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100 thoughts on “Bill Cosby’s Legacy Forever Tarnished By Sexual Assault Conviction | TODAY

  1. We need to stop idolizing celebrities! We don’t know who these people really are! We only see their public persona.

  2. Those women should take responsibility for their actions too…WHY did they go to his hotel..mansion..penthouse…and not meet on a public place? they wanted money..n they need it NOW….they knew this man was married and WHY did they wait so long to take him to coury. he is 80 years old…and reading off of a piece of not authentic….remembering just like yesterday is REAL….

  3. Just like harvey now…he can lament in jail now about it…no one is above the law…trump is next…

  4. It took how many years for these women to come forward??? I'm sorry I don't believe any of them because there is no proof.

  5. Shady.  I don't believe it.  Nobody said boo about him until he started speaking up about the problems in the black community in a way that the left didn't want to hear.  They did this to Hermann Cain, and they try it against every black man who dares to step off the plantation.  If this was a real thing, these women should have come forward years and years ago.  I'm not blind.  Every time a man is being slandered with sexual impropriety now, I look to see how the left stands to gain from it.  Gotta wake up and smell what's going on, y'all.  He may not be lily-white innocent, but maybe he was just a little bit dusty, and they instead made up some deep mud to drag him through.

  6. He even drugged women who were in consensual sexual relationships with him. Makes you wonder if he had this done to him. It's as if he was conditioned to sexually respond to someone being abused. That's a childhood sexual abuse reaction.

  7. i am able to seperate the man from his art, I dont condone what he did but i love his work like fat albert and the cosby show and i will always love those shows and what he did for comedy.

  8. I never thought this perv was funny. I always thought his facial expressions were creepy, not funny

  9. What some of these racist white supremacist and white people fail to realize is they are pushing this country into a race war more or less a war between good and evil. The Battle Of Armageddon.

  10. NO IT'S NOT. Bill Cosby was in the process of purchasing NBC before all this BS came out on him, think about that. I grew up on Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids / the Brown Hornet on Saturday mornings in the late 60s and 70s, my favorite Bill Cosby character was Mongo Slade in let's do it again n 1975, some of the movie was filmed in Atlanta Georgia and New Orleans. He hasn't done anything any worse than anyone else in Hollywood or in the world for us that matters. There is no one sin greater than the other. If Hugh Hefner was still alive they would be going after him to now just like they are with Tom Brokaw.

  11. You have to separate the art for what it is. Ok he's been found guilty but his art as a comedian and actor doesn't change because of this.

  12. Bill Cosby one of the most admired men on the planet? Perhaps in the US. But not in Europe, Asia or SouthAmerica.

  13. That was the whole point of these false claims, Amerikkka don’t want to see powerful black men ever.

  14. Bill, even though I don’t approve of what you did and feel you should be held accountable in some way, I just wanted to say that I still like your humor from years ago. And although your legacy is forever tarnished, hopefully people will at least partially look past that and remember you for your comedic genius

  15. At 3:35, the announcer lists 2 of his heroes. Both BLACK. Thats fine. Many.whites would list Cosby as a hero too.

  16. The media is so full of it! The man just heard that he was found guilty on three counts of sexual assault that he says he did not do AND that he could be sentenced up to 30 years in prison AND he hears the prosecutor beg the judge to send him straight to prison because "he has a plane"! which he denies owning and they are stunned to hear him call the Prosecutor an A-hole!? They want to break and humble him. I think he is already broken, what more do they want?

  17. as a white man at age 64 this whole thing with Cosby I also find very painful this is a huge disappointment for all Americans

  18. I would flee the country with all that time and money to. Why did in a US prison when you have the entire world?!?!

  19. I separate art from the artist. That is a big theme in the news cycles recently: people who have done, created, spoke positivity into our universe who have also put negativity into the same space. The Ying and the Yang of it all. We all have two wolves which do we feed and which do we starve and what happens when we indulge both? Humanity is complicated no one is good or bad they just show us more of one rather than more of the other.

  20. Always is important separate the man from the artist, l think the power makes the people as Cosby break themselves, so it was what happened with him


  22. He is a predator who relies on everyone having cognative dissonance. He's the worst kind of scum! Why couldn't he have just screwed willing women? I'm sure he could have found some or pay a prostitute for God's sake. He had plenty of money. But NO he like d his women passed out. probably a necrophiliac.

  23. Women's are using their rights in the wrong way… We need to control it! Surely bill Cosby cant sexually assault all of them, it is impossible and why didn't the first lady report about it… This was planned -_-

  24. I loved Bill and his work, from Fat Albert to Cliff and everything else he did. But now that the mask has been ripped off, the truth is exposed. I'm sooo disappointed. He needs to pay for those heinous crimes. But of greatest importance, of course, is that he has to ask God for forgiveness. I'll pray for him and for his victims.

  25. He didnt say I dont have a plane, he said " He doesnt have a plane you a-hole" referring to himself as third person….thats kinda weird, but then again this whole thing is.


  27. Money does't exempt you from the sword of white supremacy.They have a plan set to get your booty if you play their game without the knowledge of their set codes and rules.they give you the joker and control the entire deck!

  28. Mr.Cosby made choices in his life. He used his huge positive persona to cover his dark side of his personality. He went on to continue being inappropriate by drugging young woman by luring them into his presence and then raping them. The court system has gone too far to the left in allowing lawyers to allowing a put together story to bring reasonable doubt into the matter. It’s wrong, they need to be allowed some leeway but not to the level of using a trumpeted up tactic to get guilty people off.

  29. I worked in a career where I had the opportunity to meet numerous celebrities. 70% of them were absolute jerks. Stop believing their private personas match their public facades!

  30. They making bill pay the price for all that fame he had he danced wit the devil now he got to pay and it's a lot more of them on the way

  31. These days, American Idol, DWTS, TBBT, & The Voice doesn't even come close to the 70 million viewers The Cosby Show had at the peak of its popularity in 1985 to 1989

  32. And they still lying all them women's right now today and its 2019 and that man locked up for nothing he didn't do they just jealous of black people they think they can't never come up so they try to take everything from one way or another

  33. These days, shows such as The Voice, TBBT, & Idol doesn't even come close to the 70 MILLION viewers The Cosby Show had at the height of its popularity from 1985 to 1990

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