BOOKEXPO & BOOK CON HAUL (pt. 1) || 2018

I’m back! Hey guys, it’s Emily! I’m
recently back from BEA / Book Con, which was just amazing. I had the most
wonderful time ,and I also got lots of books. So I’m gonna talk about that! And
before anyone asks, “Emily where are your glasses?” They are somewhere in New York
City… I lost them in my friend’s apartment and cannot find them. I have no
idea where they are. So I have new glasses I’ll know why on the way out but
for now I just gotta live with contacts contacts are great in certain context
but they also make my I was really dry like very dry so I don’t like wearing
them all that much but I have two now the first book that I have is the
gentleman’s guide to vice and virtue by Mackenzie lead this is something that
I’ve already read and I own a copy of it so I’m probably gonna be doing a
giveaway around this we’ll see I’m probably going to this is the owl crate
edition I won this at a raffle in the Owl Creek booth so that was very cool
this is aya historical fiction with a couple fantastical elements woven in I
think if I remember correctly we follow moment II who was going on a grand tour
of Europe with his best friend Percy we fell in love with and his sister
Felicity and it is just so much fun I could not have given two shits about the
plot of this because I just loved following the characters around it’s a
really fun time next I have the seven and a half and I have seven and a half
this is the seven and a half deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stewart Curtin this
is thriller with some speculative fiction II aspects of it Evelyn
Hardcastle is going to die unless the main character whose name is Aidan
Bishop can figure out who is going to kill her and stop it before it happens
the thing is every single day he wakes up in a new body those new bodies all
have a varying degree of skill and ability and things like that that Aidan
can kind of tap into as he tries to solve this crime that’s what’s going on
here this is the 7 deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle in the UK in Canada but the
title was changed for the US Edition I don’t know why from a Content reason but
I do know that there’s also the 7 deaths of Evelyn Hugo which is a historical
fiction old Hollywood type book that is very different from this
I think a lot of people have confused this with Evelyn Yubel because seven and
Evelyn and how many book titles are there going to be with that phrasing
well – so now we have second half I’m excited about it next we have odd one
out by Nick Stone this is why a contemporary and it’s very vague
otherwise I think based on the little letter that Nick Stone has inside and
some of the blurb stuff it is about three different teens all coming to
terms with their sexuality and having questions around that and trying to
figure out how they feel and what that means and what is going on I really
enjoyed dear Martin so I’m really looking forward to picking this up next
I have a heart in a body in the world by Deb Coletti and this we call a teen girl
who goes on these massive cross-country runs and she gains a lot of publicity
because of these runs but also because of some events of her past and I believe
she witnessed was somehow involved in a school shooting running is what she has
found helps her cope with the PTSD of that event and I am so excited to read
this next I have there there might tell me orange this is a finished copy which
I’m very excited about this is a multi-generational story that is
centered around the big Oakland pow wow it looks at native identity and memory
and a lot of the violence and loss associated with that and I am so excited
about this this has been on my radar so it was one of my top summer anticipated
releases which is a video that I’m going to film and put up soon very excited to
pick this up next I have the wall of all flesh by Ambrose parry Ambrose Perry is
actually a pseudonym for a husband and wife pair it is the award-winning author
Chris Berg fire and his wife who is an anesthesiologist dr. Marissa huisman
hates me this is historical fiction that was sold to me as a cross between the
Alienist and this is set in 1847 we follow a young
doctor and in Umbra there are women found dead in very
gruesome and similar circumstances and he gets pulled involved into the
investigation as does a servant in his house or something like that his
housemaid Sarah Fisher who is just as smart but simply wasn’t afforded the
same privileges as him particularly in regards to of medical education and so
it looks at all of that it has on the back of the comparison to Sarah waters
which I am all about I love Sarah waters she is on my TBR for the month of the
month I didn’t which is June so I’m going to be reading some more Sarah
waters I read her book fingersmith and just loved it when I heard but what
this was about and how it has to do with the Embera 12 which are the first twelve
female doctors in Europe maybe I need to do more research on that but I just all
the things I like ladies history and then it’s got some fun plot driven
mystery elements going on I’m excited next I have golden child like clear Adam
no this is a release from Sarah Jessica Parker’s new imprint under Hogarth and I
have found several books that I’m very excited about coming up from her press
they’re all literary fiction that I am just very intrigued by including this
