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  1. i respect when people change their opinions on things, we grow and change and so do our thoughts and opinions. and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. but I really dislike how people overuse the word “problematic“ these days. a book includes an abusive relationship? – problematic, dont read it!! some character in the books is homophobic? – problematic, come on, everyone, hate on this book!! I really don't like this trend. what happens in the book and the “message“ of a book are two different things. labeling a book as problematic just because it includes “problematic“ issues is really bothering me. books are not written to show you how to live your life. if a book character makes bad life decisions and lives in an abusive relationship etc that doesn't mean the book promotes those things. It is important to be aware of those things and to discuss them in our community but this “I used to love this book and then someone labeled it as problematic and now i hate it“-trend needs to stop. Talk about the things that you think are problematic but don't confuse problematic things IN the book-world with the message of the book.

  2. You know what I love about this video? Is that we all have those things we LOVED and then we look back and cringe like, how could we not have SEEN that for what it was!? BUT- how great is it that we've matured and grown and gotten wiser and recognize the jacked up book relationships (for example) for being jacked up instead of emulating them?

  3. I still like twilight. I've read so many popular YA books that people love and are so much worse. TBH most YA relationships are so shit and cringe. Esp. The decisions made by the leads.

  4. I literally fist-pumped when you mentioned Anna and the French Kiss! I read it way back when because literally ALL OF BOOKTUBE recommended it and the whole cheating thing bothered me SO much? It was barely even addressed as being a bad thing and nobody seemed to be put off by it!

    I hope this doesn't sound condescending, but I'm so proud of you for making this video! I've followed you for ages and I've often disagreed with you on books like this and it's great to see you grow and learn. I know it can be hard to admit things like this, especially if a book was so important to you at one point, but I do think it's really important for Booktubers to address and acknowledge these things! Basically some EXCELLENT character development on your part, good job! ♥

  5. I love this video!! The same thing happened to me with To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han, I used to LOVE it and now I really don't!! I explain it more in my Books I hate video if you'd like to watch it on my channel 🙂


  7. Christopher Pike books….ugh, if you read his Thirst series or Remember Me series after your YA literature phase, you'll know what I mean.

  8. I agree with you on Anna and the French kiss! Somebody mentioned that Stephanie Perkins novels were happy pills and Anna and the French kiss just stressed me out! I enjoy her others though especially Lola and the boy next door

  9. never actually thought liking a book and then disliking it later, now I am thinking about all those books I read and wondering if my thoughts have changed

  10. Finally someone that dislikes The Bronze Horseman. I remember reading at the same time as a couple of my friends and they loved it

  11. I despise Edward and Bella, or Edward's Bella to be precise. I still like the Twilight series, mainly because of the wolves and the "myths". Yep, team Jacob all the way. I like Bella when she's with him, in New Moon.
    Are they good books? Nope, definitely not. Still entertaining enough 😊.

  12. I think we can all agree on the fact that Matched is a crappy book. I mean it took me ages to finish but also the romance and everything in the book was so awful. Really just wasn't for me.

  13. One book I enjoyed growing up was 13 Reasons Why; 8th grade me was very much taken by the plot line. I forgot about it until this past year when the netflix show came out, and I decided to reread it. I could not believe I enjoyed it so much in the past; while it's a bit of a controversial show/book now, I found myself unable to sympathize with Hannah any longer. What she did was awful; the way it was written more so. Readers were supposed to care about Hannah and be mad at the people who caused her to commit suicide, but the way she went about it was beyond cruel.

  14. I think it would be super cool if you did a "books I hated but now I love" video! I don't know if that has happened to anyone, but definitely a few classics I hated in high school I enjoy now, haha.

