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Hey everyone it’s Jane and in today’s
Fandom Friday video I’m talking about why I decided to break up with JK
Rowling. For those of you who don’t know, Fandom Friday is a series that I
started doing on my blog, but I’ve decided to integrate over into my
youtube channel as well, so on alternating weeks I will have either a
blog post or video every Friday talking about – you guessed it – fandom related things. So for my first
Fandom Friday video, I decided to bring up a topic that I think is
probably pretty controversial but it’s just really been weighing on me lately
and I have ultimately decided to separate my love Harry Potter from my
love for JK Rowling, and well it’s time to break up. This all started several
months ago with the release of information about Ilvermorny, the
American school for witchcraft and wizardry. If you watched, I believe, my
July favorites and hate-its, I kind of got into that a bit in that video, but
basically all the information that we have about Ilvermorny is just based
off of gross cultural appropriation of First Nations and Native people in
America and just kind of really blatant cultural appropriation about their
religious and cultural figures, using those icons as just like house
representations, but they’re not actually having any positive representation of
First Nations or Native American people in the Ilvermorny story itself, and
then they’re kind of never mentioned again really. If you went through all the
trouble of making everything up basically for Hogwarts, why can’t you have
done the same for Ilvermorny if you were going to make it into such a big
deal. And there are so many people who have talked about this issue much more
eloquently than I can, and so I will link to some of those same articles I linked to
previously down below for you check it out and read up on it yourself. But
basically it just made me really uncomfortable and the fact that JK
Rowling has refused to even comment or respond to it just makes me feel even
worse about the whole thing it because it’s just first of all, very unnecessary
and then secondly, you’re not even kind of having the respect of these people
whose culture you’re appropriating to respond or issue an apology or just
anything. I feel like she could have done a lot
better. Speaking of could have done a lot better, let’s touch on Harry Potter the
Cursed Child. The play is now on the West End in London,
it is from a play perspective a huge success, everyone raves about how amazing the play is, and I’m sure that when you’re sitting in the seats in that
theater and it’s all happening around you, I’m sure it is an amazing sight to
see. But the best production value on the
earth cannot hide the fact that this story is ridiculous, and it is bad. I
hated this play and everything about it. I know that JK Rowling did not write
this herself, but she approved it and it is her original idea for a story that
this was created from, and it was just a bad story. It was a story that shouldn’t
have been told, had no business being told the way that it was told, it read
like a really awful fanfic that was super popular, or infamous rather that’s
the better term for it, many years ago and it’s just so bad and like coming off
of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, this whole hashtag #KeepTheSecrets
thing, I find just so elitist. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was just so unnecessary on the whole, but it really kind of brought this idea home to me that like I can’t trust
JK Rowling with her own canon anymore, because it just gets bastardized now. And
this story is not a Harry Potter story to me, I refuse to consider it the eighth book,
I barely even am willing to consider it canon. And then most recently in the
very beginning of September, a series of three Pottermore Presents ebooks were
released, and it was kind of marketed as these collection of short stories, some
of them you have already seen from pottermore, but there’s gonna be new
information, and they’re all themed around different types of stories. And I
even said in my September TBR that I was going to read and review these for you
guys. Well guess what, I didn’t, because come to find out there’s no new material
or there’s actually very little new material. Vast majority of these stories
are recycled from Pottermore and I think that is bullshit. I’m not paying three dollars for
information that’s already free on Pottermore, that’s just ridiculous. And
for JK Rowling to say the fans asked for it, no, the fans asked for real new material, um, to be made available to
them, not something that they could just go google and find on Harry Potter wiki
on their own for free. A kind of overarching problem with JK Rowling, a
problem that I think many people have with her, is the way that she retcons
things into the story. And I’m personally not a fan of retcon in any form or
fashion, but I believe that if something is important to the story, it needs to be
in the actual story. You can’t pop up ten years after the
fact and tell me something huge or that would change the character or the way
that you perceive them. If it’s not written in the story, then it’s not real or
you didn’t think it was important enough. And so when JK Rowling retcons things
like the fact that Dumbledore was gay, instead of just making him explicitly so
in the story. This whole conversation came up once again when JK Rowling very
recently retconned the fact that Lupin and his werewolfism are an allegory for
blood illnesses like HIV and AIDS, which welcome to the party Joanne, we’ve been
here for several years now. It is not going to be anything new or shocking for
people to hear that because that’s something the fans came to on their own
a very long time ago, it’s very blatant. But what is infuriating about it now is the
fact that you have given this man what is an allegory for a blood borne illness
like HIV or AIDS, that is cause people to be ostracized from the public, and you
don’t make him a gay character. Instead you still force him into the heteronormativity of marrying Tonks and having a baby, things like that. When…why?