one this is set in Trinidad and we follow a family that has twin boys Paul
and Peter yes one of them is considered the odd child Paul and Peter is like the
golden child one day Paul is walking through the bush and he goes missing and
we go from there I am very excited I also think this arc is just so pretty it
looks almost like a finished copy except for this tiny little or stamp at
the top very excited about this next I have Charlie Hernandez in the League of
Shadows by Ryan calejo I’m assuming that this is middle grade because it was sold
to me as a Latin ex Percy Jackson in this we follow if you could not guess
charlie Hernandez and he grew up listening to stories from his abuela all
about Latin ex mythology Hispanic mythology all that kind of stuff and
then one day his parents go missing after a fire and things also start
happening to him which he’s forced to realize that perhaps the stories that
his abuela told him we’re not actually stories but are in fact the truth super
excited about the concept of this book next I have one we caught fire by Anika
this is young adult historical fiction someone is making strange noises outside
this is about a love triangle in 1871 Chicago and based on the date and based
on the title I am guessing that somehow the reach kaga fire is a part of this
you know I love me some history so I’m pumped about this next I have times
convert by Deborah Harkness and I was lucky enough to have a spot in her
signing so I got to say hello to her she was a professor of mine in college and
it’s just the loveliest most brilliant human I think she is amazing she is an
actual real-life professor of history of magic because her focus of study her
area of expertise is primarily on the history of science during the late
Middle Ages so around the Renaissance that period of time at that point in
time science and magic were just inextricably tied to each other so
you’ve got like alchemy which was considered an actual science back in the
day I read her All Souls trilogy a while ago I’ve been meaning to reread it I’m
very excited about this it is a kind of continuation kind of companion so we
follow some of the characters from the Altos trilogy but it goes back in time
to the American Revolution and then goes forward in time to modern times and if
you’re not familiar with the All Souls trilogy it’s got witches and vampires
and all kinds of fun stuff in it so I’m just very excited about this next I have
sadie by Courtney summers I have to give Russell from England paper blog a huge
shout out about this because he heard about this at the white buzz panel and
then was like Emily needs it so he picked one up for me he picked up this
copy on my behalf because when he heard the concept he was like this is so up
Emily’s Ally this is about a journalist who gets kind of wrapped up in the
investigation of the disappearance of the girl in this small town and decides
to start a podcast in which he’s gonna try and find her and then surprise
surprise the girl did not actually go missing she left because she is on the
hunt for her sister’s killer that’s what’s going on it’s got so many things
that I’m interested in Scott feminism and murder podcasts I’m
so excited and the last book I have for this part
of my be ei slash book on book call because I had got a lot of books I have
city of ghosts by Victoria Schwab she uses different names depending on the
demographic of the book so for young adult no middle grade she’s
Toria Schwab and for her adult book shoeses ve Schwab so what is this about
this is as I said a middle grade book in this we follow a young girl who has the
ability to lift the veil between our world and the world of spirits her
parents recently moved to Edinburgh and obviously she went with them there was
no reason for me to explain that as well but whatever everybody’s in Edinburgh
her Paris hosts a TV show about the most haunted places in the world and they
like live in a haunted place I think our main character cast that meets another
girl who has the same ability as her and then dangerous things start happening
having to do with the ghost world and I am very excited about this so that’s it
for the first part of my BA slash book on book haul I have a lot of books that
I still need to share with all of you but I thought in the interest of time I
would break it up into two different videos that will be out on Friday so
keep an eye out for that I also do want to just briefly mention that I have been
following a lot of discussions about privilege and fairness and that kind of
stuff as they relate to be EI and book klein not everyone gets to go to these
events and then of the people that do get to go to these events not everyone
gets to get all the cool stuff so I just wanted to say that I’m aware of all of
those discussions that I am listening and learning and I have a couple ideas
in the works but I just need to check on some legality issues and then I will
start talking about it in less vague terms but that is probably gonna be two
three videos I’ll start talking about that we’ll see it’s on my radar and I
just wanted you guys to know thanks so much for watching if you like this video
give it a thumbs up hit subscribe to see more my face you can find me on Twitter
and possibly lick it on Instagram and possibly litter it and I’ll see you next