  15. Holy shit, amen on that Maximum Ride burn. That series is a fun read when you are young and don't actually wanna think about or analyze the books at all, but looking back they were a steaming pile of dogshit in literary terms. Remember that mild mindscrew in one of the early books? When the antagonist caught Max for a bit and tried to convince her that she had never escaped and actually been imprisoned in some kind of virtual reality or some shit like that? Yeah, I like to think that that was actually totally legit and all that insane, illogical, and downright bullshit things that kept happening was just Max trapped in the Lotus Eater Machine the entire damned time. At least all the insanity would make sense then.

  16. OMG I feel the exact same way with Maximum Ride! It was my all-time favorite book series throughout my pre-teen/early teen years, but as I grew older and the series progressed, I saw more and more of the problems, especially after reading much better fleshed-out books like Percy Jackson. I still like the first three books, as it feels like a fun, sci-fi, action-packed adventure to enjoy every once in a while. (I personally believe that the series was actually supposed to end at book three anyway, but you know, money money money!).
    But books 4-9, which is nothing but global warming propaganda, I like to pretend don't exist at all.

  17. It's funny that you've read The Bronze Horseman as a romantic novel. Seems that you were too young for this book. Try to read it again in your thirties.

  18. Ugh same with Anna and the French Kiss. I only read it like a year or two ago and I thought it was adorable but I just reread it with my friend and like??? it's so much worse than I remembered and Anna was annoying and St. Clair was kind of a jerk???

  19. I'm so disappointed about The Bronze Horseman! You got me into reading that! I totally understand the problematic relationship elements, though, especially now reading the last book.

    I also thought Shatter Me was problematic. I thought you were going to say this book too because he tries to KILL Julliette and Adam several times. He tortured Adam and manipulated Juliette both at some points but then it's because he was super in love with her so that's supposed to be okay??

  20. I had the same experience with Maximum Ride.
    Originally, I started reading the books because my friend said they were amazing; keep in mind that when I got into them, they weren't all out yet.
    I loved the first three, and felt that they really did well telling a story. But then… things got weird around the second Max plot arch, and got REALLY weird when they introduced that random dude who was like made for Max or whatever. I stopped reading there.
    I could put up with the random drama in the other books, but that really did it for me.

    I have fond memories of the first three books, and choose to pretend the other ones were never written.
    (Still love the series, and the characters. But, honestly, I'll never finish the series).

  21. I think I've moved on from the YA genre in general :/ I was at BnN the other day and I picked up a couple interesting YA books but couldn't even get through the first few pages. Maybe I just picked up bad books though lol!

  22. Like you said, I think it's totally fine to write about abusive and bad relationships because obvioulsy in reality not everything is perfect. But I think that in the future, maybe there could be warning signs or a note from the author in the beginning of the book saying that their book has these elements. Especially in novels that younger people tend to read more.

  23. reread the Twilight series. I did when I was 19 and I found Bella really irritating. I wanna hear your reactions

  24. Completely agree with Twilight and the whole series. I used to love it too, but then I grew up and I really it's very bad.

  25. I totally agree with the maximum ride statement the first book was pretty well done but as the series went on he quit following what he had originally layed down  he just started dropping important stuff like maxes ruggedness that everyone loved it just kinda went away till max was basically just a girl with wings

  26. I’m just going to say this… if your going to let your teens read twilight, make shore they know the difference between reality, and fiction that are just that, fiction. Make shore that there that kind of child that won’t have the book impact what they expect from life and relationships.

  27. I definitely did not like Twilight and I completely agree with you on it! The writing was choppy at best and the imagery was tacky.

  28. I like this video, specifically because you are owning something people have a lot of trouble with: being able to change your mind on the internet. You grew up, matured, changed your mind, and you lay it all out quite well. kudos

  29. I read Matched when I was 14 too. But still, I couldn't finish the second book. It got boring and slow, and now they are collecting dust since I am not planing on reading them again.

  30. The book “Where the Wind Blows” is the book maximum ride was based on. And it is 2000% better.
    James Patterson wrote it and then used the same main character name and then decided to turn the same book into a children’s series.

