Bungo assaults Isabelle | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

I know you’re good. You’ve handled
a lot of cases before. But this one is different.
It’s very personal to us. Many of our comrades
have already been killed. We must capture Dante Madarang
whatever it takes. Are we clear?! Yes, sir! We’ll find Madarang’s
case folder. Boys. Let her go. – Isabel!
– Isabel! – Isabel!
– And now… take her to my room. Move it! Isabel! If Miranda and her group still
aren’t back after an hour, we need to move. Dalisay. Is there a problem? Sir, Tiongson’s group
hasn’t returned yet. Didn’t we leave with them? That’s why we’re worried. They’re not
answering our calls and they’re also not
at their homes. We need to alert
the whole department. Start dancing! Dance! Do you want to get hurt?! – Your bodies are so stiff!
– Dance for us! What should we do, boss? We’ll soften them up later. She’s ready. Isabel! This is exciting. I’ll finally get to taste
a lady Agila. Don’t even try! Because no matter
how hard you scream, nobody will hear you! How was it? Did you enjoy it? Damn you! You’ll pay for this! You’ll answer to the law! What law are you
talking about? I am the law. Why are you so brave? Is it because of
your task force? They’re gone. They’ve been crushed, and their wings
have been broken. And Dalisay? He’s no match for me. That’s where you’re wrong! No matter where you hide,
Dalisay will find you! He will kill you himself! Dalisay? I’m the one who
will kill Dalisay. And why do you think
so highly of him? If he’s really good… …then he should’ve already
saved you by now.

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