Bucket lists… do you have one?

time is such a weird concept this year
is just flying by and I don’t know how the fuck were in May it’s extra strange
for me because May marks 10 years since I was diagnosed with cancer which brings
me to today’s topic bucket lists time can so easily just disappear on us and
all we do is work and before you know it you’re at New Year’s Eve saying thank
God this year is over wasn’t at a crap year or it’s just another year where you
look back and nothing much really happened for me it started with my
friend David who was doing something called the 52 list and I decided to do
it as well so what it is is a list of 52 things that you try and get done in a 12
month period and they are they can be big or small and they’re things that you
either wouldn’t normally do or things that you had been meaning to do for ages
and just hadn’t done what was on my 52 list
I tried fish, disgusting. I ate Vegemite for the first time, revolting.
I swam with a dolphin I skydived I didn’t lots of things but what I
discovered is that 52 things is a lot to try and get done in one year even if
they’re small things like I had never seen When Harry Met Sally before but it
gets time-consuming and pretty expensive after a little while so what I did was I
switched to a bucket list I never wanted to switch to a bucket list because I
thought that was kind of like saying you’re on your way out and obviously
given my medical history that didn’t seem like a wonderful mindset to go in
with but I’ve actually found it quite an enjoyable process to have a huge list of
things that you my God the cockatoos are just going crazy
I found having a bucket list actually a really nice way to have more gratitude
in life and I have had a pretty horrendous 12 months this week in itself
has been pretty spectacular but I found that with the bucket list when I look
back I am actually thinking much more of the things that I did that brought me
joy then all this shit that I’ve had to wade through the bucket list and going
off the grid are things that have helped keep me sane over the last 12 months
if kept me writing they have given me inspiration so I thought I’d share with
you some of the things I’ve ticked off my bucket list since the beginning of
2019 I published my first book which is called the hunted and it’s the first
book of the Phoenix series you can find it on Amazon the the Book Depository
Kindle wherever I did a road trip through part of America I drove the
iconic road into Monument Valley I got to visit Canyonlands National Park and
do a photography to earth through Antelope Canyon
I sort of climbed angel’s landing I started it and then decided it was best
not to die while trying to do your bucket list
I bet $100 in Vegas and I actually made money which I was kind of proud about
because I got absolutely no idea how to play any of those games and I’ve never
bet any money on anything before I got to drive the California coast up to Big
Sur and I got to drive across the Monterey bridge and I got to walk
through a poppy field I was that in America for the super blue poppy
explosion I did not step on any puppies I stayed on the paths but it was still
awesome and there’s still so much more on my list to do and the list is always
growing so my question to you is do you have a bucket list and if so what have
you already ticked off this year or what are you planning on ticking off this
year don’t forget to hit subscribe and to comment below and let me know about
your bucket list

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