  31. The thing is she pulled all those things from the bronze houseman and pulled them out of context. she doesn't tell you what happens before those scenes or after. and that's just not okay. That's she abusing her twitter platform so her followers can hate a book just because she does!

  32. love you and your channel but ok, no. Not a Twihard but I find the books decents,i read the series because of the controversy.
    The controlling (not abusive) dinamic in Twilight was between a human and a vampire trying not to kill her draining her damn blood and to keep her safe from others paranormal beings without let in her know about it so she won´t get curious and involved in it. Bella always made clear what she wanted and her own terms and that´s how the romantic relationship evolve. It never was an abusive romantic relationship, it´s a dinamic between an average girl and a dangerous paranormal being, period.
    The "abusive" guy tried to protect her from himself and others dangerous beings, he tried to explain her that being a vampire it´s not glamorous as in the books, tried to convince her to have normal friends and a normal life, tried to have a good relationship with her parents, tried to understand her friendship with his rival, when accepting the romantic relationship asked her to marry him (damn bastard) and so go on and on.
    I´ve even read blogs using the scene when he tried to take her away from Folks and telling her to get away from her family as a "proof" of abuse, nevermind there was a freaking vampire trying to kill them all because wanted to hunt her…
    Growing up as a reader it´s thinking by yourself and not to follow trends blindly misleading things as problematic to seem more "mature".
    Again, luv u. 🙂

  33. Unpopular opinion but I don’t really see a big deal in reading books that necessary don’t agree with your person values and ethics. At the end of the day, it’s just a story. Because you read something doesn’t mean you have to or will go out into the world and imitate it. I’ve read a few books about abusive relationships and I completely understood what was happening but it was written so well that I fell in love with the story. No more than for the reason of how it was written and the actual characters themselves. But that’s just my opinion.

  34. I do agree with that relationship element with Anna and the French Kiss. Hate to admit it but I've been gushing over this book since high school and I think I still do love its wittiness and the whole set up. But even as a 16-year-old teen, I already felt the wrongness of romanticizing cheating. (At that time I don't even know what "romanticizing" meant ahahha) It's so good to finally see someone pointing this out!

  35. I actually didn't have a problem with the fetishization of the "pure maiden" trope in The Bronze Horseman because that attitude was true of the time period. I dislike it when authors give characters modern sensibilities in a historical setting. That's an automatic DNF for me. However, I would count The Bronze Horseman as a book I once loved but when I re-read it didn't really enjoy it. On the re-reading I found the main character irritating for her excessive, worship-worthy, self-sacrificing wonderfulness in every area of her life and even more irritating for her absolute, sick determination to be a martyr in one way or another.

    I like the idea behind this post–so many times a book you once loved looks entirely different when you re-read it. And I suspect that goes double for romances. Our attitudes and thoughts about romance tend to change as we gain in romantic experience.

  36. I'm rereading twilight rn as a twenty something year old, I want to explore how it may have effected me since I read it when I was only eleven

  37. I really enjoyed this video! 💕 It's fun and interesting to see how you view things differently sometimes with a complete different POV from back then til now you know 😊

  38. The Bronze Horseman … UGH! I bought it due to the cover and its high rating and hated it more than anything. Couldn't get past the begining, when she hadn't eaten for two days but couldn't eat her ice cream because the boy with white, white teeth was near her. She threw it in the bin and then fell asleep on the bus because she was so starved. Noooooooooooooooo,

  39. Twilight is a bitter sweet series for me. I loved the world Stephenie Meyers created and thought her take on vampires refreshing, but I never liked Edward and Bella. This is probably why I enjoy Twilight fanfiction over the actual books. I read a fanfiction that rewrote the Twilight series with Edward and Bella having a healthy relationship dynamic. Wow. It was better than the actual Twilight series.

  40. I read twilight when I was 13 and I loved it! I read it again at 21 and realized she even needed a better editor. And her obsession of him was so unhealthy lol. And also every page was about how hot and perfect he was so yes alot has changed with what I thought Haha!!

