BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket – Elite Cosplay: Meet the Judges

Greetings friends. I’m Darin De Paul and this is Elite Cosplay. Let’s meet this year’s contest judges. Jessica Dru Johnson, a Senior Artist on the Cinematics team. Lorraine Torres a Compatibility Analyst with Operations. And Steven Dwyer, a Tools Engineer on the World of Warcraft team. Let’s hear about what’s new. We have a lot of new changes this year,
including categories. We’re celebrating
how diverse our cosplays are, from groups, to effects, to huge builds. Additionally, we’re going to be having
an exhibition stage where everyone can show off
what they’ve made. Every year we get to see some
of the most incredible cosplay. The exhibition stage is the perfect place for everyone to showcase their work. Well I know that’s got me curious. If you want to find out more information, use the link below. We’ve already been looking
at some of your submissions for this year. We’re really excited by what we see. So if you want to join us
in the next episode where we delve into that process,
please do. Until then, from the three judges,
thanks very much. See you next time on Elite Cosplay.

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