Bracevor Hybrid Armor case for Redmi Note 5 Pro

Hello everyone, my name is Joel Peter D’Souza, and I’m going to show you the unboxing For Redmi Note 5 Pro case which I got from Flipkart this is the package that I got and Here are the details that we can focus Yeah, I got it from Bracevor. I got for 274/- rupees + 40 rupees/- delivery charge. So let’s bust this packet open and see what we have inside Let’s see Okay, so see one two three and this is the case Looks very nice the packing and evryything thing Looks pretty firm. Lets open this up and see what we get inside Okay, so that’s out and this case from Bracevor Yeah, okay my phone Looks good in it. The colors are as indicated in the picture on Flipkart It’s pretty sturdy. Yeah Pretty nice packaging as well. Let’s see. Let’s open this up and see how it fits My Note 5 Pro. I Got recently Hey here is my Redmi note 5 pro brand new one lets remove pre-installed cover that I got in the box Hey, that’s out. Okay now here it goes This plug that in like so Okay, the blue case is the first case pretty decent looks nice seems to cover the camera bump with the external case which is yet to come and this made of Silicone as they claim and this is the polycarbonate case that has a good texture on it. You see Let’s slap this on see how it looks fits alright but seems little loose because it’s pretty just pretty easy for me to protect to see that’s cold and My main concern was whether it covers the camera bump or not Let’s see You can see here is a camera bump And yep it covers it’s really nice It’s not flush with the surface. It’s slightly raised so that can give a Little bit of protection for the camera when you place it like this And let’s look at the portsfingerprint sensor here and Top port for Mic and IR blaster nothing on the side charging headphone jack very nicely cut volume rockers and the power buttons Overall, it looks decent Good for the price People who are claiming that Stand was a little loose So it is actually in Doesn’t seem to fit properly. I think it may fall off Okay, you can place this Looks nice. Ok good for the price So you come the back this is how it stands Yeah, this is a little loose, but I think it’s manageable Yeah, it’s nice Yeah, ok, so that’s all for my video. Thank you very much for watching. Have a great day

26 thoughts on “Bracevor Hybrid Armor case for Redmi Note 5 Pro

  1. Are yrr Bhai yeh toh hum photos me deklenge but ek bar phone ko fek ke dikhao protect karta hai ya ni ve pata chal jaegs

  2. If you keep the phone horizontally on a level surface (with the stand closed) and try to use it, will the phone wobble? I ask because it happened with my ring stand.

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