  41. I can totally relate to the what you said about–Maximum Ride. I actually use to read the comics instead of the regular chapter books.

  42. Vampire Academy. I don’t hate it, I just think I’ve outgrown it and looking back, it’s a bit cringeworthy to say the least

  43. I felt the same way about Wuthering Heights when I was like 15 – I LOVED IT. But now re-reading it as an adult I am just confused as to why I loved it so much in the first place.

  44. It's a bit late to be commenting on this but oh well! I just wanted to say, although it's not a book I hate I kept thinking about it during the video. Its called Touching Snow and it does deal with abuse but it is not glorified. I read it almost ten years ago (I was about 12) and I find myself thinking about now and then

  45. Totally agree about The Bronze Horseman. Soooo many issues and the entire time I was reading it, I just could not understand the glowing reviews. I could go on an hour long rant about this book.

  46. To address the “ pure maiden trope” that you complained about, I’m going to have to assume you’re talking about the fact that Tatiana is a virgin and Alexander most decidedly is not, and they put some importance on this in the book. Some will say that’s wrong and sexist, despite the fact that lots of females are virgins in romance novels, and in the Bronze Horseman Tatiana was only sixteen years old when the story began.

    But I’d like to stress that the importance the book puts on Tatiana being set apart from other women is deliberate, and kind of what the whole point of the start of their relationship is. Now, she’s not set apart because of her virginity. You can see that Alexander in the Bronze Horseman doesn’t ever shame a woman for having slept with lots of men, and despite the fact that he does not love Dasha he doesn’t put her down for being a vastly different type of woman then her sister.

    Simply put though, Alexander was tired of the kind of lifestyle he was living. It was very empty. He never connected to anybody since the trauma of losing his parents, so he kind of just slept around and formed no emotional bonds with anybody. His innocence had been destroyed way too young, and nobody had ever put their needs before his own. (I mean, his parents fled America to become Communists. They really didn’t think of him at all. And then his mother became a drunk)

    When Alexander meets Tatiana, he sees that she’s careful with her love. She’s not going to give herself away to just anyone. She’s passionate about caring for strangers, and even in her selfishness (being with Alexander despite all the complications) she still tries to actively give a part of him to her sister so Dasha has someone to love. He also sees the way she loves him. She’s completely selfless and giving of herself (something that her family exploits, with the exception of her grandparents).

    Alexander is drawn to her innocence of spirit more so than the fact that she’s never been with another man. But he does like that she’s never been with a man. The reasoning behind this not because she’s someone better for not having slept around excessively, but because Alexander realizes he wants to focus more on the action of loving a person than just using their body. Tatiana is the opposite of him, and also the type of character he wants to have. The great thing about Tatiana’s character, is that though her family derides her for being clueless and young, she knows how to love better than any of them. She knows that to love means to put someone else’s needs above her own.

    And deep inside, that’s what Alexander wants for himself. For a man who has been sexually promiscuous with hundreds of women since his preteen years, it’s interesting to note that when he meets Tatiana he just… stops having sex. He wants intimacy, and he respects Tatiana for going for that first in a relationship, before the sex. You don’t have to do that, but Alexander was so jaded by life that it’s no wonder he admired it, and it’s actually a beautiful thing that he decided to not only live a life where’s he is careful with his love, but also live a life where he too can become selfless (to a point. It’s interesting to see their selfishness when it comes to being together coexist with their selflessness of spirit in other areas).

    So you see, for the first time, Alexander is not after a girl for sex, cause Tatiana would see through that crap in a minute. He takes it upon himself to feed her family through the siege of Leningrad, and he becomes her silent support and defender as she goes for her rations through the streets while her family sleeps.

    When they get married and Alexander says with awe that he’s been given a gift that she has been with no other man, it’s because Tatiana’s virginity is tied to her love, and her virginity would have definitely been gone if she had ever loved another man. So it’s not about the virginity. It’s about the way he’s her first and last and only. And Alexander likes that, so he makes her his first and last and only, abandoning his old life in favor of this new great love.