And then that also makes Fenrir Greyback basically the equivalent of a child
molester, and it just felt really uncomfortable. There are very several things on the Twitter and the internet, some articles iIve linked to about this as well,
because once again people have spoken about this more eloquently than I, so you
can go ahead and read that yourself. But basically it’s just like please stop at
this point. I just want to say Jo, please just stop. The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie, the first one, is coming out this November. I know we’re all very excited
about that because it’s the world of Harry Potter but taken in a different
time, different characters, things like that. But one really glaring thing about
this new movie, which is representative of the entire wizarding
world, is its complete lack of diversity, ok. That Fantastic Beasts movie, there’s like no characters of color, I think maybe one we see in the entire trailer. Um, there
are only a handful of people of color in the original seven books, there’s
basically no one of a non-heterosexual sexual identity, I if you want to pull
the Dumbledore card, fine, I just discussed how I feel about that. But yeah basically
it’s just the continual choice to not include diversity in your books. And
while I very much love the fact that Hermione and Rose are played by black
women in the play production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, is that
something that you’re going to require in all productions? Like how are you
going to continue that thread? The fact remains that JK Rowling never explicitly
gives us real diversity and it’s such a shame, and I think that’s something I
know I only became aware of as an adult returning to these books, into this story.
Witch, Please which is an amazing podcast, I love it to death, does a great job of
extracting some of these issues within the series, so please go and listen to
that podcast if you love Harry Potter. Up until probably the past couple years I’d
have told you that all I wanted out of the wizarding world was to get a
Marauders story – a book, a movie, anything that I could get about the Marauders, I
would desperately want. But now I can sit here and say I don’t want JK Rowling
coming within 10 feet of the Marauders, because i just have lost my faith in her.
And it’s so strange for me to say that, because until fairly recently I would
have thought that I’d never get enough new information about the wizarding
world, that I would just keep continually consuming everything JK Rowling could
tell me about these characters, this world, any and everything, and now I can
sit here and say I think I’ve had enough. I’ve just realized that it’s okay for me
to separate my love for the Harry Potter series from any obligation to ador its
creator, and just because JK Rowling wrote the series and created this world,
which I will be forever grateful to her for doing so, that doesn’t mean I have to blindly adore and follow everything she says and does for the rest of my life. So I guess
now I’m just left to contemplate where do I go from here? I don’t know if I’m going to feel this
obligation and this rush of excitement to consume any new material that comes
out, which I’m sure there will be the rate things have been popping up this
year. Um, I do absolutely intend to watch the
Fantastic Beasts movie. I am excited to see this new side of the wizarding world,
these new characters. But I just don’t know. I think that my love for Harry
Potter is going to have to stay contained to the seven books, and while I
can appreciate and enjoy whatever comes out of the world next, I’m not going to
feel like I have to love it or have a connection with it or just exalt it as
being amazing just because JK Rowling had her hand in
it and just because it’s related to the Harry Potter world. I no longer feel beholden to JK Rowling and
whatever she adds to this world, and I’m not going to feel bad for not loving it. I know that there was this huge kind of
argument when the Cursed Child came out about “true Harry Potter fans” and things
like that. And I am a true Harry Potter fan, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t
have a different opinion, that I can’t be critical about the Harry Potter world
and what JK Rowling creates within it. I think it’s well within my right as a
fan to take a critical look at the creator and at the content and what
it’s saying. That was a lot to get through, and I know maybe a bit of a
controversial opinion to sit here and say that I’m done with JK Rowling, but I
would love to know what you guys have to say about all this, what your opinions of
JK Rowling are, what you think about this inundation of new content within the
Harry Potter world. I’d love to get that discussion going in the comments, just to
see where everyone’s coming from. Alright everyone, that was my first Fandom
Friday video on this channel. Let me know down below if there topics for Fandom
Friday that you’d like to see me cover. As always, if you enjoyed this
video please give it a thumbs up. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see
you guys very soon with my next video. Bye! Hey everyone it’s Jane and in today’s
video I’m doing a spoiler free review of Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake.

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