Charlie gets everywhere.
Sometimes he is sent as a courtesy, sometimes as a warning. Either way,
it will be the most important meeting of your life. Doesn’t that sound cool? The
next book I got is The Opposite House by Helen Oyeyemi. It seems like a really
good short tale to get introduced to Helen Oyeyemi’s style. I just haven’t read anything by her. I believe that I own two books already by
her, but I just haven’t, like I said, just really… But this is a short one that
talks about two women on alternating paths that come together while in London.
The next book I got is Panic In A Suitcase by Yelena Akhtiorskaya. This cover is so pretty, by the way. And also might have been a cover buy, a little bit. But also because of that
diversity. This is a story about a family who goes back to Brooklyn, America after
the collapse of the Soviet Union, and it’s just about finding the comforts of home in a new home. Next, I got two books by Emily St. John Mandel. First one is A Singer’s Gun and the second one is The Lola Quartet. I think
both of them deal with the a mystery and I’m curious to see how they play out.
Oh are the covers from the inside colored? Whoa. The next book I got
is The Good Thief by Hannah Tinta. This book is about a young boy who
lost his left hand, and this man who shows up at the orphanage claiming to be
his brother, and telling him he knows how he lost his hand, but is this man who he
says he is? And I believe this is being compared to Treasure Island. Then I got
Under the Black Flag, the romance and the reality of life among the Pirates by
David Cordingly. And I love pirates. So. The next book I got is Prayers for the
Stolen by Jennifer Clement. Oh I’m not really sure if you say Clement or just
Clement. This is a story about a girl in Mexico, where mothers disguise their
daughters to protect them from the roving cartels and where being a girl is a
dangerous thing. She ends up working for a wealthy family and falls in love but a murder takes place and one of her friend is implicated. And a plot
ensues from there, and it’s about her surviving this also. One other really
pretty cover. And finally, that’s the last book guys. The
last book I got is Science and Islam: A History. You can’t really see it very
well by Ehsan Masood. Again this goes like way back to obviously the Quran, where
some scientific discoveries tie back to stuff that was mentioned in the
Quran, and it’s just a really cool tie-in. I feel like I would be really interested
in this, or maybe it talks about Muslim inventors. You know? It talks about all
that. This is gonna be a really enlightening read. I am excited
for this. Yes, I am. These are all the books I bought. Please let me know if
you’ve read any of the books that I’ve mentioned or hauled in here. I’d be
really curious just to kind of get a taste or a sense of what to expect
because a lot of the books that I bought I just kind of went into it really blind
or because I just knew that author. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you guys
enjoyed this video. And I will see you with my next one. Bye!

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  1. Can't see this vid. Some prob w utube servers.
    [later] Now utube says this vid requires payment to watch. What???
    still later. utube straightened itself out. I see u got 2 Mandel books. Yea CanLit! Hope u have fun reading them.

  2. I read The Good Thief years ago and really enjoyed it. Funnily, I was looking through my bookshelf just yesterday and thought I should read it again!

  3. There's a bookstore in Malaysia called BookXcess, they're the one behind Big Bad Wolf events. And the bookstore itself also sell discounted books and open 24 hours. So it's basically Big Bad Wolf all year long. I went there last month and unexpectedly bought like 30 books, and lots of them are on my wishlist!

  4. Watching this instead of finishing an assignment I have for Uni but I just couldn't help myself not to watch. Amazing video as usual 🙂

  5. I love the classics 🐧Penguin covers. They are so pretty 😍 All of these books sound so interesting, it's a good haul 🤗

  6. Big Little Steps sounds wonderful! I really enjoyed learning about Islam in my World Religions class but I would definitely like to get a more detailed picture, especially from a writer who practices it.
    Also I really appreciate your adding captions! I don't have a hearing impairment but my auditory information processing is just awful so it really helps to have them.
    Ooh Prayers for the Stolen sounds so good and so powerful.
    Lots of gorgeous covers in this haul!

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