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Hello everybody, my name is Sophie from
the channel ‘sophisticatedbooks’ and for an underrated YA book I wanted to
recommend ‘Four Weeks, Five People’ by Jennifer Yu. This has been hardly talked about
but it’s an incredibly interesting and valuable novel. It is about a group of
characters who are dealing with different types of mental illness and so
they go to this therapy summer camp. It has representation for OCD, anxiety
depression, narcissist disorder, which is something that I’d never seen before and
also portrayal of a male character dealing with anorexia. I would highly
suggest you pick up this book. Hi my name is is Nena from the channel ‘Nenalogy’ and my underrated YA pick is ‘Tiger Lily’ by Jodi Lynn Anderson. This is a dark
Peter Pan retelling, which follows Tiger Lily but the story is narrated by Tinkerbell, who is a mute fairy. Like I said, this book is dark. So definitely don’t go
into this book expecting it to be anything like the Disney Peter Pan movie.
It deals with some tough topics. It’s really, really emotional sometimes. I actually cried myself to sleep the night I finished reading this book. The characters
are amazing. They all have their own flaws but you see character growth in
all of them. I’ve been seeing this around more on BookTube but I still think it
deserves more hype than it gets. So I would absolutely with all my heart
recommend Tiger Lily. My name is Britt from ‘BasicallyBritt’ and as for an
underrated YA book, I would like to mention ‘Nemesis’ by Anna Banks. This book
is about a princess called Sepora and Sepora is the last forger of the five
kingdoms and she can create spectorium, which is a source of energy for everyone.
However her father, the King, has created a way to weaponize spectorium. So he
wants to go to war with the other kingdoms. Sepora really does not want
that to happen. So she decides to flee from her own Kingdom and then she ends
up in this Kingdom called Theroria, where she meets this young prince and she’s
placed in his servitude and this story’s about her and this young boy King and
how they’re getting to know each other. As well as her trying to prevent the war
that her father is trying to start and I personally really enjoyed this book. It’s
the first book in a series and it is just a wonderful young adult fantasy
book, so I highly recommend ‘Nemesis’. Hello everyone, my name is Jen from the
channel ‘BookSyrup’ and the underrated young adult book that I want to recommend
is ‘A World Without You’ by Beth Revis. This the follows our main character Bo,
who believes that he can travel through time and therefore his parents send him
to a school for troubled teens. Now during this time he falls in love with a
girl named Sophia but unfortunately she commits suicide but Bo believes that
she has not committed suicide but that she is simply stuck in time. This book is
a really great exploration into magical realism, as well as into mental illness
and I really enjoyed it and really recommend it. I’m Emma from ‘EmmaNovella’
and I have two books for you because I’m indecisive. First of all we have ‘The
Wardens daughter’ by Jerry Spinelli, Who I’m sure you all know for his book ‘Stargirl’. This book I’ve heard no one talk about and is one of my absolute
favourites. It’s set and with the 1950s and we follow this girl, who lives in a
prison because her dad is the warden. And it’s all about her relationship with the
inmates, with her dad, with her friends. And it’s just a beautiful story that
everyone needs to read. It’s also not an underrated book recommendation from me, if I don’t mention my gal Estelle Maskame and her ‘DIMILY’ trilogy. I’m not going to
say any more on this book except that you need to buy it and you need to read
it. Hey guys, my name is Jay and I’m from the BookTube channel ‘TheAwkwardBookworm’. The underrated YA book that I’m going to recommend to y’all is ‘Vinyl’
by Sophia Elaine Hansen. The best way I could probably describe this, is that it’s a gritty steampunk dystopian novel where music is used as a weapon. It also has a great diverse cast and a lot of LGBTQIA+ elements in it. So I would definitely check it out if you get the chance because it is highly underrated in my opinion. Hi guys, what me and Gigi want to recommend to you today is ‘A Thousand Nights’ by E.K. Johnson. This is a book that I feel more people should talk
about. It is a thousand and one nights retelling. Where all the characters does not have a name, except the main characters and the one she has to marry. It is written beautifully and it has a great wondrous mystery and story. Gigi is hating me right now so go read this book because this also looks beautiful. Hey guys my name is Kathleen and I’m from