37 thoughts on “BOOKEXPO & BOOK CON HAUL (pt. 1) || 2018

  1. I am too scared to try contacts 😬 sorry to hear about your glasses! I’m glad you got to experience bookcon!

  2. You must have been one of the people who motivated me to check out Sarah Waters. I'm currently reading The Paying Guests. I bought 3 of her books.

  3. Ah so many great books, I had this idea from other people videos that Bookcon is mainly pop ya authors and books but now I see there are also many different books more to my taste, thank you for showing them, cannot wait to heard your reviews and hopefully read them myself 🙂

  4. Aka the 7 deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle. Uk version. No idea why they changed that but the books awesome

  5. All the books! I’ve never been to BEA/book con and I was wondering how it worked with getting books there. Are some included in the ticket price? Or do you pay for me separately?

  6. Great haul! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on some of them. 🙂 Also, loved seeing all the BEA/Book Con updates on twitter. Looked like you had a ton of fun. 🙂

  7. Just gonna binge all your videos while drinking so I can feel like we are still hanging out. Sorry about those glasses, but they’re loving their best life in NYC now. I can’t wait to hear Time’s Convert and how it compares to All Souls because I loved that trilogy.

  8. I paused this video so many times to be utterly baffled by the seven and a half deaths of evelyn hardcastle. Like that actually just makes me MORE confused…. dear publishers… no. I seriously was googling whether it was a sequel or a novella or something to the book that's already out in the UK. SO WEIRD!

  9. Congrats on your haul, sorry you lost your glasses! I'm really looking forward to Time's Convert!

  10. I'm so excited about Time's Convert! Did Deborah Harkness remember you when you got a copy signed?

    I love seeing your haul because you found so many different books than I did! And I didn't try and get Odd One Out or City of Ghosts, but you're making me regret it now. I can't wait to see part two, and I hope you enjoy your haul!

  11. I am so glad I found your channel I always look forward to your new videos! I even wrote about your channel for my communications class 😊


  13. There There sounds very good, I haven't heard of it before! I look forward to think what you think of it.

  14. You got a lot of great books! I enjoyed "meeting" you at Blaggards. I was too chicken to say Hello (as is usual with me), but it was cool sort of hanging out in the same place lol.

  15. When We Caught Fire has a gorgeous cover and also, I want to read it.
    Ahh, I can't wait for Times Convert! I think I'm going to re-read the All Souls trilogy before picking that one up.
    I've heard such brilliant things about Sadie already. I'm excited to hear what you think!

  16. I saw a women reading Evelyn Hardcastle on the plane home… She was stuck in it. I hope you love it. So, we should so buddy read There There – I am so excited to read that book! He is just around the corner. Golden Child came home with me too. I think it sounds amazing, and you are so right about the ARC. I cannot wait to hear what you think about Sadie. I heard that it is amazing. What a great book haul.

  17. Legality issues…Emily whatchu doing? I am le curious. Also I'm so jelly of City of Ghosts. I can not wait to read it 🤣

  18. Oh My Goodness, I’m soooooooooo excited for Time’s Convert!!!!! I adore The All Souls Trilogy! Yesterday, I preordered a SIGNED edition of it!!!

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