BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket – The Vault: Overwatch

Hello. I’m Darin De Paul. I’m here at Blizzard’s Irvine campus to get a rare peek inside the Blizzard Vault, to share with all of you the legendary treasures that are collected and stored within its very walls. Let’s get vaulting… right now! Right this way!
I am so excited for you to see this! Right behind this door. This super-cool squeaky door. Oh, yeah! -Joanna!
-Darin, hey! Tell me a bit about your job. I’m the librarian and archivist
at Blizzard Entertainment. What I do is make sure that all of our employees here have access to everything they could possibly need for their jobs. We’ve got original art, statues, prototypes, sketches, molds, digital items. Everything that we want
to preserve for the future. -I’m a really big fan of Overwatch.
-Oh, are you? -Yes. Surprised, I’m sure.
-I kind of am. Any special Overwatch items we could see? You know, I think we have
just the perfect item for you. What? And here it is. Oh, my goodness. Joanna, it’s… glorious! -Can I have it?
-No. Then just tell me all about it,
and then you can give it to me. This is an example of sometimes we create items
that don’t have a direct use yet. When that happens,
we still want people to enjoy it, so we’ll bring it to campus, let our employees enjoy it, and maybe, one day,
other people will get to enjoy it as well. So I’m one of the first people outside
of Blizzard employees to see this? Yes, nobody outside of Blizzard
has seen this. -Thank you for sharing this.
-Any time. -Can I have it?
-No. What is the Blizzard Vault? There’s a physical vault, and that’s where we store
a lot of our items in climate control, to make sure
that they’re preserved for future use. But we also like to show off our items. So you’ll see many of the things
on display throughout Blizzard. These Overwatch weapons are amazing. Not as amazing as the Reinhardt hammer
you showed me, but I’m biased on that one. But who made these? I’m seeing a lot
of different names on the plaques. We work with many large-scale vendors
and studios, as well as community members. So, after the weapons
are done being crafted for whatever project
they were using them for, then we’ll take them and archive them, preserve them for the future, and sometimes they’ll show up
in the museum. That’s amazing. What actually makes an item Vault-worthy? So, anything that’s going to be
super helpful to people now and in the future. Anything that’s going to show
or be a really good example of our culture here at Blizzard. Everybody then becomes
a part of the history of Blizzard. My name is Justin Rasch and I’m an animator for Blizzard Cinematics. What are these two legendary items that
we’re looking at in the archive today? Two puppets used
in the short film Trace n Bake, that was created for
the Overwatch Anniversary by me and my wife Shel. So, this year, what’s super awesome is that fans get to actually bid
on these two items in our BlizzCon charity auction, and give fans that opportunity
to take something from our Vault home, and take care of it,
and love it as much as we would here. Yeah, that’s fantastic. -It’s one of a kind.
-I know. This is the first stop-motion
that’s ever been done at Blizzard, ever. -That’s what makes these so special.
-That’s Blizzard history.

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  1. I've just started playing Reinhardt consistently, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks Darin makes the character

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