the channel ‘Worth A Thousand Words’ and the underrated YA book I want to talk about today is ‘The Truth Commission’ by Susan Juby. So the reason I think this book is so underrated, is mainly because it’s not very well known. It’s a Canadian YA book and it follows a girl named Normandy Pale, who goes to an art school in BC with her two friends. She has a famous older sister names Keira, who writes these graphic novels. Where she takes her family members and she essentially turns them into caricatures of themselves. They’re ridiculous and totally exaggerated and it’s a complete embarrassment on their family but never feel like they can stand up to
Kiera. Normandy and her friends at school form a group called the truth commission. Where the premises is that they’re going to go with people and ask
some questions that everyone wants to know the answer to and just ask them
for their truths. The characters are different and quirky in ways you’ve
never even seen in YA before. They’re funny but it’s not like the author is trying too hard to make them seem different and unusual. The story is really about truth. All the different kinds of truth in the world. How we approached
truth. Whether truths belong to us and whether truth when manipulated to our own
advantage, can still reflect reality. This is such an amazing book. Its intellectual. It makes you think but at the same time it’s so funny. It’s one of those books I really encourage everybody to give a shot and I think it’s highly, highly underrated. My name is Julia and I’m from the channel ‘Julia Sapphire’ here on BookTube. For my underrated YA pick, I’m to be talking about ‘Everything Beautiful Is Not Ruined’ by Danielle Younge Ullman. This is about a girl named
Ingrid whose life has fallen apart in a lot of ways. She’s dealing with some
things that happen to her mother and some things her mom has been struggling
with. Along with that she wants to become an opera singer like her mom but her mom
is very hesitant because of her own personal experiences and how that didn’t
work out for her mother. So this book is about Ingrid at a summer wilderness
survival camp. It’s a group of people around her age that have all gone
through something. They’re addicts or runaways or something along those
lines and she is put here to see if she can make it through the camp over the summer,
then she can pursue as an opera singer and her mom will accept that. The book deals
with a lot of tough issues and I will put the trigger warnings up on the
screen for you guys but I remember there was a lot of them but this book is just
really fantastic and it’s so important and it was just a really solid read and
I just wish more people talked about it, so check it out. Hey everyone it’s Paola and my favourite underrated YA novel that I want to recommend today is ‘Juniper Lemons Happiness Index’ by Julie Israel because it’s about
friendship and sisters and family and grief and the love interest and the girl
have phenomenal chemistry. And it’s just a really fantastic book, all about love and where it comes from. Hi I’m Janessa from ‘Thoughts From Nowhere’
and today I’m going to be recommending to you all ‘Mosquitoland’ by David Arnold.
This book follows Mim, a teenager who is running away from her mom and stepdad
back home to Ohio to visit her sick mother. Mim runs away on a greyhound and
she does not have much money in her pockets and she meets a whole cast of
eclectic characters on the bus and off the bus. And she is on a journey,
literally on a journey to visit her mom, but also on a journey of visiting her
past traumas, her various different mental issues mental issues and just growing up and
becoming a teenager. What I loved so much about this book is David Arnold’s writing. It is so beautiful and delicate and inspirational. Mim is a character with flaws. She is sassy, hard, driven but she’s also very vunderable. If you’re looking for a book that has similar vibes to John Green or Adam Silvera, I definitely recommend this book. Hi everyone, I am Michelle from ‘BooksMichelle’ and an underrated YA book I’d like to recommend is ‘Ink’ by Alice Broadway. This is the first book series and it’s about a world where
everything you do and everything you achieve is marked on your skin and people who don’t have any markings are considered dangerous. The main character
is a girl named Leora who has just lost her father but also is graduating and
