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  1. If you thought Catelyn and Bran were "boring as always", you need to go back and read stuff within the context of the later books. As for Catelyn, I actually like the insight for the inner workings of things that come with her, I know everyone hates her, but she is still the smartest female character in the book(Dany? Cersei? Hah! Read the later books)… in fact, Robb's reign as King of the North would have been much more comfortable had he actually heeded his mother's advice.

  2. I know you can't say much but I was diss appointed by comments on Haines story line. There is so much deepth most readers agree this book makes him arguably the most complex character.

  3. I've gone through em all and I agree- A Storm of Swords is the best – A dance with Dragons is definitely my second favorite followed by A Game of Thrones – A Clash of Kings and Feast for Crows are a distant 4th and 5th- it's like all the odd number books are awesome and the even numbered ones are "meh"

  4. I Just WISH George wouldn't have killed of the RED VIPER. He was pretty dope for not being a feature character and only being apart of half the book.

  5. Yes, Storm may be the climactic orgasm of the series. I watched Season 1 in one weekend. Then gobbled up Books 2 and 3 in three weeks (that's never happened before since I typically only read comic books). I tried Feast but got bored and read through wiki instead.. same with Dances.. although that chapter on Reek gave me the chills.

  6. This book was crazy. The only character in my mind that was boring was Bran. Everything else just kicks ass. I havnt read many books but this one is my favorite by far.
    Nice video btw.

  7. Feast for Crows has a slow start, and there's a few POVs that aren't always easy to go through (Cersei's for me) but overall there's a lot in it that's worth the read. Some of the most intense scenes in the series are in that book in my opinion.

  8. Whahaahahahaaaaaa?? Sansa is "playing the game"? Sansa is the definition of "piece" in GoT if I ever saw one, there are indications that she MIGHT someday become player, but not too soon. Players are such as Doran Martell, Littlefinger, Varys, Ilyrio Mopatis, Tyrion, Tywin, Queen of Thorns. The rest are pieces.

  9. i am reading game of thrones and i need to read book 4 before the fourth season comes on because i want to read it before the season comes out!

  10. Jamie was never a jackass. The change his character suffers is from being a realistic man to being a less realistic man. Jamie and Sandor are the same, but while Sandor stays the same, Jamie goes from being smart to being less smart.

  11. i think this is by far the best in the series so far. I'm about 200 pages away from finishing A Feast for Crows. Im hoping the ending is just as good as the ending in SoS but i dont see how that could really happen. :0

  12. Dammit, that overly-emotional bitch was getting on my nerves. I was almost relieved when I didn't have to read her endless whining anymore.

  13. i felt sorry reading catlyns chapters. She watched all she had left crumble (her father, all her sons and her hopes of living). Cut her some slack! You would fare no better

  14. The second half of the book was just so action-packed. Season 4, which will cover it, will easily be the best season if they don't mess this up. Can't wait.

  15. I love hearing first time readers talk about Bran chapters as boring. They are the most interesting by far. You get all the back story if you read in between the lines.

  16. why you don't open this 1500 page book i want see it fron inside 
    i remamber fist sentece :
    "Dragons" said Mollander hhhh 

  17. @Ben Kuettel This is true, but IMO we don't see enough of him in ADWD. Hopefully he has a bigger presence in the winds of winter.

  18. We're like completely different!! My fav chapters are Dany, Cat, Arya, Sansa, Bran and Tyrion… At least in this book!! Actually in all of the books, plus Cersei, Arianne and I kinda liked Quentyn's chapters!!

  19. My only complaint…finishing it has likely ruined my watching of season 4. I tried to stop. Even put it down for a month, midway through. But then the previews started… And I told myself one chapter wouldn't hurt…then two…then… OMFG. I feel like a binge drinker…so ashamed…yet so very, very satisfied.

  20. My only complaint…finishing it has likely ruined my watching of season 4. I tried to stop. Even put it down for a month, midway through. But then the previews started… And I told myself one chapter wouldn't hurt…then two…then… OMFG. I feel like a binge drinker…so ashamed…yet so very, very satisfied.

  21. are you my soulmate , cuz girl I agree on every tiny bit you just said , bran chapters waere so annoying and stretched out for no reason , every chapter could've been 5 pages or so , but nooooo , it's just annoying , I also hate denerys part as well not like they way I hated it before but still , she's annoying , sansa was okay , she had her moments and some moments were bleh , I totally agree with you on jonsnow sometimes it's really good sometimes it's not
    , and god I love arya her courage her love for revenge was just reflecting my thoughts , cat is annoying but good annoying not bad , I liked jamie parts when he was with brienne , maybe because I love brienne as a character but after that it gets less interesting , sam was a good add on it was okay , Tyrion had the most drama going on I liked his chapters the most ( after arya for sure )

  22. Just finished the book today. Tyrions chapters were the most enjoyable by far! Was very surprised of how i lost interest in jons story so quickly! Samwells too. But overall in the book, Tyrions, Jamies, Robs and Denerys are most enjoyable. where as Jons, Samwells and Brans chapters not so much! loved the book though and on to A feast for crows! 🙂

  23. Just finished this book yesterday, it was a terrific read all the way through; didn't mind the Bran chapters because I think Martin is setting him up for an awesome story line down the road.  Can't wait for all these characters and plot threads to come together in the end and we finally see who will rule Westeros.

