Black Sabbath 50 years exhibition launch in Birmingham

[Applause and cheering from the crowd] Alexander Milas:
Ladies and gentleman once again give it up for these magnificent people. [Applause and cheering from the crowd] Alexander:
Ask you the most obvious question. What does it mean to you to be standing here seeing your music celebrated in this way? Tony Iommi:
I can’t describe it. It is fantastic. It is a great honour for us to be here and great to see you all. Alexander:
Geezer what does it feel like seeing 50 years of your musical history preserved in this way? Geezer Butler:
It is incredible. You just don’t realise that 50 years has gone by so fast. And walking around the exhibition just brings back a lot of memories. You can’t believe it was so long ago. It is great that it is here in Birmingham. Tony:
We were only 3. [Audience laughs] Alexander:
What are some of your favourite objects? What memories were conjured in the creation of this project? Geezer:
I think that all the hard work that has gone into it has been overwhelming to me. You can tell there is a hell of a lot of work gone into it a lot of thought. And it is great that all the fans stuff has been involved in it. I love the motorbike by the way. Tony:
Have you seen it yet? Have you been around? Alexander:
We are going to go down in a few minutes. Tony:
It is great. There is some great stuff. We were really impressed with it. It is marvellous. Alexander:
What does it mean to you to see it not just a celebration of your history but also a celebration of Birmingham and the Black Country? The fact it came from here. Does it make you proud that it has been set up and acknowledged in this way? Tony:
I can’t hear. Alexander:
How does it make you feel to see the history of Birmingham and the Black Country your home town celebrated and acknowledged in this way? Tony:
It is fantastic. For us to have this happen. All the things that’s happening for Sabbath now after all these years Birmingham finally accepting us and made a big thing of it. It is a great thing for the fans. For people to come and look at and see. We were impressed with it. It is great. We were trying to nick half the stuff. [Audience laughs] Geezer:
We’ve got the security making sure we don’t steal anything. But it is great. I said to Tony can you imagine when we started in Aston that this would end up like this? It is absolutely amazing. Alexander:
How does it feel to see artefacts related to your history sitting along other priceless works of art? Is it surreal for you? Geezer:
The whole thing surreal to me. [Audience laughs] The place I used to come when I was a kid because it was free. Walk here from Aston every weekend. And to come and see Black Sabbath the great big gold logo of Black Sabbath is amazing. Alexander:
I think I am speaking for everyone here when I say it is absolutely brilliantly deserved. Thank you so much for everything you have done. Thank you for all the work you have done with Lisa Meyer. Please give a huge round of applause. [Applause and cheering from the crowd] Tony:
Thank you.

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  1. Godfathers of Doom
    Thank you Birmingham for everything in celebrating 50 years of our Black Sabbath. We the fans love them as they love us. m/

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