she aspires to be an Inker but then some mysterious things start to happen and
Leora is not exactly sure what to think of them. I really, really enjoyed this
book. I was very pleasantly surprised by it. The concept is so original and so
well executed and I think this book deserves way more attention. I can
definitely recommend it to everyone. Hello, my name is Ryan from my channel
‘RryansReads’. Today I’m gonna be recommending you guys my number one underrated
YA book and that is the ‘Ember in the Ashes’ trilogy. I absolutely love
these books so much. As someone who reads a lot of high fantasy, I definitely think
they’re of amazing quality and the world-building
in this series is just so good. And Sabaa Tahir is just amazing. If you
don’t know this series follows two main protagonists Elias and Laia who live
under the Empire’s rule and it’s this Empire who claims Laia’s brother is a
traitor and he’s committed treason. So protect him Laia goes undercover at the
Empire’s number-one military academy and this is where they train all their
fighters and everyone who’s capable and able to fight and it’s here that she meets Elias and Elias is the Academy’s number one fighter. He’s just the best
student that they have but you also come to learn that Elias wants to be free of
the Empire. So we follow these two and we find out how their stories intertwine and these books are just so good and I definitely highly recommend them. What is up all you literally fems and gents, it is your girl De’Ja from the channel ‘diaryofareader’. For my underrated book recommendation, I want to recommend ‘Let’s Talk About Love’ by Claire Khan. This book is about a girl named Alice who is a biromantic asexual and how she deals with her relationships. Not only that but how
she explains her asexuality because some people don’t even know what that is or
they have a misconception about that and how that kind of relates to her and
affects her love life. As a person who is asexual myself, I really love this book
because the way that they explained it was really easy to follow because I have
had to explain to people exactly what that is. And the BookTube community is really good on diversity an promoting that and so to kind of throw my pick in there I am going to definitely recommend that you guys read this. It was really good. Alice finds herself and some very
realistic and funny situations that I think at least everybody can relate to
at least one of them. So this is definitely a really good book to read
and I hope that you guys enjoy it as much as I did. Hello everyone, my name is
Anio and I am from the channel ‘fairylightsandbooks’. My under hyped YA book is going to be ‘Even The Darkest Stars’ by Heather Fawcett. This is a book which has dragons, it has spirits, it has ghosts, it has really really cool witches and it’s a very cool fantasy book that’s actually set in Mt. Everest. It has great characters and I really really love this book
and I really hope more people read it. I’m Olivia from ‘thatfictionlife’ and my most underrated book is ‘Royal Bastards’ by Andrew Schwartz. It is by far my favourite fantasy. It features illegitimate children of high ranking lords. It follows this group of characters with really contrasting personalities, which always just brings the drama. They stumble upon a crime they really should not have seen. That sets the plot on a very dangerous path. They’re being hunted down by their Kingdom. They all lowkey hate each other. Some of them have just met. It’s such a clever story
because the plot twists had me shook. The character relationships delve so deep
into their pasts and the betrayals. This book is so full of the feels and I just
need more people to talk about it. Hi guys, it’s Hannah from ‘p.s I love that
book’ and today I’m going to be recommending two underrated contemporary books. The first one is ‘Juliet Takes a Breath’ by Gabby Rivera. And ultimately this
is the best book ever because it has a latina main character. She’s queer. She’s
coming out. She has to discover who she is and she goes on the summer internship
to meet her favourite author and follow her and learn about her job and book
number two is ‘The Way I Used To Be’ by Amber Smith. This is book about a girl
that gets sexually assaulted at a really young age and how she deals with it and how nobody around her yet understands why this is happening. I think this book
is equal to go to read for young people and for the adults as well because we as
adults sometimes don’t think and we are so fast to write everything off as a
part of being a teenager. My pick is ‘Sing Sweet Nightingale ‘by Erica Cameron.