  24. I was in a state of disillusion for about 2 weeks after the major incident. U know what I am referring to… Never has anything in any form of fiction make me feel that way. And I loved every second of that feeling 🙂

  25. SPOILER ALERT..if you havnt seen the 3rd and 4th season of the show or read this book…

    LMAO 2:50 … Astapor, Yunkai, and Meereen are not free cities.  They revolve around slave trading, hence "Slaver's Bay."  Daenerys did make them "free" i suppose you could say though.  I'm sure you just made an honest mistake 😉

  26. I agree. I'm not a fan of Bran's chapters. I'm about to start this book, just having finished Clash of Kings today. Great review!

  27. uh hi.. i wanted to ask you a question.. could you tell me if there is a difference between these two books and if yes, what are they? and do i need to read vol2 too before going on with the 4th book? and is vol1 just the standard version of"a storm of swords" or?
    it would be so nice of you to answer me this, since i can't seem to find this out on my own haha
    uhm yeah.. thanks!

  28. I HATED Bran in the show and I think that was largely because his whole goal/quest was just so strangely under explained. He has to go north of the wall and do some extremely vague things for extremely vague reasons. You're just like "m'kay Bran's going to go do…whatever he's doing I guess" Strangely in the book it's still fairly vague where exactly Bran is going and what he's doing there but it was just built up over the course of 3 novels in a way that made it feel a lot more important and it gave me a desire to figure out just what all this stuff with him was about. I like Bran in the book a lot more than in the show.

  29. I thought all of Jon's chapters were great! he's one of my favorite characters and once he ran into Ygritte his storyline became my favorite. 🙂

  30. I'm reading it right now amd I have felt, I have lived, what you said. Martin just has this way of making a person go, eh?

  31. Finished it a couple of weeks ago (Oh Greek translation is kind of shit but ok) and came to watch a review.Even it is 3 years old I have to say that I agree with some things but I have to argue for others.For me,Bran's story is a little bit of interesting,just for me.Another thing that I must say it's not related to the review but to the whole concept and writing of the books.Sometimes you have to read 20 pages of a character,what makes the book boring.I mean,you have to read 20 FCKING PAGES for Dany or Sansa,even Brienne (in Feast for Crows).And,something about the TV series… Where the heck is Lady Stoneheart? Must really be on the 6th season…

  32. Funny, Bran and Jon were my favorite chapters. I love Bran and Jojens magic warging, and greenseeing abilities and the mystery of why they are going north of the wall. Jon with the wildlings was fascinating to me. I loved finally getting to see what Mance Rayder is up to.

  33. i am about 2 thirds into the book and if joffery doesn't die by the end im going to stop reading the series… ok, I'll keep reading but I wont be satisefyed until his guts are ripped out of him while he's alive and can feel every second of it and then his head is mounted on a spike… i hate that little *******************************

  34. I just imagine that George just sits there writing the books with a wheel next to him that has the names of every character on it and every 10 minutes he spins the wheel to decide who he's gonna kill next.

  35. Just finished it yesterday. Definitely the best book so far in the series. Jaime and Tyrion's chapters were my favorite. The longest book I have read by far, felt like a book and a half, like it should of ended shortly after a certain wedding and the next book would pick up from there. I think I might take a break from ASoIaF though, I'm not super excited to read the next one based on what I've heard from other readers, eventually though. Great review!

  36. You were so lucky to be able to read this book before the TV show came out! I was spoiled through all the books, except a bit from A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons.

  37. GRRM originally imagined this series as a trilogy, but he realized the books would be too long so he split them into 7 books. A Storm of Swords was originally going to be the entire climax of the first book in the trilogy.

  38. Jaime is the MVP in Storm of Swords for me. I'd say the Epilogue is my fav but… it's not a main POV. So gonna go with Jaime. Tyrion is my fav in GoT and CoK, Jaime in SoS, Cersei in FfC, and Jon in DwD. So for the most part I love the internal conflicts of the Lannisters.

  39. Why there is so much hate on Bran's chapters ? Their are great
    He's little boy, lost his dream and his family.. And have nothing
    Even the major characters were awesome ( Jojen – Meera – Hodor )
    The solemnly way of Jojen, and the vision he saw
    The courage of Meera and the way she fights..
    Just waiting for TWOW to read Bran's chapters again

  40. Tyrion is actually in no way a master of the game. He spends his whole time worrying about Cersei and being played by Varys. Varys and Littlefinger are the only true masters of the game, and perhaps Doran Martell.

  41. I don't find Bran's sections boring at all in this one, but that's because I have a feeling he's gonna be the most powerful character pretty much very soon

  42. this book fucking amazing, I haven't touch a book made out of paper since I left school. this probably the only book that can tie me to my chair for hours with out getting bored or losing concentration.

  43. I liked Bran's chapters.. with those stories they mentioned in it provide so much history… great background and all

  44. So I bet you loved Dany and Arya in season 7. I loved Arya and Brienne sparring. Dany's field of fire 2.0 was amazing too. I disagree with you about Bran. His movements have perhaps more purpose than any other character.

    I loved this review though. Best book I've ever read in the high fantasy genre.

  45. 3:05 I disagree that Sansa kicked any butt in the beginning.

    Does Jaime get his hand cut off in this one? I'm only on page 60.

    I do book reviews on my main channel sometimes.

  46. Some people ask me sometimes if they can skip seasons of the show or books, and it's just like… No… No you can't, it would be like if you started reading halfway through a book, or just joined in the middle of a movie, it would make no sense.

  47. Favourite in the series:
    1)Feast for Crows
    2)Dance with Dragons
    3)Clash of Kings
    4)Storm of Swords
    5)Game of thrones

  48. I loved bran's chapters. His warg powers were so interesting. How could you not like him? And I hate sansas pov.

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