Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso. Epic Rap Battles of History

60 thoughts on “Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso. Epic Rap Battles of History

  1. ERB Season 6 will begin in Spring 2019. In the meantime you can check out our second channel ERB2, as we are uploading some 'flash in the pan' rap battle videos to help keep you entertained while waiting for S6. So far we have done Larry Bird vs Big Bird, PewDiePie vs T-Series and Ronald McDonald. Check them out. np & eL

  2. You shoudlve done bob ross vs mr rogers and they spend the whole battle complementing each other

  3. The main demographic for this video probably speak English and know way more about Ross than about Picasso or his work (plus they saw him on TV, grew up with him, etc) so I'm not surprised to see most people think Ross won. However, while Picasso in real life is one of the most important artists ever to exist, Bob… had a nice TV show. We wouldn't even have Bob Ross without Picasso. I love how this is expressed in the lyrics with the difference between their names, one being riddiculously regal and epic and other just a simple three letter word. Overall, amazing rap battle. And I gotta admit the "blue period" line is genius AF

  4. I finally got my top 5 favorite erb in no particular order.
    Gandhi vs MLKJ
    Ronald McDonald vs Burger King
    Billy Mays vs Ben Franklin
    Gordon Ramsay vs Julia Child
    Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso

  5. My favorite part of this is when Pabli turns on the TV to go back to Bob, you can see people from the other ERBs who were also on PBS
    Mr. Rogers, Doctor Who and Billy Mays (PBS plays infomercials late at night).

  6. ThiS, wUZ DEFINITELY One of the BEST BATTLES in the Whole History of ERB!!!!🤩❤!

    YeW just Cain't Beat that BeaT!!!

    But it was also one of the Hardest to Judge,

    As Both BaddasS Boyz- Rockin RosS & Power Picasso were ON IT!!!

    But if Anything, I gots 2 give a Technical Knockout to Fab Pab,

    He kinda got me with this left JaB:

    "Don't u use that word like u Know what it is, u painted 30 Thousand pictures of Bushes & Sticks"!


    And followed up with a Right CrosS on RosS when he started runnin down his Names!

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