Mariela gets to visit the place of her dreams every night, complete with the
perfect boy who swears he loves her. All she had to do was give up her voice. Now the strange boy says that there could be a way for Mariela to stay with him forever but this might not be the happy ending she thinks it is. Our other perspective is Hudson, who has dedicated his life to fighting these dream creatures, after the death of his little brother. With writing and world-building, fantastic main and side characters, a romantic
relationship that is both swoon worthy and healthy. Not to mention a fantastic examination of abusive relationships and how you can’t always see them coming, this book is just so fantastic and complex and I highly recommend it. Hi guys, my name is Lindsay. Today I’m going to be recommending ‘Girl in Translation’ by Jean Kwok. This is about a girl called Kimberly and together with her mother, they move to New York from Hong Kong. They don’t have a particularly good experience of America to begin with. They are renting
this really grotty, horrible flat. Her mother has to work in what is
effectively a sweatshop and Kimberly also it has to work there in the
evenings in order to survive basically. Meanwhile Kimberly is going to a school
in America for the first time and trying to fit in and this is basically a novel
about her experience of being in America and going to school in America and
trying to adapt to the cultural shift and trying to make something of her life.
If you like books about different cultures, if you like books about triumph
over adversity and if you like books that have got really well developed characters, then I would definitely recommend ‘Girl in Translation’ I’m Hanna from the channel ‘Ricarda Seven’ and I want to recommend to you the
‘Splinter’ trilogy, plus short stories by A.G. Howard. Which is a modern adaptation of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ with a kind of steampunk esque vibe. In which the young Alyssa has to choose between Wonderland and the human world. It has romance, friendship, family, quite twisted backstories and of course gorgeous covers. And as a fairytale enthusiast myself I think it’s really cool take on the original story. It’s Katie from ‘a sea of tomes’ and one of my
favourite underrated YA reads is ‘The Young Wizard’ series by Diane Duane. Two main characters by the name of Nita Callahan and Kit Rodriguez and they
basically become really good friends. The first book follows Nita and Kit’s ordeal
and her and Kit have to save New York. It’s an urban fantasy with
some sci-fi elements and there’s quite a bit of diversity. So far there are ten
books in the series, some short stories and a few novellas and there just so incredible so I’d have you recommend going to check them out. Hi everyone, it’s Hannah from ‘TinyBookDragon’ and the book that I picked for
this is ‘Don’t Look Back’ by Jennifer L. Armentrout. This is a YA thriller that
follows a girl called Samantha who went missing with her best friend Casey. At
the beginning of this novel Samantha is found but she has absolutely no memory
of her life before being found. As she starts to learn about what her life was
like before, she realises that her and Casey actually weren’t very good friends
and some people are starting to suspect that Samantha had something to do with
why Casey is still missing but Samantha doesn’t even know herself because she
can’t remember. So I really enjoyed this book I thought it was very well written
and suspenseful and it kept me guessing until the very end. So I would love to
see more people reading and talking about this book. Hi guys my name is
Simon from the channel ‘Me, Simone and I’ and my underrated book is ‘Looking for
JJ’ by Anne Cassidy. It basically follows a girl who when she was a young child her
and her two best friends go to the lake and one of them dies. This is set in two
different bits. So you have the perspective of when she was a child and
what was happening there and then you have the perspective of when she’s older
and she’s just coming out of prison with a new name and a new identity but
obviously now she’s worried that people are gonna find out who she is. I really
enjoyed this. It was really gripping. Kept me hooked and I hope that you like it
too. I’m Nat from ‘pickleheartsbooks’ and the
underrated YA book that I would like to recommend is ‘Thin Space’ by Joey Casella. This book has less than a thousand reviews on Goodreads, which I
feel like really needs to change. It’s really short but it really packs a punch.
On the back it says ‘this space, a point where the barrier between this world and the next is thin enough for a person to step through to the other side.’ It is
about someone trying to find the thin space so that he can get in contact with
his recently deceased brother but it is about so much more than that and it’s
about so much more in a way that I can’t tell you, you have to read it and find
out what the more is. My underrated YA novel is ‘Ultraviolet’ by RJ Anderson.
It’s sort of like a sci-fi but it’s wrapped up into like a mystery and things like
this but it’s also set in a mental health ward and the main character has a
condition that I’ve only very rarely heard of. I won’t actually said what it
was because that is actually a spoiler for the book but she has a condition and
it’s described so well and so brilliantly, it felt like I had that
condition while reading. Which is something I’m not really used to. There’s so
many other like mental health issues described in this and the sequel’s main character is asexual. So I cannot recommend this series or this duology enough.

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