    And when she makes that sex joke and he’s disapproving, it’s not because he’s shaming her for being sexually explicit when she’s supposed to be innocent. It’s because that’s not what he knows of her character, and he hates the thought of being deceived. He knows Tatiana loves only intensely, so if she has had sex, it had to have been with a man she loved. Tatiana is just not wired any other way, so it distresses him, rightly so.

    You may ask, why isn’t Alexander held to the same standard? Well, he wasn’t before he met Tatiana, because he didn’t know her. But it’s interesting to note, that the only thing Tatiana really requires of him is fidelity. With her, he’s allowed to be as intense and possessive and opinionated as he wants to be. But she doesn’t want to share him (except with Dasha, as she views all her family as an extension to herself and must please them above all. That’s another great thing that Alexander tries to teach her, the value of expressing your own needs. Can you tell I love this book? But no, even then, Alexander is not sleeping with Dasha. He can’t. It’s not in him to do that, just like it wasn’t in Tatiana to be with Dmitri).

    Even in the third book (if you’ve been reading this long, God bless you), of all the crappy things that Alexander does in his post trauma, it’s the infidelity that almost breaks Tatiana and makes her leave. It’s a testament to how much she loves him that she stays and forgives him, because that’s her line in the sand. She doesn’t have many. She doesn’t know how to love with boundaries, or without endlessly forgiving.

    So if you’re looking at this book and you’re saying, it’s wrong because Tatiana is virginal and Alexander, the male lead, is not, then you are only looking at the surface of the story and not the character dynamics. Plus, it’s irritating to me that some people don’t think about the fact that just like its okay to sleep around if that empowers you, it’s also okay, and beautiful to save yourself for marriage. Alexander wishes he had done that in the book, but at the end it doesn’t matter. Their love is what matters.

    Tatiana isn’t supposed to be the perfect virginal woman. In fact, she’s stubborn as hell, she smiles and nods at everyone and then does exactly what she wants anyway lol, she is a relentless people pleaser, she blocks out her own emotions with menial tasks, and she’s a cheat. Also a liar. What I’m saying, is that she’s no Mary Sue. She’s complex and defies any trope you want to put on her.

    Just thought I’d put my very passionate two cents in. I saw the way your opinion on this book completely changed, and while that irked me, I respect it, and I respect you for having your opinion. I just thought I’d say all this, because I’m a fangirl lol. I can’t say anything about you thinking Alexander is abusive. Just…ack no.Some people act like he's this asshole, but I say "Are you kidding? In this relationship, small, unassuming Tatiana wears the pants.But again, I respect you.:)

    *steps off soapbox

  47. The screenshots about the Bronze Horseman were really taken out of context… I admit it still really has some flaws in their relationship, but most of those screenshots were really out of context to make it seem worse than it actually was… definitely recommend rereading it to make up your mind rather than just taking the screenshots for what they appear to be 🙂

  48. Dunno how this was recommended to me, but I saw a dog in the background and now I’m wondering why that little nugget isn’t shown more. Unforgivable.

  49. I have a funny history with the Twilight book. I've never read it given the fact I'm a guy and was in my mid-twenties when it came out but I did buy the book for a female friend of mine who was a little older than I was because she wanted to read it but didn't have the money. We talked all the time but on occasion she would start reading it to me because she really liked it. Thankfully she stopped before I strangled myself with my pillow. I ended up buying three of the books for her on the condition that she never tried reading them to me. It is funny now because she still mentions that on occasion to me when we talk and I see those books everywhere for sale at thrift stores and used book stores. They seem like books that many people, particularly teenage girls, read and love but dislike the older they get. My friend no longer likes them but she did when they first came out. Anyway, loved the video.

  50. funny i read twilight for the first time in my late 20s and i loved it so much it actually got me back into reading again big time….maybe i was burnt out on adult books where either every woman gets cheated on or someone dies of cancer 🤔

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